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Black to play
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  1. Norwood Potter - Announches "… Abyssinia Title should read Norwood Potter..."Announces" Mate in Nine" I though…
  2. Donation,status and goal of l… RoepStoep Hi rzenaikrzys, I'm the programmer of lidraughts, you can also find…
  3. CrushKing agree with startstek, ivanchuck will love this ;d
  4. CrushKing this is super cool thank you for making it
  5. startstek Someone must tell Ivanchuk about this new website :p
  6. hangrad I play English draughts. In these rules, no captures backwards are all…
  7. Learn- Practice Doesn't Work revoof Some things that migth help: Which browser are you using? Any error me…
  8. Incorrect puzzle 76897 IM lovlas The puzzle has been disabled.
  9. Incorrect puzzle 76897 Mach17 r2r2k1/1N5p/3P2p1/1QP2p2/6q1/6b1/4R1P1/3R3K w - - 1 38 This position …
  10. biscuitfiend This is totally mindblowing. I played draughts a bit as a child, but t…
  11. MangoTownTravis very nice! I love seeing a 10x10 board in lichess style, hoping for ma…
  12. Donation,status and goal of l… rzenaikrzys Thank You Lasse but I don't know who is this man?
  13. Donation,status and goal of l… IM lovlas You'll need to ask the guy who is making it. It's not a lichess projec…
  14. Donation,status and goal of l… rzenaikrzys Hi thibault -Can will I donate in future? I think tha…
  15. finlip Looking forward to seeing lifacebook litwitter and liyoutube as well.
  16. Anticreeps We should get shogi but with western pieces and more wild variants lik…
  17. Learn- Practice Doesn't Work TheUltimateQuest When I open a topic like Piece Checkmates I, it loads up and then I mo…
  18. Please donate for the kerela f… N00B1400 You are just begging for money.
  19. team(cia) IM lovlas The only thing that team does is publicly accuse and shame users.
  20. startstek I can't wait to see ligo, lishogi and lixiongqi :)
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