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  1. The current world chess champiโ€ฆ VisionsOfNeal There is an easy way out of the drawing problem: Draws are simply not โ€ฆ
  2. The current world chess champiโ€ฆ Abigail-III @Curious1 said in #1: > But this variant would save chess from the obโ€ฆ
  3. greate india chess player Chessismylife006 No u are wrong.
  4. Chess Championship CasualPlays What do you think will happen at the 6th game? Will it be another drawโ€ฆ
  5. Chess Training Tedium Solution? dboing I got it: discuss everything!
  6. Opening Suggestions VEBMP @Tidw_J_BY said in #1: > I am a 1350 and I'm looking to expand my opeโ€ฆ
  7. Opening Suggestions Manasroyal1 @royalblue04 said in #2: > Develop your pieces. Control the center. Lโ€ฆ
  8. The current world chess champiโ€ฆ sheckley666 1st) 99% of all chess players do not have a draw problem. 2nd) Nobodyโ€ฆ
  9. Opening Suggestions ArAvDaDhAnIa See all of them
  10. Opening Suggestions Manasroyal1 I think that Caro Kann is the best opening I don't play it much onlinโ€ฆ

Carlsen versus Nepomniachtchi: FIDE World Championship Round 4

Magnus Carlsen by Niki Riga

Nepomniachtchi vs Carlsen, Game 1 | 2021 FIDE World Chess Championship

Game of the Week XLVII Carlsen,Magnus (2855) - Nepomniachtchi,Ian (2782)