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White to play
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Chess960 Shield 6h 207
Daily Blitz 2h 289
U2000 Blitz 57m 126
U1700 Rapid 57m 148
Crazyhouse Bullet 27m 14
U1500 SuperBlitz 57m 61
Hourly Bullet 27m 4
Weekly Horde 3h 1
Daily Rapid 2h 30m 12
Hyper Active 3+2 2h 27
KING OF THE HILL 1.5+0 KotH 1h 30m 19
Radulov 5+2 1h 22
memel 5+0 Crazy 45m 5
szachex 2+0 3check 45m 5
RomanDehtiarov 7+2 1h 7
Patzer Arena 1+0 30m 14
van Wely 0+1 2h 7
Abonyi 3+0 20m 3
Lilienthal 1.5+1 Racing 30m 1
5 minutes till death 5+0 Anti 1h 10m 1
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  2. What is considered polite or B… the_real_noname I'm slightly autistic, and my first real life chess tournament, I coul…
  3. king/knight draw mdinnerspace Actually, to clarify, Most sites use FIDE rules... International rules…
  4. The Revenge of the Beef agains… kifaru Nothing in Avrukh . All the lines are with Nf3 first. There is a side…
  5. king/knight draw a_pleasant_illusion @fasttony To clarify, most sites use something like the USCF rules, wh…
  6. Chess Tactics: The Decoy, and … mdinnerspace For future posting of games... By move 24 you were up two whole free …
  7. king/knight draw AustinL0926 maybe you can claim insufficient losing chances
  8. Chess Tactics: The Decoy, and … NeverBeenTimid Well played. Good that you saw the opportunity to fork the rooks. 24..…
  9. What is considered polite or B… SlickRick07 There are unwritten rules in chess that most people follow. Its a code…
  10. What is considered polite or B… InnateAluminum Spite checking is considered rude when you will be mated. Unfortunatel…
  11. What is considered polite or B… WibbleWobbler Purely playing to win on time used to be considered bad sportsmanlike …
  12. king/knight draw InnateAluminum It's not a draw. K+N vs K+N can be mate, but K+N vs K is not a mate. …
  13. Chess Tactics: The Decoy, and … InnateAluminum Hello! Chess is a very exciting game, an…
  14. king/knight draw mdinnerspace These threads get started daily. Best to read FIDE rules before starti…
  15. A smooth mate! gablusky A smooth mate! Trying to improve! …
  16. Windmill gablusky great! very good play! :)
  17. king/knight draw fasttony I just played Rosena. We each had a king and a knight. I offered a dra…
  18. Windmill drDuki2004 I like windmills
  19. The Best books NeverBeenTimid "Right now, given your rating, chess is not too much more than "comple…
  20. Windmill InnateAluminum Really though, White could have resigned a few moves after the windmil…
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Pseudonymous Magnus Carlsen Wins 2nd Titled Arena

The world's best player returns to claim the throne

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