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  1. 10 reasons to play chess! noname07090 I agree with all the reasons :)
  2. Almost a win! StevenEmily This …
  3. Nasty tricks on a IM Vycm Berserk on him rip
  4. Nasty tricks on a IM deviance Those wins are the nicest!!
  5. How To Attack + a 3 Minor Piec… aescht I think black not taking 20 ... hxg3 is like resigning instead of figh…
  6. 10 reasons to play chess! RegisLakrids @JunoCunerino totally agree, I guess we all love chess here and we c…
  7. What game are you best at? nh78 Trackmania Nations Forever. Some kind of Super Mario Kart on stereoids…
  8. Nasty tricks on a IM Iamonfire234 hay all played a IM did nasty scholars mate got punished and won on ti…
  9. What game are you best at? StevenEmily Other than chess. Mine is tetris.…
  10. Losing SirDillyMoves Lost to BadModo :)
  11. Losing vs (king + bishop) Boss_Chess Yes, it should... but only if you lose all of your pieces first. If yo…
  12. Losing vs (king + bishop) Darius_Q So i was playing in bullet (1+0) and i run out of time, but the strang…
  13. How To Attack + a 3 Minor Piec… Boss_Chess Let me know what you all think!
  14. lichess glitch Overliner Could you maybe send a screen from this? So the developer can find the…
  15. Simul OldIdiotPlayer Please join my simul!
  16. lichess glitch Iamonfire234 hello, nowdays I see this glitch on lichess web after I play a game or…
  17. Defeating a 1600 rated player … robotrock He was trying to trick you with Re8 skewer on your queen with a bishop…
  18. 10 reasons to play chess! Chillkroete77 @RegisLakrids Why could it apply to any sports? How does American Foot…
  19. Defeating a 1600 rated player … gablusky i don't understand how the opponent did not see this. Or maybe the opp…
  20. Vanishing pieces winterchess4 you are playing atomic chess, check the rules
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