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Black to play
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  1. Pirc defense , King Hunt achja This one ?
  2. Wrong solution to a puzzle thekid456 it's still winning for white, but better to avoid it
  3. What do you guys think about T… thewallbanger It's a difficult situation when someone asks for these during a rated …
  4. GM Ben Finegold said... thekid456 also this should be in game analysis not general chess discussion...
  5. Pirc defense , King Hunt goldensquare sorry, how do i upload the game? I have copied the pgn
  6. GM Ben Finegold said... thekid456 I don't see the fierce attack either... he used his bishop and queen t…
  7. Pirc defense , King Hunt goldensquare Just seeing the reaction to the game. Thank you.
  8. GM Ben Finegold said... V2chess Well why don't you just mention @ccscatl
  9. GM Ben Finegold said... Majora1988 Qxh8+? I hate when that happens.
  10. Aquarium 18 seriously danruff Do I have to buy Houdini
  11. Aquarium 18 seriously danruff I have Aquarium where are the fish
  12. Wrong solution to a puzzle bugsbunnier Yes Qxb2 loses instantly.Because the Rook is coming .
  13. Reason for Rc1? CM Sarg0n Yeah, we need a feature like "zero move" for demo purposes.
  14. Challenge PowerBot! bugsbunnier Oh cool !!
  15. Challenge PowerBot! Redscales He is a version of stockfish.
  16. Wrong solution to a puzzle thekid456 I mean Rxd3, then Qxb2+, better to avoid that and play Qxd3 right? an…
  17. Wrong solution to a puzzle zompfChess i have noticed that many of the puzzles are bent towards the player as…
  18. Modern Benoni move order quest… CM Sarg0n I am a Benoni noob and would certainly lose it with both colors. But s…
  19. Wrong solution to a puzzle extremegamer Thats the worst puzzle ever.
  20. Challenge PowerBot! BOT SuperStockfish What engine is it? And are you going to do other variants with asmFish…
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