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  1. "Longest bullet game in histor… FatesWarning 3...f5 is one of the best moves in chess history.
  2. Games from a 45+5 Tournament nidav000 The analysis says that you were going to get mated in 12 moves
  3. Games from a 45+5 Tournament achja @FunnyAnimatorJimTV #1 Starting with a very quick comment. In your fi…
  4. Games from a 45+5 Tournament FunnyAnimatorJimTV Hi, I'm wondering if anyone could possibly provide comments and critic…
  5. "Longest bullet game in histor… chesslo21 Notice the irony in quotes.
  6. All you need is love no_bullet_thanks i like it, thats an unusual logo. We will see much art on the board.
  7. I played a game with 22 cp los… Neil_The_Seal @achja @gablusky thanks guys! At first glance one might think, "well N…
  8. All you need is love kifaru…
  9. finally 1500- feedback? NoLuckOnlySkill Congrats on 1500. But this is a bullet game, such a fast game is point…
  10. finally 1500- feedback? jtfisico it depends on the age. if youare 3 years old-great! you will be the ne…
  11. finally 1500- feedback? seanysean 18... d3 would have hurt...
  12. finally 1500- feedback? TwoWeakTwoSlow so, do u see here some potent…
  13. Silman's Endgame Course vs 100… IM lovlas #6 Yeah that series is great. But I don't think its the ideal learning…
  14. Silman's Endgame Course vs 100… rebel23 My Great Predecessors series... I have about two hundred chess books,…
  15. Bug in shield tournaments thibault Indeed, will fix ASAP!
  16. Why are players missing from t… IM lovlas Inactivity maybe.
  17. Why are players missing from t… mstef Looking at the current bullet leaderboard, DannyTheDonkey is on top at…
  18. Wrong shield awarded. AREA11 Seconded
  19. Bug in shield tournaments NoseKnowsAll Hey devs. There's a bug in the shield tournaments, specifically the no…
  20. Wrong shield awarded. NeverBeenTimid He won the 960 shield but it's …
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