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  1. Crazyhouse Mate in 4 AREA11 Nice mate! What was the motivation behind 10.@Bg6?
  2. Crazyhouse Mate in 4 AustinL0926 Nice
  3. notational inconsistency joriki Another example of this: The move 6. Nxc2 is …
  4. Gamma Rays! ginja huh?
  5. Customize Quick pairing items … s43a56 Hi, I want to customize Quick pairing items on the main page: r…
  6. Tournaments restrictions BerserkingInVain Alright, seems it's gettin hard to play ultra : there is one tourname…
  7. Crazyhouse Mate in 4 Ominous Cool mate in 4 at the end. let …
  8. Gamma Rays! Redshen Organisational culture woke the prime minister.
  9. What's your custom background? arex @FlyingShrimp Love it! Now you made me wanna go back there.
  10. What's your custom background? FlyingShrimp I've already seen this kind of discussion on here, but that was severa…
  11. Did Magnus Carlsen, dr.drunken… pamps Thanks Sacrifice_to_Jashin !!!
  12. Did Magnus Carlsen, dr.drunken… Sacrifice_to_Jashin You probably didn't see it sin…
  13. Did Magnus Carlsen, dr.drunken… pamps Oh thanks... could not find! have the link? Thanks
  14. Did Magnus Carlsen, dr.drunken… TheBigDecline I just checked his account, and it's still there ...
  15. Team leadership. loukas435 Hallo. I am the leader of a team in lichess. I would want to make some…
  16. 13. Promote to Knight + Purusa This guy playing black is horrible!
  17. bullet chess CM Sarg0n For me it‘s 100% superfluous. ;)
  18. Did Magnus Carlsen, dr.drunken… pamps Hi, Is just me or Dr. Drunkenstein is not here anymore? Cant find in…
  19. Frozen game and wrong time Jan-Husar My game froze twice, can u check if it was a server problem. I moved …
  20. Firefox not remembering board … nh78 Use Google Chrome when playing here.
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