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  1. Are you politically left or ri… Purtzian Title
  2. Thanks for the chess website !… Purtzian Yep
  3. Players who wait until the las… Purtzian I'm mostly checking out how he is rated in other time controls to see …
  4. How do you create a bot accoun… Purtzian Title
  5. Have any of the world chess ch… NacktNasenWombi No, but Anand did just release one
  6. How do I solve this perfectly? Purtzian When I solve it, I only get 2 stars.…
  7. Players who wait until the las… pawnstarred Personally, I don't think it's that big of a deal. They're probably …
  8. Players who wait until the las… RubySeaTurtle I sometimes use that time to think what kind of game I want to play, i…
  9. Players who wait until the las… Letgoofmychessego Yes.
  10. Forgot what line this is in th… CM Sarg0n Pirc-mix-a-lot
  11. No draw? CM Sarg0n Why draw? You lost on time. What about this?…
  12. Practice section auto-moves fo… dboing I think there is an auto-move toggle somewhere on the page (a slider),…