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  1. My 6 Month Plan toucanchess Thank you for the advice, everyone. I will tweak my plan now.
  2. Cannot see my Replays janosopeligroso Dude.. i dont know.. have the same problem
  3. Cannot see my Replays Reini Hi all - how can I watch all my replays ?
  4. Why the chessboard mostly turn… AcademicNinja99 Ah, I noticed that too often times, it's very annoying :(
  5. Why the chessboard mostly turn… Kishlak_Uruk Why almost every time i need to flip chessboard to analise the game fr…
  6. All you need is love CM Sarg0n Finally, Chess meets Kamasutra.
  7. Deleting comments in tournamen… ModafinilxRitalin Experienced the same issue whilst discussing another chess website's y…
  8. time and square bugs TwoIdiots I had a 40sec and suddenly 0 after like 1sec then i clicked on a piece…
  9. Deleting comments in tournamen… angrymonkey Comments have just been deleted in the 1200hrs bullet tournament for n…
  10. My 6 Month Plan humanbeing1 Dear, My FIDE rating is 1360 highest being 1368. But from my games …
  11. Silman's Endgame Course vs 100… rebel23 Obviously I had not read the title :) I do not know Silmann's book, m…
  12. My 6 Month Plan WildChess04 @toucanchess I wouldn't recommend you to play 10+0, if someone is firs…
  13. All you need is love NoLuckOnlySkill Looks like a logo from the 70's. Also gay af, since I don't think m…
  14. Opening repertoire of a donkey… a_player cool tool !
  15. My 6 Month Plan a_player just play 200 or 300 1+0 games per day and let us know if it improved …
  16. finally 1500- feedback? a_player is it a joke ?
  17. My 6 Month Plan CM Sarg0n I am bit older and I have seen many Gran-Plans... I recommend small st…
  18. My 6 Month Plan tpr "I feel like I have plateaued recently. I played poorly in both 100+0 …
  19. Games from a 45+5 Tournament tpr Agree with @achja. Your problems start with the obscure 7 a3. Normal …
  20. All you need is love fpvbmct @Abyssinia i also don't think the board is 6 by 6
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