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  1. Caruana Piles on the Pressure … ErikSkov Agad said something interesting in his analysis after the game. He tho…
  2. Explaining Engine Recommendati… ProfDrHack Looks like OP is using the German localization. S = Springer = knig…
  3. Study contributers mCoombes314 No they don't
  4. Explaining Engine Recommendati… mCoombes314 S = Springer (knight), L = Loper (or similar?) (bishop)
  5. Caruana Piles on the Pressure … LM Assios @finlip It's @IanRogers
  6. Tie breaks with Chess 960 O42 Its better than Rapid tie breaks. Also isnt there a WCC for rapid? Be…
  7. Caruana Piles on the Pressure … finlip What is Ian Rogers lichess ID?
  8. Caruana Piles on the Pressure … mCoombes314 Game 1 was quite an opening, I think from game 2 to now the games have…
  9. How can this happen? barbe63 Ok so here is my issue. I can't s…
  10. Zero rated puzzles or zero rat… nayf "One has to take the rating of the puzzle with a grain of salt" he sai…
  11. chess insights specific oppone… jznumber1 Is it possible to have chess insights generated only for the games/mat…
  12. warnings: letting clock run do… OldPalHappy I think that only happens when you've been thinking for a long time, a…
  13. Unfollow and Block don't work. OldPalHappy After unfollowing him, do new ones get added? If those were there befo…
  14. Quick summary of Carlsen vs Ca… rickrenegade Is that the American grenade opening?
  15. +50 evaluation? lurarose Any evaluation that is between like 9 and 99 are positions that typica…
  16. What are you supposed to do at… CM Sarg0n Not sure how the concrete theory goes here, but ...g5 Nfd2 ...Ng7 Bg3 …
  17. Quick summary of Carlsen vs Ca… lurarose I predict in game 9 Carlsen will once again make efforts with a d4 ope…
  18. Quick summary of Carlsen vs Ca… rickrenegade Maybe +0.5 +0.5 +0.5 +0.5
  19. What are you supposed to do at… BastionFromOverwatch Thanks. I've delved a bit more into these lines in the meantime. Found…
  20. Quick summary of Carlsen vs Ca… MrCharles +1 Or maybe 1/2
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Caruana Piles on the Pressure But Fails to Break Carlsen

World title match remains tied after eighth consecutive draws.

Carlsen Hangs on in Game 6

The World Champion, Magnus Carlsen and challenger Fabiano Caruana tied at 3-3 at half time in the World Championship match in London

Lichess4545 league anniversary tournament

Join us in celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the Lichess4545 league, with a 6 hour long 15+15 tournament - November 17th starting 17:00UTC!