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  1. Checkmate with 3:03 on the clo… RubiksCuber23 Nice game! cool attack and i thought nh4 was pretty great
  2. Chess . Com Peeyush_Sonkar Lichess uses Glicko-2 rating...... For more information, visit https:…
  3. Chess . Com zvsn It's because lichess' rating system is different
  4. Chess . Com Ben10Tenyson I am 2100 on rapid and 2000 lichess rapid
  5. Chess . Com Londontennistube1 Some have said that a plyers ranking will be lower on . Is t…
  6. Math in Chess Nel_S After a bit of research, apparently there is actually a formal name fo…
  7. Checkmate with 3:03 on the clo… CM Sarg0n 19 moves, White 2402, ACPL 8 0/0/0
  8. Can I beat stockfish level 8? … DOANTATTHANG Bc2
  9. how was chess invented? saurabhsangeeth Ask your grandpa's grandpa's ^10
  10. Math in Chess Imshahid @LillyHedgehog said in #6: > That is not true. If after going right t…

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