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  1. Lichess London Meetup on the 2… finlip If we ever have a meetup in Kathmandu, Nepal, count me in.
  2. Lichess London Meetup on the 2… InnateAluminum @polylogarithmique That's true. They probably chose the best pictur…
  3. Feature Request: Additional Da… InfiniteFlash Hi, Currently the Game Database of all Master's game is interestin…
  4. What is a mistake, blunder??? threemartlets Thank you very much.
  5. Lichess London Meetup on the 2… polylogarithmique @InnateAluminum I am not arguing but what you're saying supposes that …
  6. Lichess London Meetup on the 2… InnateAluminum @Eggesinerchess The reason you only see men is because there were …
  7. Discord Server o_OMentalistO_o Hello! Recently i have made an Community server where we play chess…
  8. Fourth game Caruana-Carlsen ujcn No one understood the purpose of the move 15. Re1?! made by the champi…
  9. Lichess London Meetup on the 2… polylogarithmique It would have been nice to announce it earlier. I live in London but l…
  10. Game 4! Let's talk about chess… GM Niclas Could Carlsen use his opening advantage this time or would he be neutr…
  11. Feature Request: One-dimension… mathetic I think this is an awesome idea. I would suggest to show the whole boa…
  12. Lichess London Meetup on the 2… mohammad73 i wish i could come to london
  13. Woodpecker method Reti-Gambit the exercises are so easy on a level of 1200
  14. Lichess London Meetup on the 2… Doofenshmirtz Chess is very popular amongst lady vampires.
  15. CARLSEN vs CARUANA ♔ Game 3 Wo… Vgm1 CARLSEN vs CARUANA ♔ World Chess Championship 2018 ♕ Game 3 https://ww…
  16. Woodpecker method CM Sarg0n Think it's over-rated.
  17. 9.Nbd2 Gambit in French Advanc… tpr 9...Bc5 seems excellent for black.
  18. Lichess London Meetup on the 2… Eggesinerchess Hello, I see only men of these pictures. where are the women? Women li…
  19. Good win for me! Please commen… tpr Both of you played too fast. This was a 10+0 time control but after mo…
  20. 9.Nbd2 Gambit in French Advanc… FunnyAnimatorJimTV Hi- there's this annoying gambit I'm facing occasionally in the French…
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Lichess London Meetup on the 24th November

Meet the Lichess team in London!

No progress towards a winner in London after game 3

Another long game with no winner.

Tense World Championship game 2 ends in a draw

Caruana's opening preparation delivers