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Black to play
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King of the Hill Shield 6h 135
Weekly Crazyhouse 3h 101
Daily Rapid 2h 30m 550
Daily HyperBullet 1h 199
Italian Game SuperBlitz 57m 115
U2000 Blitz 57m 206
U1700 Rapid 57m 102
U1500 Bullet 27m 57
Hourly Blitz 57m 174
Daily Chess960 1h 30m 1
Daily UltraBullet 1h 2
Pawnda III 7+2 2h 31
DENSURKA 0+2 Atom 1h 50m 43
Taylor 3+2 960 1h 19
Tarjan 3+1 2h 9
europrofesional ¾+0 Anti 1h 20m 23
thegeor 1+0 45m 9
ultra rated forever ¼+0 45m 14
van den Berg 3+1 1h 10m 15
Kagan2004 5+2 45m 9
960 5+0 960 2h 8
Taylor 3+0 45m 6
U-chess area 1+0 Atom 30m 10
Boleslavsky 3+0 1h 10m 8
Sozin 3+2 1h 20m 3
Mason 3+2 1h 10m 4
Rudenko 3+0 1h 10m 1
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  1. I suck ! Rebse Hi, you're welcome. Most of us have been there before and know the up…
  2. I suck ! Oxytocinblb Hi It all takes time and practice to reach your potential. I am gui…
  3. My greatest victory so far! Proba123 Thanks guys.
  4. My variation in the London sys… FunnyAnimatorJimTV @Volibear47 That line looks interesting but I recommend playing 3.Nc3 …
  5. Tournament Etiquette CM Sarg0n No serial draw offers.
  6. Fried liver attack - what do I… Paulcarrero f6 is horrible, don't listen to that. I explained the variant in th…
  7. I got owned!!!! suspicious.... General-Advance Well, that told me. Guess he was cheating then.
  8. My greatest victory so far! tomerari wow good game.
  9. I got owned!!!! suspicious.... tomerari He already got banned from rated games, but I have to say his moves ar…
  10. My greatest victory so far! tpr Well played.
  11. I suck ! tpr You play too fast. Take time to think. At the very end you had 1.20 of…
  12. Tournament Etiquette FredtheCrusher Do not tell your opponent you should have won if you lost
  13. Tournament Etiquette Ghiaccioloscacchi Do not speak to high voice if someone is still playing. Using all time…
  14. My greatest victory so far! Proba123 This is the highest rated opponent I ever won in chess! Enjoy. htt…
  15. Fried liver attack - what do I… tpr 3...f6 is very bad: does not develop, blocks square f6 for Ng8 and wea…
  16. I got owned!!!! suspicious.... KasparovFan123 If you are thinking that castling queenside and allowing your kingside…
  17. Spectating Chat [Suggestion] xXJrHoLLoWeDXx Hmm, a feature like this could make the chat more messy, so I think it…
  18. I got owned!!!! suspicious.... thomas547 Well the move time is a pretty good hint though, spending exactly the …
  19. Spectating Chat [Suggestion] Chaskar In the Lichess 45/45 league you usually have a few people looking at e…
  20. I got owned!!!! suspicious.... General-Advance Looks fine to me, I don't think they were cheating that is. Just my o…
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Minh Le wins Titled Arena 7

Previous winner Carlsen finishes 3rd

Titled Arena 7

The 7th Lichess Titled Arena!

7-piece Syzygy tablebases are complete

Use the world's first free 7-piece tablebase on Lichess!