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  1. London system position Rise yeah Ba6 is quite strong against the london, i think nikos recommends …
  2. My post in Game Analysis RAAStar I won't be able to do this. I just know I'm gonna blow it. I'm awful w…
  3. Exemplary Games: So vs Nakamur… CM Sarg0n That‘s the King‘s Indian. White wins a rook, Black wins the King.
  4. Exemplary Games: So vs Nakamur… no_bullet_thanks These types of positions are a good example that correspondence chess …
  5. Exemplary Games: So vs Nakamur… no_bullet_thanks Yes, that is a nice slaughter. Nakamuras sacrifice orgy is pleasant to…
  6. Practice with computer issue revoof Can you give an example game/position where this is happening?
  7. Suggestion: Crazyhouse pocket … PageProtector +1 good idea
  8. Discord server; The Chess Loun… tomerari Great community :)
  9. London system position no_bullet_thanks In this game Carlsen has played Ba6 too. Not the same structure howeve…
  10. London system position ngmprdvrd Bxa6 seems fine. I would try to not play c4, and rather just c3, 0-0 a…
  11. chess lessons Stephenson The lessons are worth every penny
  12. Draw by insufficient material … ProgramFOX Draw by insufficient material is implemented. However, "insufficient m…
  13. Suggestion: Crazyhouse pocket … Fallen_Lord Currently, there are two ways to make a regular move in all chess vari…
  14. Draw by insufficient material … Lygodactylus I lost on time when opponent had only K + B. This should be a draw. I …
  15. London system position Vempele I think question is more "How to play well from this position?" than "…
  16. Exemplary Games: So vs Nakamur… Professor74 I invite you to leave some comments about this exemplary game. Wesl…
  17. Can't see russian streamers on… longedok By the way, I tried opening lichess from work today, and there were ru…
  18. London system position tomerari But you continued so I dont really get the question? Can you explain …
  19. chess lessons tomerari If they are free why not lol
  20. chess lessons azuaga Come guys, we must take advantage of these lessons at all costs
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