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Chessbrah Fan Club TEAM

We are the dedicated fans of GM Eric Hansen, IM Aman Hambleton and all other brahs across the chessbrah universe (The doc, keith, Lefong, RVK, and Bikfoot of course). We find the brahs late night drinking/ bullet chess sessions very entertaining and also enjoy watching them hunt weak apple trees on ICC. Follow them at and subscribe to their channel to support them in their quest to dominate the online chess universe.
Location: The Universe of Chessbrah

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  1. Hello everyone Tony2

    Like to join

  2. Hello everyone Tony2

    Like to join

  3. Asian Games 2018 rfw

    Unfortunately no chess at Asian Games 2018, so let's make our own tourney :)

  4. McGill Rapid on May 5! whogeeyao

    Hey guys! If you are in Montreal on May 5th, you should come to our rapid tournament 25+5 EVENT:

  5. team Minioncat

    Please join mmy new team it is called MINIONCAT FAN CLUB. Iknow you will not regret it . So, please join! It will be helpful. Thanks!

  6. English opening lines OmanYemen

    For black play the Hedgehog. It is the bomb

  7. Music for Chess jayweigall

    I like :D

  8. Music for Chess chessnotes

    Solomun Live DJ set from Destino Ibiza (Part 1) -

  9. Push Em Baby UnGranLadino


  10. Push Em Baby FieldPractice

    Don't miss ChessBrahs' official theme song:

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