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  1. What is intuitive and calculat… NM MrPushwood "Intuition" is a term that tends to get bandied about in chess circles…
  2. Ruy Lopez or Italian alej01 Italian
  3. I felt behind the entire time,… NM MrPushwood Black seemed to be a good deal more exposed in the center than you wer…
  4. What is intuitive and calculat… BadChessPlayer456 I recently took a chess personality test and I don’t know what it is
  5. Why? danielBEST If it was a otb game, maybe the notation got messed up.
  6. las vegas festival -- national… travelgirl does anyone know if the national open will have live streaming?
  7. Why? NM MrPushwood Obviously some sort of shenanigans were involved.
  8. My hats off..... NM MrPushwood and don't be a scolding nag
  9. Goodbye ultrabullet! AdhvikManoj sad
  10. My hats off..... tarkonaw please don't shame @goodgamehappy @kaissa44 don't be toxic