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  1. Foolproof way to beat BadModo … weduji 27/7/2 game lol. You're like the Kevin Durant of bad chess
  2. Berserking is "poor sportsmans… weduji that's just hater talk
  3. A task 77294 Vempele It seems that white can win a pawn back in all lines after Bxe4 Bxe1 B…
  4. A task 77294 tpr It is the same: white is losing. When two lines are losing the puzzle …
  5. Chesspatzer Wars! Episode 3 Chesspatzeruk-TWITCH Episode 3 of Ptzer Wars this time my fellow Chesspatzer recorded his s…
  6. A task 77294 seocult Hey. Why computer answer with Bb…
  7. Foolproof way to beat BadModo … Dat_Das You will never "beat" BadModo by giving away all your material. Try th…
  8. Berserking is "poor sportsmans… LeonStolzz That player is probably just salty because he gets beat by berzerkers …
  9. Berserking is "poor sportsmans… noname07090 No, this is part of what makes lichess special.
  10. Berserking is "poor sportsmans… cheapthought I just played a tourney where I berserked 47% of my games. I'm only a…
  11. "Niche" chess variants tourna… LeonStolzz I personally haven't had any issue finding games for any of the varien…
  12. what would you give to be able… WPhOZA9kB97Y7vNrpCkP rules: it must be at least 120 years back from now (so you may not ans…
  13. "Niche" chess variants tourna… Scarlet_Evans Starting from going straight to the point: When it goes to Chess96…
  14. tournuament GMScuzzBall Wouldn’t that be distracting?
  15. tournuament trescapas you can play with as on our tournuament!
  16. LeelaNice is useless Vempele Edit: nevermind.
  17. Import Feature Request ProgramFOX Press "f": it's the shortcut key for board flipping.
  18. Let's play Seirwan chess Nordlandia, come and play 😃
  19. LeelaNice is useless Jan-Husar thx @a_pleasant_illusion it sounds interesting, I read a little bit ab…
  20. Almost losing to BOT BadModo thekid456 you have to make it so ur king can't move, and you "checkmate" their k…
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