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Top chess coaches

FM Sinquefield lichess coach

FM Alejandro Uzcategui

¿Estás preparado para cambiar tu forma de ver el ajedrez?

Location Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela
Languages Español, English
Rating FIDE: 2245, 2322 2351
Hourly rate 10$ 1 Hora + Atencion Personalizada
Availability Accepting students
FM andresgv36 lichess coach

FM Andres Guerrero

Entrenamiento de alta calidad. Te ayudo a superarte eficazmente si estas atrapado entre los 1200/1900 de elo. Mejorar rápidamente en ajedrez es posible!

Location Valencia, Venezuela
Languages Español
Rating FIDE: 2315, 2342 2321 2305
Hourly rate 15$/1 hr y 20$/1:30 hr Contacto:
Availability Accepting students
IM italian5 lichess coach

IM Vangjel Buli

Expert in Caro-Kann defence and 1.d4 .I help you in theory, strategy and endgames.

Location Florence (Tuscany), Italy
Languages english,italian
Rating 2581 2229
Hourly rate flexible rate
Availability Accepting students
DrHack lichess coach

Dan Hronchek

Rapid growth starts with an anchor in the fundamentals. - DrHack

Location Holland, Michigan, United States
Languages English
Rating 2111 2214 1895 1909 1664
Hourly rate $25
Availability Accepting students
FM LordRaziel18 lichess coach

FM Jose Mora

Certified High Performance Trainer / Entrenador de Alto Rendimiento Certificado

Location Caracas, Venezuela
Languages Español, English, Portugues
Rating FIDE: 2234, 2230 2166
Hourly rate 10$/hour; Whatsapp +58 414918 9403; ***Class trial free!!***
Availability Accepting students
NM blitzbullet lichess coach

NM Jalen Wang

"The Expert in everything was once a beginner" - Helen Hayes

Location Michigan, United States
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2128, 2524 2479 2669 2538 2312
Hourly rate $30
Availability Accepting students
NM amazingoid lichess coach

NM Brandon Ashe

Chess is a sea in which a gnat may drink and an elephant may bathe -- Hindu proverb

Location California, United States
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2209, 2455 2423 2603 2253 2227
Hourly rate $30
Availability Accepting students
FM kc6 lichess coach

FM Eddy Ravelo

Trabajo duro y organizado es la base para abrirse caminos y poder llegar hasta donde nos sea posible o imposible.

Location Maracaibo , Venezuela, Cuba
Languages Español
Rating FIDE: 2406, 2351 2357 2235
Hourly rate 10 usd/h, contacto o whatsapp 00584120679850
Availability Accepting students
GM Kastorcito lichess coach

GM Rodrigo Vasquez

Grandmaster Rodrigo Vasquez Grand Master from Chile 2554 Elo rating. I give Chess Lessons, if you are interested tell me or write to

Location santiago, Chile
Languages English Spanish Portuguese
Rating FIDE: 2554, 2642 2612
Hourly rate 50 usd
Availability Accepting students
FM Nemo_Nobody lichess coach

FM Riste Menkinoski

100% Chess!

Location Bangkok, Thailand, Macedonia
Languages English, Serbian/Croatian, Macedonian
Rating FIDE: 2321, 2220 2308 1975 1902
Hourly rate 20$ per hour
Availability Not accepting students at the moment