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  1. Where can I get puzzles like t… UStoleButterfingers I need to learn positions like this. They are not mate in 4 or mate in…
  2. Can closed teams be reopened? silasschultz nah it's the same logo and name and design
  3. Can closed teams be reopened? Fmuror02_is_back Perhaps it was closed and then created again
  4. Can closed teams be reopened? silasschultz i saw atanwin fan club was reopened and it was closed before
  5. Pretty quick maths Martink_2001 Queen takes a7😂
  6. Feature Request:Interactive bo… ambrona Why don't you create a study and then have a game per chapter? You can…
  7. "Guess the eval" learning game CheerfulChessPlayer That's a good idea - CheerfulChessPlayer
  8. Check out this GM game with wi… UStoleButterfingers I kinda liked Bb2 and Bd4 was rather clever. But Bc1? Funny stuff guys…
  9. Team forums not deleted when t… A_0123456 bump
  10. Whom do u think will win the t… komokoid Carlsen visited our house yesterday and yes I kidnapped him 🤣⚒️🏘️ ch…