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White to play
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  1. Performance Dropping in Late T… tpr Chess is all about concentration. If it is late, then fatigue kicks in…
  2. Feature Request: Being Able To… savagechess2k So, there are some unbalanced variants, we know. And in those, white …
  3. your favorite youtube channel quasiChaos Seconding John Bartholomew for his series he did a couple years ago ca…
  4. your favorite youtube channel Koustav123456 Depends on your strength level.
  5. All-Round Variant Championshi… savagechess2k @Reti-Gambit No. There are unbalanced variants. (Atomic, 3-check, Raci…
  6. Performance Dropping in Late T… savagechess2k I play Atomic, but that's not the problem. I saw that when I play in …
  7. How to popularise Lichess? justthere Magnus playing here is a huge step
  8. How to popularise Lichess? savagechess2k We have enough users imo. wins because of its name.
  9. your favorite youtube channel LepCon Chessnetwork with Jerry is great.
  10. your favorite youtube channel Keshavaa AGADMATOR IS DA BEST
  11. Why does Lichess allow a playe… delasked And another one! Seriously! WTF!!
  12. Why does Lichess allow a playe… delasked A player that I faced stop playing me midway the game and was already …
  13. How to popularise Lichess? solacriptura I also tried to post on GameKnot, but they got cranky about it. I do …
  14. How to popularise Lichess? solacriptura Loyal members need to keep reminding other players on other servers ho…
  15. Ranking bug or display problem… Toadofsky Not sure, but either way something's not right.
  16. Ranking bug or display problem… Pantherina Spring Marathon rankings: #26 has 284 points #27 has 285 points. …
  17. How to popularise Lichess? Egroegw I think that Lichess deserves to have more players. Most people who di…
  18. After English and Sicilian - W… WildTiger I definitely agree with @A-Cielbleu that you need something against 1.…
  19. All-Round Variant Championshi… Reti-Gambit wouldnt it make more sense if everybody plays in one tourney and the c…
  20. All-Round Variant Championshi… ElijahReese love to join lol
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Karjakin Takes the Lead in Round 12 of the Candidates

Suddenly, more than half the field still in contention.

Karjakin Catching up Fast in Round 11 of the Candidates

Caruana still in the lead

Caruana and Mamedyarov Battle for the Lead in Round 10

Meanwhile, Kramnik plays a beauty.