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Chessbro Fan Club TEAM

We are the dedicated fans of GM Eric and all other bros across the chessbro universe. We find the bros late night drinking/ bullet chess sessions very entertaining and also enjoy watching them hunt weak apple trees on ICC. Follow them at and subscribe to their channel to support them in their quest to dominate the online chess universe.
Location: The Universe of Chessbro

Forum (20)

  1. S-Chess Club ianremsen

    The pleasure's all mine, Eric. Thank you for helping introduce me to it!

  2. S-Chess Club GM chessbrahs

    thanks Ian!

  3. S-Chess Club ianremsen

    I'm still pushing this variant, after the presentation by Yasser and RVK, with the rightful role of Eric as butler.

  4. hello? thechuff

    capitalists are here

  5. Mo knows vsim

  6. FUCK YOU chessbro noob2chess

    That's not nice. Calm bro.

  7. FUCK YOU chessbro AWCM_Leelee_Phoenix


  8. New subscriber emotes notmanneredmonkey

    cbroFistPump this is 4 u subs ok? sub more and we'll get more emotes chessbro

  9. New subscriber emotes vsim

    12 new sub emotes available at manneredmonkey's and my channel (frankerfacez extension required - *fistpump*

  10. chessbro dont strim anymore notmanneredmonkey

    i need more monies! pls sub and donate and give me a virtual_blowjob.avi

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