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  1. Compose tactics by motif nonicknamesleft Hey, is there a way to create tactic sets by motif? Thanks
  2. French Defense CM Sarg0n I mean 1.e4 e6 2.d3 followed by g3 is a very common KIA, even Fischer …
  3. French Defense Abyssinia I have been playing this line against the French defense... 1. e4...e6…
  4. Lose Your Queen: QUIT!!!! imminentD3ATH I don't mean to be vain... but if any of you drop your queen against m…
  5. Bongcloud BongcloudMasterKe2 I like your unique opening #8 @cabbageattack1 ... but I still roll…
  6. Lose Your Queen: QUIT!!!! ekopp2000 As a lower-rated player, I agree - play on. The initial frustration of…
  7. Bongcloud cabbageattack1 while the bongcloud is good... I love the cabbage attack! it's so lit!
  8. Bongcloud Water_Flame @only_tactics It said +1.3 right? Yeah... feelsgoodman
  9. Bongcloud Water_Flame Ikr Give the bongcloud its deserved credit
  10. Bongcloud AB1GN3RD Ikr I've just won two games with it. My favorite line: 1. e4 e5 …
  11. Lose Your Queen: QUIT!!!! LeonStolzz In bullet I never resign when I drop a piece, even against higher rate…
  12. Bongcloud Iamonfire234 it is ik I just won a game witj it
  13. Bongcloud SirDillyMoves Bongcloud is best
  14. Lose Your Queen: QUIT!!!! The-Chess-Death-Cult I see lower level players (up to 1700) quitting immediately once they …
  15. resing button should look like… justthere like saying i resing..
  16. BUG: Analysis Board - En passa… bufferunderrun Well, it does say "may have." Not "shall have" or "must have", "may ha…
  17. s'cape mate by mate few! Iamonfire234 look at the game can you see the tactics? ?? a ggod way to s'cape the …
  18. Chess benders. GMScuzzBall You are no match for the famous German11
  19. Chess benders. WPhOZA9kB97Y7vNrpCkP lol thats funny if i play even 10 crazyhouse in a row i start to play …
  20. Chess benders. BongcloudMasterKe2 Had no idea these marathons were called "chess benders"... :o #1 @O…
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