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Black to play
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  1. online Trainer with payment NOTFOXAnonymous Troll spotted
  2. I just won Stockfish 8 !!! Tha… doom12384 Which game?
  3. I just won Stockfish 8 !!! Tha… georgeljhvjh send me Congratulations!!!
  4. I just won Stockfish 8 !!! Tha… georgeljhvjh I just won Stockfish 8 !!! Thank you !!! :)
  5. online Trainer with payment hubabuba1234 Um ... i just gave u a link where u can find coaches lol :)
  6. Mate in 545 moves!? CM Sarg0n Yeah, it starts with Black best defense 1. ...Rd7+. In the forum threa…
  7. online Trainer with payment crazymode my phone number is 00972594255218 give me a miss call and i will call…
  8. online Trainer with payment crazymode hi, I am looking for someone who is 2400 and higher to train me online…
  9. Jolly old Stockfish Rrhyddhad I found Nh4 pretty quickly, but would have been much harder pressed to…
  10. Especial offer Reti-Gambit @NefariousKnight ure right, but its strange that he doesnt posts his…
  11. Especial offer Rrhyddhad I think I know who this is. Ironically, I messaged him on lichess abou…
  12. Especial offer jonesmh @NefariousKnight : I'm not talking about a good chess player, but a g…
  13. Jolly old Stockfish Vycm Magnificent puzzle! Took me some time to figure out.
  14. lichess studies hubabuba1234 Once you are in the study click on "Shar…
  15. How could I have played agains… reindeernm Oh shoot. I failed to pay basic attention and thought you were white. …
  16. Jolly old Stockfish ujcn Nothing extraordinary. I solved the problem in two minutes. After a mo…
  17. Jolly old Stockfish spreeathener I found the perpetual after 1.Re8+, but would never have found the win…
  18. Jolly old Stockfish LM OhNoMyPants Hahaha, I imagine most people don't say anything - maybe the problem w…
  19. Why does not the TRAINING mode… Utnapishtim It would be interesting if they added to the profile graph.
  20. Why does not the TRAINING mode… Utnapishtim What do you guys think?
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