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  1. Coaching Feature Request - Coa… theice I think this would be a solid enhancement. Could possibly add a pro…
  2. Feel lost when actually have t… Dilian Plan? Your plan is always the same for all players under 1700. Your pl…
  3. Magnus vs Lichess?? CuxTraining Today Compters would dominate too much such a match.
  4. Coaching Feature Request - Coa… DrHack Looking for something like the streamer light, that shows opponents wh…
  5. Team leadership. loukas435 Ok, thank you for the answer. It would be a useful feature if added.
  6. Chess Game Meow-L Accept the loss, nothing else you can do, it's a part of the game.
  7. Team leadership. arex I don't believe this is supported at the moment.
  8. Does lichess API support OPTIO… tailuge Hi, I've written a few integrations with lichess that run serverles…
  9. Chess Game HippieFromRome I was playing the Black side of the board.
  10. Chess Game HippieFromRome So I was in a blitz game and a fire drill happened in my school, but I…
  11. Team leadership. loukas435 Nobody??
  12. Rossolimo rules or delivering … CM Sarg0n Both sides can create their chances, indeed. My e4 knowledge has been …
  13. Magnus vs Lichess?? LorenzoModena Hello to everyone yesterday i was reading a chess book called Kaspaov…
  14. Learn Reti JustCaroKann @lement I didn't realised it. Now it's public, so you can take part in…
  15. Forum Posts Spring Clean-up Toscani There are tabs for Views, Replies and Last Posted. Can there be a fea…
  16. Crazyhouse Mate in 4 Ominous @Marlonc gets it!
  17. Why there is no graph for puzz… CM Sarg0n Actually I replied in the wrong thread... everything alright. :D
  18. Can 1650 rated play chess? LittlePlaymate Why are there pieces of love that don't belong?
  19. Can 1650 rated play chess? LittlePlaymate Where Is The Love?
  20. Why there is no graph for puzz… Quark88 Yeah sorry, I have posted it in the correct thread too. Maybe could yo…
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