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Black to play
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Hourly Rapid 1h 57m 194
U2000 Bullet 27m 73
Hourly Bullet 27m 92
U2000 SuperBlitz 57m 1
U1700 Blitz 57m 4
Crazyhouse HippoBullet 57m 0
Hourly Blitz 57m 2
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 0
U1500 Rapid 57m 8
vlad1949 5+2 1h 30m 16
Shumov ½+0 960 2h 10
Schallopp ¾+0 Anti 55m 20
Boden ¾+0 Atom 1h 30m 14
Forsyth 5+0 45m 18
UltraBullet ¼+0 2h 17
damnsaltythatsport ½+0 1h 11
Polerio 5+2 50m 17
Mikėnas 7+2 25m 6
Timofey ½+0 Atom 2h 3
Ftáčnik 2+0 Horde 1h 10m 1
Lilienthal 7+0 2h 2
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  2. Why prevent draws? soni777 @hurryupdude After Qxf7 white has an extra pawn in the endgame
  3. Why prevent draws? IM Strategymaster @hurryupdude Bxf7 and white has 2 bishops, is 1 pawn up and e4 is we…
  4. Why prevent draws? hurryupdude @soni777 how is that a forced draw? move king to d8 and if knight f7+ …
  5. Why prevent draws? soni777 Still though you can't (and shouldn't) prevent forced draws, as they a…
  6. Why prevent draws? LM OhNoMyPants Imagine if in a boxing match the two fighters half way through the fig…
  7. Why prevent draws? hurryupdude (in my opinion) there is nothing wrong with draws eg stalemate, repeti…
  8. hangrad That's a nice website! I finished second behind Eric Rosen in an open …
  9. Why prevent draws? CM Sarg0n Well, if you are content with that (arranged ) 12-movers, so shall it …
  10. Donation,status and goal of l… AcademicNinja99 @Darksouls If you don't want to support checkers then don't :) No …
  11. Donation,status and goal of l… Darksouls @Sorin_256 the checkers pieces would give me a seizure if played for …
  12. Why prevent draws? Darksouls because there is nothing at stake. Why wouldn't you always play for a…
  13. Why prevent draws? moo6o6 Why do people want to prevent draws in grandmaster games for the sak…
  14. Donation,status and goal of l… Sorin_256 @Darksouls Yeah I was pretty appalled at the fact that they completely…
  15. Donation,status and goal of l… Darksouls @Sorin_256 oh my bad I just really couldn't care less. The thing tha…
  16. Donation,status and goal of l… Sorin_256 @Darksouls It is international droughts, which is a partially solved g…
  17. Zion's Chess Goals GMScuzzBall What’s your background in chess?
  18. Donation,status and goal of l… Darksouls yuck a checkers post on a chess site. Programmer.. you mean copy and …
  19. Human Versus Machine - Free Bo… Darksouls so the prize is a free book which can be downloaded and viewed for fre…
  20. Invisible pieces CM Sarg0n Yeah, this crops up from time to time. I had experienced invisible bis…
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