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White to play
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  1. Economic and professional ches… GMScuzzBall Ads like this should be banned.
  2. Chess Lessons And Simults... FM SanchezKelvin Hello Friends... I hope you're very well today... I want to offer …
  3. Economic and professional ches… hal9k This almost Indian accent almost kills my Russian ears. Thanks it's …
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  5. Sound delay lichess bug Artembosten Hi, My internet can be bad sometimes. Sometimes this happens when it…
  6. Wrongly blocked from tournamen… Chillkroete77 Your highest rating in a week counts.
  7. Wrongly blocked from tournamen… shakki-mestari123 You have to be rated under 1500 for some time. I don't know exatly how…
  8. [Dumb Question] Is it possible… MakeHellTal…
  9. [Dumb Question] Is it possible… MakeHellTal wow!
  10. Wrongly blocked from tournamen… StoneColdLogic Rated under 1500 at bullet and have played more than the required numb…
  11. [Dumb Question] Is it possible… Chillkroete77 White rarely wins that position. Black would have to blunder two of hi…
  12. [Dumb Question] Is it possible… lurarose @Breaking-Limits from the position you show in post 1: I let a stro…
  13. Simul karios17 and play simultaneous with me!
  14. Join Chess Community WhatsApp … rajatsicilian This is a place where all chess players are welcome. From Beginners to…
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  16. Searching on Masters Database IM lovlas and a…
  17. Free Beginner Group Lessons galdave I'm thinking general improvement topics like thought process, we will …
  18. Free Beginner Group Lessons beta_z im interested
  19. Free Beginner Group Lessons raksab seems good I am also okay but what lessons
  20. Free Beginner Group Lessons majkes im interested
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Titled Arena 8

The 8th Lichess Titled Arena!

Minh Le wins Titled Arena 7

Previous winner Carlsen finishes 3rd

Titled Arena 7

The 7th Lichess Titled Arena!