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Puzzle of the day
Black to play
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  1. seek multiple time controls at… Morozov Maybe have a range setting, like 2 sliding buttons like the rating ra…
  2. seek multiple time controls at… GeorgeWBush Thanks
  3. How could I have played agains… Art3mistic Short answer to your question: Become a better chessplayer. I woul…
  4. How could I have played agains… lurarose Stop hanging pieces so easily would be a good start, and then when you…
  5. Jolly old Stockfish lurarose It's incorrect, but I play Qe4 for equality after about 15 seconds of …
  6. online Trainer with payment NOTFOXAnonymous Troll spotted
  7. I just won Stockfish 8 !!! Tha… doom12384 Which game?
  8. I just won Stockfish 8 !!! Tha… georgeljhvjh send me Congratulations!!!
  9. I just won Stockfish 8 !!! Tha… georgeljhvjh I just won Stockfish 8 !!! Thank you !!! :)
  10. online Trainer with payment hubabuba1234 Um ... i just gave u a link where u can find coaches lol :)
  11. Mate in 545 moves!? CM Sarg0n Yeah, it starts with Black best defense 1. ...Rd7+. In the forum threa…
  12. online Trainer with payment crazymode my phone number is 00972594255218 give me a miss call and i will call…
  13. online Trainer with payment crazymode hi, I am looking for someone who is 2400 and higher to train me online…
  14. Jolly old Stockfish Rrhyddhad I found Nh4 pretty quickly, but would have been much harder pressed to…
  15. Especial offer Reti-Gambit @NefariousKnight ure right, but its strange that he doesnt posts his…
  16. Especial offer Rrhyddhad I think I know who this is. Ironically, I messaged him on lichess abou…
  17. Especial offer jonesmh @NefariousKnight : I'm not talking about a good chess player, but a g…
  18. Jolly old Stockfish Vycm Magnificent puzzle! Took me some time to figure out.
  19. lichess studies hubabuba1234 Once you are in the study click on "Shar…
  20. How could I have played agains… reindeernm Oh shoot. I failed to pay basic attention and thought you were white. …
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