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Chessbrah Fan Club TEAM

We are the dedicated fans of GM Eric Hansen, IM Aman Hambleton and all other brahs across the chessbrah universe (The doc, keith, Lefong, RVK, and Bikfoot of course). We find the brahs late night drinking/ bullet chess sessions very entertaining and also enjoy watching them hunt weak apple trees on ICC. Follow them at and subscribe to their channel to support them in their quest to dominate the online chess universe.
Location: The Universe of Chessbrah

Forum (125)

  1. chessbrahs bullets bvlong125

    You can play all time of bullet?

  2. Simultaneous Game superhero098 Lets play together. Join me for a game. Nice to meet all of you =)

  3. ¼+0 time control! Shiwen

    ok, maybe..I don't have a mouse though lol

  4. I advertise the chessbrah's channel in a video ! Shiwen

    ok cool, maybe I will take a look!

  5. Hello / Tourney invite Shiwen

    hmm, I think I already saw this invite on another group, but thanks anyway!

  6. Youtube video -- Chess Game& Song Chessbe

  7. Hello / Tourney invite chiru35

    ty very much!

  8. Hello / Tourney invite FM BahadirOzen

    Hello my chess friend! I invited you to play our tourney today. For now, this is the high - rated players list ; IM Andrew Tang 2478 IM Givon Asaf 2470 IM Ufuk Sezen 2400 FM Deniz Özen 235

  9. Youtube video -- Chess Game& Song superhero098 Watch at YOUTUBE

  10. Youtube video -- Chess Game& Song superhero098 Watch at Youtube

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