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214 members

FICS Bughouse TEAM

Open To All. Gather the old FICS bugger band!
Location: USA

Forum (158)

  1. FICS Bughouse forum CrazyMaharajah

  2. Weekly bughouse tournament MMichael

    This week's tournament starts in 48 hours (Sunday 3rd Dec, 8PM GMT / 3PM EST). See you there ;) Partnering is optional. Here's the link:

  3. Weekly bughouse tournament MMichael

    The winners were @the-lone-wolf and @opperwezen. Congratulations! We had 18 players competing for 2 hours, thanks for everyone who joined. :) The next tournament will be held at the same time next

  4. Weekly bughouse tournament MMichael

    We are playing a weekly bughouse tournament today, it starts in 1.5 hours (8PM GMT = 3PM EST). Everyone is welcome to join :) Partnering is optional. Here's the link:

  5. Halloweeneeneen Bughouse Tournament Yery

    bump - less than one hour to go!

  6. Halloweeneeneen Bughouse Tournament neravan

    I'm hosting a pre-Halloween 2 0 Bughouse tournament in about 16 hours (19:00 UTC/15:00 ET, October 29). Partnering is optional. Here's the link: .

  7. LA OTB Bughouse MeanieYu

    Was planning on doing a small OTB bughouse gathering next week. Barrybowski will be in town. Anyone interested in meeting?

  8. 2 player bughouse? the-lone-wolf

    yeah done it too, got some decent results

  9. 2 player bughouse? beyondthemask

    I've tried it on It's basically just like trying to feed moves to your partner's board. The only problem with doing this is that you get low on time.

  10. 2 player bughouse? subconscious

    I was curious if people have tried playing bughouse one on one, with each player managing two boards. Seems like it'd be an interesting challenge playing quickly like bughouse demands on two boards at

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