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  1. Dani Srimann11 Anyone like Dani (game developer)? Milk gang
  2. Fortnite Srimann11 Does anyone play Fortnite?
  3. I dont understand this game ti… BlindfoldedNewbie The smith morra with exchange on b2 I find the two bishops very uncom…
  4. Absolutely flopped at attackin… pointlesswindows You didn't take advantage from his passive Leonardis opening. He didn'…
  5. Best Variant? - Racing Kings theresakim We all have different opinions...but I personally think it's antichess.
  6. What would be the likely effec… PepeMaster I think the idea is to forbid the move that would cause the threefold …
  7. "I'm your personal _ _ _ _ _" LittleJennyWren Nope :D
  8. Best Variant? - Racing Kings LittleJennyWren Aw, why did people downvote 1#, RK is awesome
  9. Best Variant? - Racing Kings Petrtes Nope Atomic ☢️ by far.
  10. A game with two inaccuracy and… Ben2006Tor So he went for my bishop pair which was a mistake and then I started t…