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  1. Question relative to the posit… Erosas Hi everyone, I'm not sure about some of my move and whether my posit…
  2. Suggestion: Can analysis board… board45678 It looks like the database give maximum 12 lists. For example, if ther…
  3. Some insight on my game! remsen If anything it seems like the pawn would be weak/overextended on e4!
  4. Some insight on my game! oxygen_di_oxide @remsen I was afraid of be4 which after capture would result in pawn e4
  5. Maybe its worth to learn more … ioxod I think just sticking with normal openings with main lines is enough f…
  6. Low mistake long game I just p… kampsun Hey, I think I haven't played that long of a game with so few mista…
  7. Some insight on my game! remsen I don't understand 15. f3 at all!
  8. Some insight on my game! oxygen_di_oxide Here is the game I played against SF level 6 on lichess. The first 9 m…
  9. Rogess = Chess with Rogue-like… ioxod Interesting idea. I really like this variant!
  10. Rogess = Chess with Rogue-like… fleshlumpeater51 cool
  11. weird acl in this game momtoohigh Yeah I thought it was the deal of the analysis not completing all the …
  12. Rogess = Chess with Rogue-like… IM lovlas That is interesting.