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  1. Lagging list me a game Ilona_Kinzinger The problem with the lag is the following, and despit the fact the pro…
  2. Bad translation ProgramFOX The source string was actually "Checkmate", which someone translated t…
  3. Bad translation stanislaski In the catalan language lichess says "Has guanyat", that means "You wo…
  4. Using AI as game analysis tool… xSilverBulletx Just wondering if it would be possible to use an AI like A0 or Leela i…
  5. Cool QGD modern gambit howchessYT quite a nice gambit IMO
  6. Opening chess book (Help) BloodyFox Thank you everybody! :* Appreciate it
  7. Tiger's Modern CM Sarg0n Actually I play that as well - it is not that easy. I used to play the…
  8. Puzzling StevenEmily Why can't we do puzzles in crazyhouse? Or antichess? I wan't to do oth…
  9. Shamkir : why such a poor cove… A-Cielbleu A super-tournament is taking place in Shamkir and there is very little…
  10. hord ? whako Thank you for helping me learning chess Mr. Allonautilus !
  11. Tiger's Modern BlindFool @dudeski_robinson I have started studying it. I haven't gone through…
  12. Didn't think that the sac woul… A-Cielbleu 8.Nd5 is a surprising follow-up to 7.Bxf7. It's not Komodo's first cho…
  13. Scandinavian as white, with a … tpsinnem I made this little study out of a game I played a moment ago. Anyon…
  14. 4.a3 move in Four Knights Game SyntoxGM Well played btw! Black lost pretty convincingly.
  15. How to recognise my strengths … Sneakmasterflex You don't. Someone who understands chess better, e.g. your trainer, id…
  16. 4.a3 move in Four Knights Game SyntoxGM Yes, indeed hah. 4.a3 is actually a really nice opening surprise.
  17. hord ? Allonautilus Click here: Then select "horde" in the…
  18. 4.a3 move in Four Knights Game CM Sarg0n The famous SOS series in 15 volumes with 20 chapters each. It is Vol. …
  19. 4.a3 move in Four Knights Game SyntoxGM I am glad to hear that Sarg0n.
  20. hord ? whako how we play hord here ? I tried but did not know how to play .
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The Lichess Titled Arena returns with a $3,600 prize pool!

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