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Black to play
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Crazyhouse Shield 6h 178
U2000 Blitz 57m 337
U1700 Rapid 57m 189
Hourly Blitz 57m 148
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 276
Hourly Rapid 1h 57m 133
U1500 Bullet 27m 3
Hourly Bullet 27m 0
Weekly Bullet 2h 24
Daily SuperBlitz 1h 30m 15
Weekly Chess960 3h 0
wsc 5+2 Atom 2h 30
AliKamal ¼+0 2h 63
Ciocâltea 5+0 Anti 1h 30m 16
Gurvich 3+1 1h 10m 15
Nunn ¼+1 Atom 1h 40m 22
LAS58 5+2 960 1h 30m 11
Queens Gambit Accepted 7+2 1h 7
مسابقه ایرانیان 2+1 2h 8
puebla arena 2+0 Atom 40m 13
Lange 3+0 1h 5
FO 5+2 1h 2
Chiburdanidze 3+0 1h 2
Providence 1.5+0 Anti 2h 1
xarine 2+1 30m 1
GM Practice Group 3+2 1h 20m 7
latte 0+2 Anti 2h 1
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  10. Berserking is "poor sportsmans… Mathmatika Who cares if you get berserked on and lose? Some people just want the …
  11. Berserking is "poor sportsmans… BerserkingInVain I think people berserking are just looking to have fun and better cha…
  12. Berserking is "poor sportsmans… Paco67 I was talking about this some weeks ago. I think the best solution is …
  13. Berserking is "poor sportsmans… MoistvonLipwig Why would it be disrespectful? I always like when my opponent beserks…
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  17. why leaving the game aganist c… WPhOZA9kB97Y7vNrpCkP i see many people just jerking with the stockfish and they are loosing…
  18. add new piece set WPhOZA9kB97Y7vNrpCkP i dont like piece sets the white pieces glowing and shining and my dar…
  19. Berserking is "poor sportsmans… lurarose Going Berserk is not in the slightest poor sportsmanship nor is it dis…
  20. Berserking is "poor sportsmans… tpr I must agree that berserking is disrespectful to one's opponent.
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