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673 members

Crazyhouse World Championship TEAM

This is a team for all the participants and spectators of the Crazyhouse Chess World Championship.

Forum (2364)

  1. Join "The House" Discord HouseDiscord

    One of our member, @okei, blogs about crazyhouse and CWC on Check it out ;)

  2. View Crazyhouse in HTML CrazyHome

    I don't think there is support for variants yet?

  3. Round 4 Losers Bracket Scheduling + Results Fumitoks

    Fumitoks-crosky, this Sunday 5/27, 5PM EDT/9PM GMT

  4. View Crazyhouse in HTML CrazyMaharajah


  5. Round 4 Winners Bracket Scheduling + Results IM gsvc

    gsvc - @xuanet May 23rd, 18.30GMT

  6. Join "The House" Discord HouseDiscord

    Indeed! Discord is a great place to keep track of things that are happening in the community. In addition to CWC matches, we discuss about all crazyhouse things in general. For instance, see: https://

  7. View Crazyhouse in HTML CrazyMaharajah

    I have a question for all fans, players, content creators. I found that we still can not properly build parties zh in any text based on crazyhouse-pgn. I asked this question to a dozen people. We a

  8. Join "The House" Discord FischyVishy

    Join this server to discuss variants and follow live news on the CWC. There's a voice channel where you might catch some cool commentary about some CWC games, and the update

  9. Round 3 Losers' Bracket Schedule and Results FischyVishy

    Please complete these matches by the end of the week :). Thanks :)

  10. Round 4 Winners Bracket Scheduling + Results FischyVishy

    A little bit ahead of schedule, but no problem :)

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