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Scotch Game Rapid 1h 57m 182
U1700 SuperBlitz 57m 284
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 324
U1500 Blitz 57m 207
Hourly Blitz 57m 214
Crazyhouse Blitz 57m 29
U2000 Bullet 27m 82
Hourly Bullet 27m 59
U2000 SuperBlitz 57m 5
U1700 Blitz 57m 1
U1500 Rapid 57m 2
Crazyhouse Bullet 27m 0
Weekly Bullet 2h 5
Carlsen 0+1 960 2h 13
Kramnik ¼+0 2h 30
taner2008 3+0 Atom 1h 40m 55
djoannid ¼+0 2h 18
Anwar Fadli 3+0 1h 30m 76
Krejcik 2+2 Anti 1h 10m 17
IamVeryHonest 0+2 Anti 1h 8
who wants pepsi ½+0 Anti 2h 4
Topper 5+0 45m 5
El mañanero 2+1 30m 8
Esgor 1+0 KotH 20m 1
Reggio ½+1 Atom 1h 1
Kasparov 7+2 30m 2
Anand 1.5+0 45m 1
ابطال الشطرنج العربي 4+0 1h 10m 2
von Kolisch 3+0 1h 10m 5
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Titled Arena 8

The 8th Lichess Titled Arena!

Minh Le wins Titled Arena 7

Previous winner Carlsen finishes 3rd

Titled Arena 7

The 7th Lichess Titled Arena!