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  1. 4playerchess Jacob531 It's getting popular...…
  2. Having an off day? This will h… GMScuzzBall Goto the 2 minutes part.
  3. 4playerchess k1337orisss would love to see that on lichess!
  4. The President, whether He like… kifaru Glory to the President of Lichessistan!
  5. [Suggestion] Filterign by exce… thibault Please define what an excellent move is.
  6. [Suggestion] Filterign by exce… megacomodin It wuould be awesome to have an additional criteria in Chess Insights …
  7. Stockfish analysis problems wi… Pinus_sylvestris Stockfish is bad
  8. The President, whether He like… V-11960 If you have nothing to do, don't do it here!
  9. Are you a player around 1400-1… mdinnerspace Are you sure about the part "Say anything that comes to my mind?" I'm…
  10. Stockfish analysis problems wi… LevStolpner In this game, since the move 39…
  11. Are you a player around 1400-1… TheNaphtali Time out. The whole point of this is to get better, eliminate bad thou…
  12. Are you a player around 1400-1… howchessYT @Paulcarrero don't worry I am sure you don't want to play with my abil…
  13. Bug report Chess69em 25 seconds to make move.
  14. Bug report Chess69em Playing tournament. When board loads a message is displayed. Warning o…
  15. Crazyhouse > Chessgi? Veletas I mean if there is any reason to believe that either of them is deeper…
  16. 4playerchess Eagle5639 Yes, it is very fun... I don't really understand the rule about this: …
  17. Crazyhouse > Chessgi? nobody22 What do you mean by better?
  18. Various suggestions hal9k There is another problem... Lichess is too perfect and you start playi…
  19. Are you a player around 1400-1… imakitty @Paulcarrero Sounds good! What time works good for you?
  20. Are you a player around 1400-1… Paulcarrero @imakitty Sure dude! Let's arrange something. @Dawny Glad to hear…
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