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  1. very overrated laatikko Blame the players who failed to solve it.
  2. My games are 4 months behind ? Boobie2 I cant see my recent games , why ?
  3. very overrated Turkeyeng @CeremonialOath solve other tactical puzzles
  4. Chess960 - why can't I castle … InsertOctopus OK, thanks
  5. You need a Personalized Traini… SeniorPatzer I like the topic, but your username is off-putting. "I am your father…
  6. very overrated CeremonialOath i solved it but didnt get any ratings
  7. Chess960 - why can't I castle … BOT Vetinari_Computer Short castling indeed is legal there, but you have to move it as e1-h1…
  8. Ragozin, trend management and … JARANDujo You know I respect your analytical capabilities very much, but I have …
  9. Spill less drinkwares (without… Toscani Ever wondered why we accidentally splash a drink onto a table? I th…
  10. Ultrabullet And Hyperbullet Qu… Chessguy1010 SupremePatzer yes yes yes!!!!!!
  11. Ultrabullet And Hyperbullet Qu… Mate_On_f7 Yep
  12. You need a Personalized Traini… TheGreenMachine420 Sounds like a waste of time and money to me.