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Black to play
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  1. tournuament GMScuzzBall Wouldn’t that be distracting?
  2. tournuament trescapas you can play with as on our tournuament!
  3. LeelaNice is useless Vempele Edit: nevermind.
  4. Import Feature Request ProgramFOX Press "f": it's the shortcut key for board flipping.
  5. Let's play Seirwan chess Nordlandia, come and play 😃
  6. LeelaNice is useless Jan-Husar thx @a_pleasant_illusion it sounds interesting, I read a little bit ab…
  7. Almost losing to BOT BadModo thekid456 you have to make it so ur king can't move, and you "checkmate" their k…
  8. LeelaNice is useless BlackSalt And what's the point of this rant? According to the description you…
  9. Almost losing to BOT BadModo BOT BadfishChess Yes it is possible to force checkmate. One strategy is too keep most …
  10. Trends in the London System: t… CM Sarg0n Well, probably not the best idea in the world but I actually the only …
  11. LeelaNice is useless a_pleasant_illusion First, Leela only learns from self-play games generated by the client …
  12. Opening tree - rebooted Miguepaulista Cool! thanks for sharing
  13. LeelaNice is useless mCoombes314 I see, but I can't imagine if it is possible for machine learning to "…
  14. Import Feature Request Prolixus_Valens Let me preface what I am going to say by stating that Lichess is amazi…
  15. Almost losing to BOT BadModo FatesWarning Incredible LOL! I love BAD MODO!
  16. Opening tree - rebooted tailuge Visualise your openings to find your weak lines (and those of your opp…
  17. *vote* witch is the top1 compl… WPhOZA9kB97Y7vNrpCkP witch needs the most skills u can vote for all variants + normal chec
  18. LeelaNice is useless Jan-Husar nevertheless it should have some variation in his playing style. stoc…
  19. Almost losing to BOT BadModo G_B_Priyangshu #2 That was nicely done.
  20. Almost losing to BOT BadModo GBA87 That looks really tricky to do @ProgramFOX
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