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  1. How do I make my own piece set? hangrad Can this design be added to lichess? It looks so nice!
  2. Classic Games Books and Resour… greghouseislove @SeniorPatzer Yeah man ! House MD is love <3
  3. How do I make my own piece set? farmersrice Looks really nice. I'm impressed!
  4. Classic Games Books and Resour… SeniorPatzer Greghouseislove, Is your user name from Dr. Gregory House of the tv…
  5. Classic Games Books and Resour… greghouseislove Thank you everyone for your replies :)
  6. A Chess Puzzle - Discover the … Professor74 Hello everybody! Here you go a nice puzzle (use the mouse to move the …
  7. Yearly Crazyhouse tournament 2… MrCharles #2 --Inf #3 +1 #4 +1 #5 +1 #6 +1 Please fix the scheduler.
  8. GM Hikaru Nakamura Losing His … moonenaneBETA ur super dogg
  9. How do I make my own piece set? bugcat2 I'm happy to say that OldPalHappy's advice worked perfectly, and to th…
  10. Yearly Crazyhouse tournament 2… okei Lol it sounds like a troll explanation. Of course there used to be bot…
  11. Study Games of Alexander Alekh… Microraver Is your study invite only? I would like to join.. but I don't know ho…
  12. GM Hikaru Nakamura Losing His … String_dogg Thanks guys! :)
  13. I finale broke 1500 (Ruy Lopez… VulcanForge I cracked 1500 with tactics but I cracked 1600 with positional play. I…
  14. I finale broke 1500 (Ruy Lopez… farmersrice Congrats! Next step is to stay there; that's the hard part
  15. Stockfish level 2 Bullet Jan-Meyer This is a tricky one, never uses more than 15 seconds and kills you on…
  16. Smothered mate :) Microraver Hard to pull off.. and oh so satisfying :)…
  17. Smothered mate :) PotatoWalrus69 Nice one bro!
  18. Feature request: player rematc… Samy129291 Hello, I suggest to have a small counter in the profile for rematch…
  19. Suggestion: Chess insights, se… maxivgc Hi, in chess insights you can see how many games you won/drew/lost wit…
  20. Smothered mate :) Pungrotte Nice one :-)