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IM TricksOnlyNL Fanclub TEAM

For all the people who like the famous and beloved chess streamer Stefan Kuipers. Anyone can join. Please be kind.

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GM Jan Gustafsson
Location: Earth

Forum (106)

  1. TwoDutchIMs Arena IM TwoDutchIMs 01-12-2017 45 minutes 3+0, winner: Dhivakaran with 26 points.

  2. Hoogeveen IM Sparklehorse

    Sorry you lost against Spike. You were dragging him around !

  3. Hoogeveen IM TricksOnlyNL

    I will upload the games here for everyone to see: Just won the first round after a very interesting opening. My opponent thought it was absolute nonsense and spen

  4. Hoogeveen Oguz-5500

    Thank you :)

  5. Hoogeveen IM TricksOnlyNL

    Tomorrow the Hoogeveen Chess Tournament will start. I'll keep you updated in this topic. Visit the tournament website for more information:

  6. puzzle IM TricksOnlyNL

    Oh boy, I totally missed your post :( I'll have a look at the puzzle, it looks interesting and not too difficult. But I guess there is more to it :-)

  7. puzzle IM opperwezen

    a good puzzle by accident;p

  8. puzzle Calanthe

    I had a dream last night that my left eyebrow disappeared. You're dreaming of positions where engines need a lot to think on the solution. I saw that drawing line tho. It's quite nice, but I thoug

  9. puzzle IM opperwezen

    ow actually the idea of the puzzlewas that Rd4+ draw bxd4 Qd1+ but i was afraid the position maybe is not made for it. it didnt made it for the variant of 960 i didnt put a engine on it i just had

  10. puzzle Calanthe

    @opperwezen Very nice puzzle. I tried solving it (I failed) so I turned on my engine. It said 0.00 for like 5-10 minutes, and after that it found the mate. It's a very nice idea I must say. Also placi

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