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Daily Horde 1h 1
U2000 Bullet 27m 32
U1700 SuperBlitz 57m 42
Crazyhouse Blitz 57m 3
Hourly Blitz 57m 28
U1500 Blitz 57m 49
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 44
Hourly Bullet 27m 28
Hourly Rapid 1h 57m 35
Blitz Home 5+0 45m 12
wsc 5+2 Atom 2h 5
Arakhamia 7+0 45m 10
Klein 3+0 Anti 2h 13
arcadioSV 3+0 Anti 45m 4
Pereira 5+2 Horde 30m 6
Jamaica UltraBullet ¼+0 45m 11
Malakhov 7+2 1h 40m 1
SkakeS BoliviA 3+0 1h 3
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  1. Losing Wolfram_EP Nice game, still you didn't beat the opperwezen record of 15 moves sel…
  2. Best Antichess Players Wolfram_EP Lol, this is very funny. I'm afraid this thread will become like thous…
  3. Why can I not take here? lifsitch Pieces that are absolutely pinned have an attacking influence on the o…
  4. Why can I not take here? GMScuzzBall First king to die ends the game
  5. Why can I not take here? HenryFlower Because you would still be hanging your king to the rook. A piece tha…
  6. Why can I not take here? BasedBishop Why can I not play Kxg2? The …
  7. Best Antichess Players varkokonyi What's the point of this? This is what the rating system is for
  8. Where is Stockfish 9? fuxia Leela can challenge the Stockfish AI at any time. This is running on t…
  9. Best Antichess Players PolyVertiigo @Playitsmart @PepsiNGaming Cool cool, fixed :)
  10. Best Antichess Players Playitsmart He did @PolyVertiigo pls edit your post :) townes is at 18
  11. Best Antichess Players PepsiNGaming fixed it @PolyVertiigo
  12. Where is Stockfish 9? TheRightWing Please, I want to see some Stockfish 9 vs Leela... why you don't acti…
  13. Best Antichess Players PolyVertiigo -2 Dragon-Lord +1 Townes townes-paycheck - 18 Dragon-Lord - 11 F…
  14. Best Antichess Players Link -2 Dragon-Lord +1 Townes townes-paycheck - 17 Dragon-Lord - 13 Fl…
  15. Best Antichess Players townes-paycheck Joddle +1 LeMusique -2 townes-paycheck - 16 Dragon-Lord - 15 …
  16. can't join a tournament RegisLakrids don't understant why, I apply to the rules... less than 1500 elo...…
  17. Best Antichess Players Playitsmart -2 pepsingaming +1 c_O updated list: townes-paycheck - 15 Drago…
  18. Best Antichess Players PepsiNGaming Okay, before I make this post let me clear a few things up. JakeStateF…
  19. BUG Found - My Bullet is bello… jasanborn If I remember correctly your rating must be below 1700 for at least on…
  20. BUG Found - My Bullet is bello… Scala My bullet is below 1700 but I can't join the Tournament under 1700 …
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