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110 members

FischyVishy Fan Club TEAM

Team for all players who appreciate what FischyVishy has done for the lichess community and want to support him in the future. Also if you like the way FischyVishy plays 3 check.

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Location: The realm of lichess

Forum (31)

  1. FischyVishy streaming (maybe) Musicknight123

    To see FV stream (if he has time) check out: and

  2. New Book BerserkAlmostAlways

    ok thanks

  3. New Book Musicknight123

    I don't know, ask him. I think it is in paper

  4. New Book BerserkAlmostAlways

    wait is it an online book or...

  5. New Book Musicknight123

    Fischy's new 3+ book (he is still working on it)

  6. New Book BerserkAlmostAlways

    wait what book

  7. New Book FischyVishy

    Thx Music. Hopefully will be done soon - running into too many roadblocks :P.

  8. New Book Musicknight123

    @FischyVishy is writing a new book on 3+ theory. Be sure to keep an eye out for it!

  9. 9th Beirut Open FischyVishy

    Drew a 1500 and a 1600 in the KG :P. I should study it more :/. In 2 months I'll try again; hopefully I can get to 1950-2000.

  10. 9th Beirut Open FischyVishy

    Thanks guys :). I think my goal for this tournament will be 1930 or thereabouts, then work on 2000 in the winter tournament (about December). Unfortunately I'll have to miss rounds 5, 6, and 7, and to

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