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Top chess coaches

WIM Tslapana lichess coach

WIM Ana Gavasheli

Do what you love!

Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Languages English, Russian, Georgian
Rating FIDE: 2240,
Hourly rate 10€ or equivalent in dollars
Availability Accepting students
FM zumpili lichess coach

FM Norbert Barth

»Übung macht den Meister. Skill comes with practice«

Location Bavaria, Germany
Languages Deutsch, English
Rating FIDE: 2277, 2336 2400 2029 2054
Hourly rate 30 €/h
Availability Accepting students
FM mauri990 lichess coach

FM Mauricio abraham Ramirez Gonzalez

-Cada dia es una serie de conflictos entre el camino correcto y el camino facil.

Location caracas, Venezuela
Languages Español,Ingles,Portugues,frances.
Rating FIDE: 2241, 2471 2269 1759 1447
Hourly rate 10$ la hora (flexible) contacto: +58-4169146711
Availability Accepting students
FM simplerxiao lichess coach

FM Xiao Cheng

Specialize in teaching complete beginners to USCF 1000

Location Atlanta, United States
Languages English, Chinese
Rating FIDE: 2285, 2375 2246 1791
Hourly rate $80/hour
Availability Accepting students
FM steva23 lichess coach

FM Stevan Jovic

Location Novi Sad, Serbia
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2300, 2295 2089 2145
Hourly rate $15
Availability Accepting students
FM GreenRanger87 lichess coach

FM Danilo Čerović

Are you ready to improve your chess? Let's start.

Location Belgrade, Serbia
Languages English, Serbian
Rating FIDE: 2364, 2524
Hourly rate 20 USD
Availability Accepting students
DrHack lichess coach

Dan Hronchek

Rapid growth starts with an anchor in the fundamentals. - DrHack

Location Holland, Michigan, United States
Languages English
Rating 2104 2146 2147 1758 1893 1657
Hourly rate $35
Availability Accepting students
IM oezs95 lichess coach

IM Oscar Zavarce

Mejorar cada fase de tu juego siendo constante, trabajando duro y de manera agradable!

Location Lara, Venezuela
Languages español
Rating FIDE: 2391, 2457 2440
Hourly rate 12$ hora de clase. 9$ hora de partidas. Pack de horas precio flexible! (contacto: +584149515891)
Availability Accepting students
IM maxip32 lichess coach

IM Maximiliano Perez

Trabajo sobre aperturas medio juego y finales.Tambien sobre psicologia en ajedrez!

Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Languages Español
Rating FIDE: 2419, 2471 2306
Hourly rate 30 usd 1h 30 min argentinos consultar.
Availability Accepting students
GM Wolverines1 lichess coach

GM Egor Krivoborodov

Profesional chess coach!

Location Munich, Germany
Languages russian, german, english
Rating FIDE: 2524, 2652 2789 2552 1715 2174
Hourly rate 35€/hour lessons 20€/hour training games
Availability Accepting students