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756 members

Crazyhouse World Championship TEAM

This is a team for all the participants and spectators of the Crazyhouse Chess World Championship.

Forum (2696)

  1. League Suggestions okei

    I think one wildcard should be given before and one later if someone comes up (think firefly, Bugzilla, jkiller suddenly returning to lichess, starting to play a lot and free to play)

  2. League Suggestions Dieblauesau

    I agree With thelonewolf.

  3. League Suggestions FischyVishy

    @KyleLegion "For me, as...the current lineup." OK, but doubt many people will agree with you, including me :P. "There was actually...the next one." Hmm interesting idea. I wouldn't discou

  4. League Suggestions KyleLegion

    For me, as a spectator, I don't really mind if the TD wants to add as many wildcards as he wants, chosen by his own judgment. In the end the more top players playing the better. I mean who doesn't wan

  5. Matches for the Candidates okei

    Hi JK, ideally give warning so a match can be added to the calendar and players can watch. Tonight would give no warning.

  6. Matches for the Candidates JKtheBullfrog

    I can play a match tonight if anyone is available. Or Thursday

  7. League Suggestions FischyVishy

    @okei Good points. What to do with withdrawals will definitely make for a longgg discussion. @the-lone-wolf Yeah, but then we get into "Why JK and not Yasser?" right? Further points: a) Shoul

  8. Matches for the Candidates xuanet

    I can play most weekdays days from 15 PM gmt to 20 PM gmt.

  9. Matches for the Candidates IM opperwezen

    suggest a time for our match @TwelveTeen i play with plotkin this week if you wanna play this week and when let me know

  10. Matches for the Candidates NM TwelveTeen

    Anyone in the candidates should hit me up with there schedule

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