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  1. Donation,status and goal of l… Sorin_256 @Darksouls It is international droughts, which is a partially solved g…
  2. Zion's Chess Goals GMScuzzBall What’s your background in chess?
  3. Donation,status and goal of l… Darksouls yuck a checkers post on a chess site. Programmer.. you mean copy and …
  4. Human Versus Machine - Free Bo… Darksouls so the prize is a free book which can be downloaded and viewed for fre…
  5. Invisible pieces CM Sarg0n Yeah, this crops up from time to time. I had experienced invisible bis…
  6. Please donate for the kerela f… CM Sarg0n Mods, please close the thread.
  7. Please donate for the kerela f… Oscillations When was the last time India donated to me?
  8. Clock time management feature … EvilChess Suggestions: A.1 - a human voice counting down the seconds, just li…
  9. Clock time management feature … EvilChess For proper time management, we must be aware of our clock time at all …
  10. Invisible pieces hpekristiansen I am occasionally experiencing that the black or white knights or bish…
  11. Norwood Potter - Announches "… CalculatedChess I hope I can calculate like this 1 day!
  12. Fauture Request arsenalfanrichi I was wondering whether it would be possible to request a search funct…
  13. Claim victory feature Morozov I do appreciate the feature, it is helpful and i have used it many tim…
  14. Norwood Potter - Announches "… vio7 the top players from the 19th century sure knew how to calculate. i w…
  15. noname07090 chess > checkers but it is a cool idea
  16. Norwood Potter - Announches "… Abyssinia Title should read Norwood Potter..."Announces" Mate in Nine" I though…
  17. Donation,status and goal of l… RoepStoep Hi rzenaikrzys, I'm the programmer of lidraughts, you can also find…
  18. CrushKing agree with startstek, ivanchuck will love this ;d
  19. CrushKing this is super cool thank you for making it
  20. startstek Someone must tell Ivanchuk about this new website :p
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