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  1. BadBishopJones Bad_Bishop_Jones you called?
  2. Tactic 61408 QTipPoker Best I can tell white is trying …
  3. Counting wood - keeping track … mysterious_expert I got it Wrong lol It is pretty hard
  4. Am I the only one... DeeVeeOss lol "Thop jillung fo a thekun, a haffa think abouth this mooth."
  5. My blitz games with commentary… imakitty @fiveTimes, No it's the piano sounds
  6. Am I the only one... TatsumakiRonyk Try playing it during. See how you do then? ;)
  7. My blitz games with commentary… fiveTimes nice Video. You don't have the standard lichess sound. You have the s…
  8. Stockfish resigned on horde mo… mathematico computer always resign at move 151
  9. Stockfish resigned on horde mo… Serjpinski I was trying to check if lichess would detect insufficient material to…
  10. Am I the only one... DeeVeeOss ...that plays chess like garbage before dentist appointments?
  11. BadBishopJones mdinnerspace "Tactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do. Strateg…
  12. BadBishopJones mdinnerspace "Skeletons of mice are often found in coconuts, for it is easier to ge…
  13. BadBishopJones mdinnerspace Knight: You play chess, don't you? Death: How did you know that? Kni…
  14. My blitz games with commentary… IM Juraldo I use the normal lichess sound, I did not change any settings @NeverBe…
  15. BadBishopJones mdinnerspace FIANCHETTO "The Aufins [Bishops] are prelates wearing horns... The…
  16. My blitz games with commentary… NeverBeenTimid What sound are you using for when the pieces move?
  17. A youtube channel for old ches… NeverBeenTimid If you take requests can you do Morphy vs McConnell where he played th…
  18. CPU Malfunction? ericw31415 Maybe the level 5 is configured to be aggressive?
  19. Suggestion: Champion arena xXJrHoLLoWeDXx Is this going to be like king of the hill thing? Whoever is Champion f…
  20. Suggestion: Champion arena Toadofsky US Chess Live once implemented this, with some success: * Direct-el…
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Announcing the next edition of the legendary 24-hour chess marathon!

Lichess Summer Update, Part 2

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