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618 members

Crazyhouse World Championship TEAM

This is a team for all the participants and spectators of the Crazyhouse Chess World Championship.

Forum (1873)

  1. CWC Suggestions FairyGirl

    The #1 vs. #128 is commonly used bc players have been already seeded based upon previous qualifiers and thus have earned their position and easier pairings. That is not the case for this event.

  2. CWC Suggestions FairyGirl

    If you are looking for fairness, then #1 vs. #65 is the way to go. Otherwise you reward people to get high ratings and high seeds bc they play the bottom pool every round and thus have the easiest pat

  3. CWC Suggestions tipau

    I also agree with Fox. I had the same decision when planning the atomic WC knockout. The main benefit is that in the 1 v 128, 2 v 127 system every round there are a number of really close interesti

  4. CWC Suggestions therealjackhines

    agreed with fox. the 1 v 128 2 v 127 and so on system is in far more widespread use in the real world, so it must be proven to be more effective.

  5. CWC Suggestions the-lone-wolf

    agree with FOX

  6. CWC Suggestions ProgramFOX

    I disagree with BughouseMASTER's suggestion. You'd be playing someone who's either 64 ranks higher or 64 ranks lower - that translates into pretty huge rating differences, so an almost definite win f

  7. CWC Suggestions Vempele

    As the #9 seed, I think I'd rather play #8 than #1.

  8. CWC Suggestions Vycm

    I think BughouseMASTERs suggestion is better. Number 65 will have (approximately) the same chance to win against 1 as 128 will have to win against 64.

  9. CWC Suggestions MessyAnswer

    I agree with BughouseMASTER. Who'd even want to see 1st vs. 128th?

  10. CWC Suggestions Mollus

    Of course BughouseMASTERs suggestion is making more sense but why do we give the rating any relevance at all?

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