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  1. Questioning relative value of … EdinburghCollective Queen is significantly stronger than two Bishops. That being said, …
  2. White to move: mate in 549 (50… Official_LLL Are you sure @soccerfreak1213
  3. Questioning relative value of … RomanMauskopf There's the Bronstein Queen Sac in the Saemish Kings Indian where two …
  4. White to move: mate in 549 (50… soccerfreak1213 i figured it out in 19
  5. White to move: mate in 549 (50… soccerfreak1213 sure?
  6. White to move: mate in 549 (50… AREA1177 Wow, powerful computer to be computing that deep haha
  7. friends online icon missing … Vegemite_Fighter I am using Firefox 79 64 bit and I can see the friends icon. Could it …
  8. Questioning relative value of … IPunishDaddy2007 @mvp2131 why are you so sure?
  9. Questioning relative value of … mvp2131 Queen, almost always. There'd almost certainly have to be a very immed…
  10. Goodbye, lichess Yakshwag Like I said before if your not in the tournament page on any tab or wi…