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  1. is lichess full of bots? chessylite i am not a bot LOL
  2. Tactics from your own games cmimo I think it would be great if we could train tactics that were created …
  3. I love playing this trap Chafing_Dish I think it IS the Légal trap.
  4. is lichess full of bots? BOT General_Yummy Why would it wroth for them to do it? It means they need more resource…
  5. is lichess full of bots? kavean93 i have realised that there are too much accounts with suspicious stati…
  6. I love playing this trap PolarCow This appears to be a spin-off of the common Légal Trap played from a P…
  7. I wish to write a book on ches… Sholmes49 is your book for the parents or for the kids ? Are you sure 5-10 year…
  8. canceled game RebeccaPawn It says that white aborted the game. In my experience, when that happe…
  9. Opening Blindnoob @Champgirl I'd like to practise the white side of it.
  10. Opening nh78 This sounds like a chinese zen master opening :-)
  11. Lichess livestreaming bullet g… FM thijscom Indeed, Twitch streamers with large audiences can not only make money …
  12. website is a bullshit whyalwaysme I would be very pleased to see you play anywhere but here since you h…
  13. website is a bullshit MasterMarg This site is a bullshit, since there's no rotation of black and white …
  14. Lichess livestreaming bullet g… GM Sodertalje whoah, thank you so much guys for such fast responses! :) ~Jacek
  15. Lichess livestreaming bullet g… nh78 Yes, earn money via ads at twitch. Thats possible.
  16. Opening Champgirl Who is interested in practising Carokan Opening ?
  17. Lichess livestreaming bullet g… nh78 But its actually not very probable even if you are the Magnus. Lichess…
  18. Lichess livestreaming bullet g… astro5 You can earn money with twitch and use lichess to get viewers.
  19. Lichess livestreaming bullet g… nh78 If you are the Magnus, maybe yes. Otherwise probably no :-)
  20. Lichess livestreaming bullet g… GM Sodertalje Hey there fellas, Does lichess offer money for livestreaming bullet…
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