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Hourly Classical 1h 57m 185
Daily Atomic 1h 12
U2000 Classical 57m 57
U1700 SuperBlitz 57m 27
Crazyhouse SuperBlitz 57m 17
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 83
Hourly Blitz 57m 41
U1500 Blitz 57m 28
Hourly Bullet 27m 59
Daily Horde 1h 0
Sarratt 5+0 Rated 1h 20m 16
Vachier-Lagrave 1+0 Rated 2h 7
Mason 4+2 Rated 1h 10m 11
Burn 2+0 Rated 45m 1
Kupreichik ½+0 Anti Rated 25m 1
Rubinstein 3+0 Rated 2h 1
English Opening 2+0 Rated 2h 1
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  2. Chess is Great (see this) Claner i think chess is great because there are 8 pawns
  3. How could I be an official str… lexisvar ah! ok thank you.
  4. How to become a moderator? Claner Ok sir thank you very much !
  5. Can't win against BAD players Crisptapeworm When facing aggressive opponents, try to get into closed positions, wh…
  6. Training bug on chrome sekvent Hello! I am trying to do the puzzles in training. This morning ever…
  7. Can't win against BAD players pmav99 Bullet can be fun but it does not helps you improve your chess. Stick …
  8. Can't win against BAD players seanysean @Irishman964 Don't just copy other people's comments. It's stupid and …
  9. Can't win against BAD players averagepleb2 @Irishman964 Don't just copy other people's comments. It's stupid and …
  10. Can't win against BAD players Drawish_Giri Irishman964, don't just call people stupid. It's stupid and rude.
  11. Can't win against BAD players Irishman964 @Drawish_Giri Don't just copy other people's comments. It's stupid an…
  12. What do you think about blindf… IM lovlas He is insane. I've been able to play and win three game blindfolded at…
  13. What do you think about blindf… despe12ado That guy must be crazy
  14. Most embarrassing loss ever... Irishman964 @worstplayerever73060 Next time just provide the FEN, as it will mak…
  15. play against computer from set… seanysean I guess a no thanks?
  16. a "?" after cotation chessanalyst @TheCasual It generally is more than 10 games however there is no set …
  17. Chess puzzle 77241 stalls galoistheory It worked for me.
  18. Chess puzzle 77241 stalls blackzombie When I try to solve this puzzle it stalls at the move Bxf2 https:/…
  19. a "?" after cotation TheCasual It means that your Elo hasn't been determined. You need to play 10 mat…
  20. a "?" after cotation IM lovlas It means that your rating is provisional. It will be removed after you…
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