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Top chess coaches

NM liquormark lichess coach

NM Mark Biernacki

2017 North Carolina Chess Champion

Location Charlotte, NC, United States
Languages English, French
Rating 2214 2253 2092
Hourly rate 45 USD
Availability Accepting students
IM IMAndrasToth lichess coach

IM Andras Toth

No nonsense coaching, persenally tailored, you get value for your money

Location Australia, Australia
Languages English, Hungarian
Rating FIDE: 2377, 2249 2512 2497 2191 1865
Hourly rate 55 AUD
Availability Accepting students
FM estudia lichess coach

FM Sebastián Fell

"El ajedrez se juega con la mente... ¡no con las manos!", Ilia A. Kahn

Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Languages Español
Rating FIDE: 2343, 2324
Availability Not accepting students at the moment
FM michellopezabreu lichess coach

FM Michel Lopez Abreu

¡Con disciplina, trabajo y constancia se pueden alcanzar las metas fijadas!

Location Vargas, Venezuela
Languages Español
Rating FIDE: 2154, 2209 2302 2230
Hourly rate 10$/ 90 min + Atencion personal. Contacto: whatsapp:+58 4129353635; Correo:
Availability Accepting students
IM italian5 lichess coach

IM Vangjel Buli

Expert in Caro-Kann defence and 1.d4 .I help you in theory, strategy and endgames.

Location Florence (Tuscany), Italy
Languages english,italian
Rating 2581 2361
Hourly rate flexible rate
Availability Accepting students
GM Dr_Chessrob lichess coach

GM Robert Aghasaryan

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing!

Location USA, United States
Languages English, Russian, Armenian
Rating FIDE: 2526, 2503 2492
Hourly rate 70 - 90$
Availability Accepting students
FM mauri990 lichess coach

FM Mauricio abraham Ramirez Gonzalez

-Un sueño no se vuelve realidad a través de la magia; se necesita sudor, determinación y trabajo duro.

Location caracas, Venezuela
Languages Español,Ingles,Portugues,frances.
Rating FIDE: 2241, 2256 2289 1744
Hourly rate 10$ la hora (flexible) contacto: +58-4169146711
Availability Accepting students
NM littleplotkin lichess coach

NM Mark Plotkin

I have been teaching chess for the past 5 years from total beginners, to people with as high a rating as 2200.

Location Toronto, Canada
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2210, 1805 2411 2587 2501 2531 2201
Hourly rate $35
Availability Accepting students
IM EricRosen lichess coach

IM Eric Rosen

Hey. I'm Eric.

Location Chicago, United States
Languages English
Rating FIDE: 2355, 2432 2360 2353 2309 2201
Hourly rate $60
Availability Accepting students
CM ReinaldoR lichess coach

CM Reinaldo Rodríguez

Believe in yourself and build the foundation of that trust

Location Valencia, Venezuela
Languages English and Spanish
Rating FIDE: 2155, 2406 2411
Hourly rate 10$/Hour / Contact
Availability Accepting students