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White to play
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  1. Magnus age 26 vs Dim ! rookceps What are you talking Dim.
  2. Why do you personally follow a… Toscani Follow to play in the same tournament. Greet a friend or team member. …
  3. What do you think about the so… lement It's blitz, so there's less thought, but...With a single glance, what …
  4. nalimov tablebase ItalianPlayer hi, how can I use nalimov's tablebases? I would like to insert a posit…
  5. Why do you personally follow a… njuguna i only follow masters so thats pretty obvious the reason and untitled …
  6. What do you think about the so… WickedFascinations Obviously, 960
  7. What do you think about the so… njuguna not bad this is chess 960 and not standard
  8. What do you think about the so… WickedFascinations In my opinion 2...g5 (a small trap) is better than winning the exchang…
  9. Magnus age 26 vs Dim ! Dim89 Well I remember I had exam on that day and I played the game right out…
  10. Magnus age 26 vs Dim ! Dim89 Could White break Black Fortress?!
  11. 💥Music 💥 nikitasa What you best music?
  12. ❤Video ❤ nikitasa Hey! You Youtube vidio Share För Friends Here Good @nikitasa
  13. Dim vs Magnus age 27!! Dim89 Could Magnus Age 27 play better in this game?!
  14. Economic and professional ches… Tomondo @krasnaya I think you're being overly harsh. Saying "we will learn" is…
  15. Me vs Magnus Age 27! Dim89 Sorry this was age 26!
  16. Me vs Magnus Age 27! Dim89 Its interesting how easily Magnus age 27 exchange its pieces so easil…
  17. Magnus Age 26 vs Me! Dim89 Im wondering if Black could do better at some point?!
  18. Bug Richard4 Games start without me doing anything Might be a bug I just got tim…
  19. Economic and professional ches… krasnaya Dear Sir Alberto Chueca Forcen, i do not want to start a heated arg…
  20. Economic and professional ches… njuguna @AlbertoChueca any tips on how to improve on blitz?, how to improve on…
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Titled Arena 8

The 8th Lichess Titled Arena!

Minh Le wins Titled Arena 7

Previous winner Carlsen finishes 3rd

Titled Arena 7

The 7th Lichess Titled Arena!