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Black to play
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  1. What side would you prefer to … howchessYT It is white's move.
  2. Is beating easy players bad? M… LDJ Everyone has good and bad (chess) days. I don't think it's bad to play…
  3. Is beating easy players bad? M… Honik looking at your ELO, I think it is fine... xD
  4. Makine hhkaan99 This is machine complain
  5. Is beating easy players bad? M… NOTFOXAnonymous 1000 elo saying "I started to not even calculated my moves and be posi…
  6. online chess friends Xykko Hi! We could play some games, and I could teach you something if you w…
  7. Home automation instagram Xykko Hey I've checked it and it looks pretty cool!! ;) Keep the good work!
  8. Opening Champgirl Ok I want to play by taking black
  9. Is beating easy players bad? M… JushBJJ2 I went to a another chess game (Facebook) and versed a lot of people, …
  10. won with a king and a knight benjamin1975 i just won a game with a king and a was a time out on a 3 an…
  11. Titled Arena 6! Corridor @TrainingOTB He is already in it! and if we are lucky, he will stream …
  12. Titled Arena 6! TrainingOTB I hope @drdrunkenstein will play this one, can't imagine Titled arena …
  13. Why do people think chess is h… CRO_CHESS_FAN Checkers is for tramps.
  14. Titled Arena 6! rambooo345 well just wanted to see some top LM players give a good competition to…
  15. Titled Arena 6! LM Assios @rambooo345 We decided that only players with titles obtained over the…
  16. Titled Arena 6! rambooo345 pls allow LM as well becoz it is indeed a lichess titled arena
  17. Why do people think chess is h… CM Sarg0n What is checkers? That‘s what the kids play? Half of the board unused …
  18. Why do people think chess is h… asteris05 there are only 2 GMs because not too many people play checkers.what do…
  19. Why do people think chess is h… Morozov I never said anything about memorisation, and "you have to Talk to a G…
  20. Titled Arena 6! hurryupdude I think Magnus will win if his internet connection is good :)
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Titled Arena 6!

The Lichess Titled Arena returns for the 6th time!

Horde Deathmatch: svenos vs. StubenFisch

A Legendary Horde Match

Lichess Meetup: Montreal, July 28th

A Community Event