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Black to play
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  1. lichess update: bots -improvem… BOT Vitruvius_H I like your idea, user589544
  2. biggest rage quit ever TheBigDecline A mouse slip when I was in serious time trouble. Punched my pillow.
  3. Partner to play with around 15… Mjoelner I´´m sure there are great lessons to be learned during a blitz game as…
  4. Partner to play with around 15… o_megalos agree with #3
  5. Partner to play with around 15… Mjoelner Hi Allonautilus! I enjoy fast games as i do longer time controls. If y…
  6. Lets take a moment to talk abo… NeverBeenTimid Yeah it's a playable opening, but black has better tries imo. I've bee…
  7. Partner to play with around 15… asteris05 blitz also helps ,because u can play more games
  8. Training puzzles Chris1976 Sorry, this should have probably been in the Q&A
  9. Training puzzles Chris1976 When I complete offline training puzzles it now shows up and down arro…
  10. Partner to play with around 15… Allonautilus I would play but I see you play mostly blitz, which is not my preferen…
  11. Partner to play with around 15… Mjoelner Hi. Im looking for someone to practice with, share some tips and trick…
  12. Blunder=missed mate in 35 cistykachna I played one of those really closed endings where one gets the impress…
  13. Lets take a moment to talk abo… tpr Bird's opening 1 f4 is Dutch Defence reversed and thus sound. Carlsen …
  14. biggest rage quit ever super_salad Mouse slip with a queen that would have been mate instead got my queen…
  15. premoved my last move Kxh1, st… Kestralheart I'm pretty sure the reason this doesn't automatically count as a draw …
  16. lichess update: bots -improvem… user589544 thats actually a good point you should make a new thread about that.
  17. lichess update: bots -improvem… Allonautilus Can BOTs be banned for using human assistance? We would need a new re…
  18. lichess update: bots -improvem… user589544 how lucky is that almost none of the humans care what is fair or unfai…
  19. lichess update: bots -improvem… Stephenson BOTS do not play fair and the people who use them are a sub species .
  20. biggest rage quit ever user589544 what was your biggest rage quit over the site and why did you have it?…
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