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  1. Feature request: Auto-decline … fewfiet I almost always prefer getting back in the pool rather than playing a …
  2. Embed pgn into post sekvent Hello! I can't seem to find how to embed a game (pgn) into a post o…
  3. Crazyhouse Mate in 4 Marlonc If I had a quid for every time I'd missed one of those... the moral I …
  4. Did Magnus Carlsen, dr.drunken… finlip He will be back on May 4.
  5. Did Magnus Carlsen, dr.drunken… pamps Oh ... i understand now Corridor, thanks. Because I could not seen hi…
  6. I won a game in 2 moves :) DVRazor You can play Bf4 no matter what, they said :D
  7. Thank you all,for organized sp… rzenaikrzys Thank you all for hard job is great chess site with man…
  8. English language question answ… RomanStefanski Ok nea have yo unit to english the language the yea-no dimension f…
  9. Interesitng otb game the_loving_boy any comments?
  10. Graph line for puzzle training? Cuxhaven I would love to have a complete history too.
  11. I won a game in 2 moves :) Toadofsky Best London refutation I've seen so far.
  12. I won a game in 2 moves :) CM Sarg0n Auto-pilot to London.
  13. [Feature Request] Option to se… ChessFundamentals I am not sure if I did something wrong, but it seems very complicated …
  14. Why there is no graph for puzz… CM Sarg0n Sry, wrong thread.
  15. Graph line for puzzle training? Quark88 Hi, I have a question concerning the layout of lichess: since I enjoy …
  16. Why there is no graph for puzz… Quark88 Hi, I have a question concerning the layout of lichess: since I enjoy …
  17. Become a Pawn Master Abyssinia If you are a beginner or even an intermediate player, you may benefit …
  18. Bishop development Water_Flame You say you hate facing the Benoni... so instead of 1. d4?? just play …
  19. Crazyhouse Mate in 4 MrCharles @Ominous In truth, I've always found the 8. N@f5 move a bit fishy …
  20. 13. Promote to Knight + rickrenegade He's 2200 and good. Think he was just having fun.
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