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  1. How Do You Music: Special MIDI… Toadofsky Making MIDI art has never been easier!…
  2. Daily Puzzle For 5/29/2017 rvbgrif Anyone else notice today's daily puzzle, Puzzle 29166, has a clear che…
  3. Piece Strength Analysis bugsbunnier At the max the Queen can move in about 28 squares for choices which ca…
  4. Please ADD + Gamepad support !… Toadofsky How should a browser spy on what hardware is attached to your computer?
  5. Please ADD + Gamepad support !… bugsbunnier Hey guys !!! this is a suggestion can we add gamepad support for liche…
  6. Changing the interface language thibault Click your name.
  7. Changing the interface language promoKC Last night my language changed automatically, and I can't change it ba…
  8. Private study - suddenly chapt… thibault Hello, what is the URL of this study?
  9. How I lost Ruy Lopez with Nxe5 tpr Yes 4 o-o Nd4 is how Spassky used to play it as black, but white keeps…
  10. Private study - suddenly chapt… Scrooge Hi, I just discovered that in one of my private studies two chapter…
  11. How I survived a mate! CM Sarg0n Me too. 33.a5 Kc5 and 34.Nb7# (Ne4#) would have been a nice mate in 2,…
  12. How I survived a mate! cheateralert I was nearly mated... but won back.
  13. White to play has one move to … S0what 1.Qc2
  14. How I lost Ruy Lopez with Nxe5 CM Sarg0n 4.0-0 Nd4 might be an issue. 4.Ne5 is ok, especially it's surprisin…
  15. interface language promoKC SIowpok, btw. how do you change the language at all? Don't see this op…
  16. White to play has one move to … lecw White is in check, when do you play Qxd8 ?
  17. How I lost Ruy Lopez with Nxe5 Kitty-Meow i think 0-0 would be advisable before capturing the e pawn. to avoid g…
  18. White to play has one move to … Kitty-Meow if there's a c pawn. Qxd8 and Qh8 pretty much ends it
  19. Site Update Bug lecw There seem to be a number of things broken by the last update. For…
  20. Hatred against who push e4 bre… ColostomyBag I love this shit... black play exactly how I would play.
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