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Thanh Long Nguyen
FIDE rating: 2056

Member since 11-Jun-2017


Time spent playing: 7 hours and 14 minutes

Time on TV: 45 minutes

 • Atomic •  30 seconds + 0 time control  Шахматное обозрение  "Fever Chess Шахматная Лихорадка"  любители шахмат (chess lovers)  AE VIET NAM  AE VIET NAM 2  allez les bleus  asoninya fan club  ASONINYA fanclub  BlitzStream  Brazilian players  Brothers  Câu lạc bộ cờ Vua thi đấu online qua mạng Việt Nam  CHEATER INVESTIGATION ASSOCIATION(CIA)  chess-brahs fan club  Chess Club Live  chess club worls  Chessbrah Fan Club  Chessbro Fan Club  Chessercise  ChessNetwork  Chesspirate214 Youtube  ChessWhiz TV  Club Kasparov  Comandoel  Corol Team  Crazyhouse Engine Development and Game Analyses  Crazyhouse World Championship  Crestbook Chess Club  Danmark / Denmark  Darkhorse_98 fan club  DIAMOND CHESS  Eric's Ultimate Team of Chess Players  España  European C960 League (prizes for winners)  FICS Bughouse  Fins Fan Club  Firenze Scacchi  Francesco_Super's Team  Francophone  FV Variants World Cup  HyperBullet Fast and Furious  idh82bu FANCLUB  Ilya and Mark Chess Club!  IM AstanehChess Fan Club  IM penguingim1 team  IM penguinim1 fan club  IM TricksOnlyNL Fanclub  Iran  JannLee fan club  Школа шахмат ChessMaster - Школа Победителей (до 1 разряда)  Kristo's Team Chess players  La France en Force !!!!! ;-)  Lance5500 Fan Club  lance's chess knights  Lichess Ultrabullet Championship  Lichess4545 League  LichessTeam  Lietuvos Didmeistriai m  Los invensibles  любители шахмат  Marathon Players !  Masterbob  Mikhail Tal  một gia đình là chơi hết mình  Never give up!  nguyen thanh long  NoJoke Fan Club  play chess poland  ProgramFOX (SenseiFOX) Fanclub!  Reddit  Round Robin Crazyhouse Tournaments  Russian Chess Players  S-Chess Club  Satranç Medya Youtube  satranChess  SAVAGE  ShahMatKanal Fan Club  suomi  Team Finland  TEAM MINNESOTA  Test team  That's Mathematics!!!!  the Aso Noise Idh Ultrabullet Club  The Bullet Players  The Empire Of chess Assassins  \\TIRAN//  Tout les français!  Türkiye  Twitch Chess Club  ULTRABULLETERS  USA  Viet Nam Team  Vietnam! Vietnam! Vietnam! Đội dành cho người Việt Nam  VN - CHESS  WTI (ways to improve)  Xuan Kien Dang  Youth Empire  Zanbato Fan Club

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1 win3 draws
Played 4 Classical games
2 wins
Played 2 UltraBullet games
Hosted 2 simultaneous exhibitions
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