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  1. 2018 Autumn Marathon thibault Registrations are now open!
  2. Lichess site totally broken thibault What's your chrome version? Can we see a screenshot?
  3. Im proud zorba7676 you make me sick.
  4. Lichess site totally broken Irishman964 Hi, After the recent chrome update my lichess experience has totally …
  5. Any new/interesting openings? zorba7676 King indian is very good, Scandinav Defense is very sharp, try both.
  6. Some guidance on this position… carlhq Hi Ilostmyhead Thank you for your comment. It all seems so simple now…
  7. Some guidance on this position… Ilostmyhead Hello! I am not a professional chess player, but I think there are a…
  8. How can save chess game in PGN shadowofasoul Thank You very much. Have a nice day
  9. Some guidance on this position… carlhq Hi I am new to chess and Lichess - playing games against my MasterSof…
  10. How can save chess game in PGN mohamadreza1386 in lichess after a game you could see some options under board like: …
  11. Tournaments lebonobo Can somebody tell me : - is there a way to know how long the announce…
  12. How can save chess game in PGN shadowofasoul I want analyze my game but I don't know how can I save my game in PGN.…
  13. Any new/interesting openings? Corridor You could go back to the classics, play the ruy lopez, or you could pl…
  14. Any new/interesting openings? PureChessPlayer I think I've played the Italian game my whole chess career. It's not b…
  15. Im proud TrainingOTB mutant and proud...
  16. Marbles on Stream! bufferunderrun This is awesome, hehe :)
  17. Multiple seeks for multiple cl… Onyx_Chess Is it possible to have multiple seeks across different clock-times? …
  18. En passant not available for s… Abyssinia You should also know about "En Croissant" He takes your pawn...and th…
  19. En passant not available for s… MrCharles "En passant" is a flanking move in (the rules of) war. Can you get …
  20. Berserk For Berserk Button MrCharles +1 I like this idea.
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Minh Le wins Titled Arena 7

Previous winner Carlsen finishes 3rd

Titled Arena 7

The 7th Lichess Titled Arena!

7-piece Syzygy tablebases are complete

Use the world's first free 7-piece tablebase on Lichess!