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269 members

FICS Bughouse TEAM

Open To All. Gather the old FICS bugger band!
Location: USA

Forum (170)

  1. FICS Friday TheFinnisher

    Since the other post was archieved (not replied in 30 days), here's a new one. We've been playing on FICS lately with Discord. There even were 3 coincidental matches going on today! Didn't manage

  2. FICS Friday foodwine

    As FM OH-NAHHH (Alexander Barnett on ICC) would say, Oh-Nahhh

  3. FICS Friday MMichael

    I'm in!

  4. FICS Friday moonenaneBETA

    i might

  5. FICS Friday moonenaneBETA


  6. FICS Friday okei

    See you all tomorrow on FICS starting at 1930GMT this Friday. Let's do this every fortnight at least!! We will have lots of good people joining.

  7. MrCharles

    Have not played (there) but interested and willing to try it. Looks like it's based on the LiChess code-base (or at least theme) ... is it? (Like ... because if it is, that'

  8. MMichael

    Lovlas brought this up on Discord week ago and it was also recently mentioned on lichess' blog among other open source chess sites. Has anyone played there already? How is it? Pros & cons? https://

  9. Bughouse Partners MMichael

    Have you heard of The House Discord Server? It's a chat platform for chess and variants. Come to #bug channel

  10. Bughouse Partners JellyBeanThief

    New to FICS, looking for some partners to play bughouse with and get better. Message me here or at FICS @JellyBeanThief if your down.

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