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Crazyhouse World Championship TEAM

This is a team for all the participants and spectators of the Crazyhouse Chess World Championship.

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  1. ZH960 IgorBugMate


  2. ZH960 okei

    Looks like it will be me against you in the final. :p

  3. ZH960 Karagialis

    I can play.

  4. ZH960 okei

    From feedback on Discord, the opper-JannLee match is still set to go ahead to decide the 960 title. Also top players aren't interested in 5+5 zh960. I still think there needs to be something for

  5. ZH960 okei

    What do you guys think of a zh960 championship... 8 games of 5+5 (2 more to break a tie etc), straight knockout on the site? Is there interest in this?

  6. 960 final with jannlee IM opperwezen

    actually i prefer a match only between @JannLee and me since we where both finalist in the zh tournament but if other players who did well in the candidates lets say top 4 didnt think its fair they c

  7. 960 final with jannlee IM opperwezen

    :) graag gedaan

  8. 960 final with jannlee Marlonc

    Ah that makes sense now. Dankjewel!

  9. 960 final with jannlee IM opperwezen

    time before the next cwc championschip in january by @littleplotkin you can register now:) so it start in january i hope to got the match finished in the coming months but it should not be a big prob

  10. 960 final with jannlee Marlonc

    Oh hang on... @opperwezen did you mean time of day, or time left this year?

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