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Black to play
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U2000 Blitz 57m 190
U1700 Classical 57m 141
U1500 SuperBlitz 57m 52
Hourly Blitz 57m 160
Crazyhouse HyperBullet 27m 0
Hourly Bullet 27m 2
Weekly Atomic 3h 4
Daily Classical 2h 30m 7
World Cup 2017 Day Final G2 4h 10
Geller ½+0 2h 38
tomek-adamala 5+0 2h 13
Atomic Super Blitz 3+0 Atom 2h 28
Flo ¼+2 Anti 2h 17
Grischuk 7+2 KotH 2h 9
Nemet ½+2 1h 10m 16
Caro-Kann Defence 7+0 1h 7
skywalker08 5+0 Crazy 45m 7
ReuLet ¼+0 50m 26
Botterill 5+0 45m 3
MANBECK 2+0 30m 2
ManiZ01 3+2 1h 30m 2
Persian 1+0 45m 3
Hungarian Opening ½+0 2h 1
gabi1970 1.5+0 KotH 1h 10m 1
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  2. Study Saver ilovesonyaaaaaa Just kidding, I found the favorite studies section.
  3. Study Saver ilovesonyaaaaaa Just wondering is there an option to save your favorite studies? I can…
  4. So my opponent played this odd… Jacob531 @savagechess2k That is fully playable. I thought that the GSV was th…
  5. So my opponent played this odd… savagechess2k Great Snake is 1.c4 g6 and fully playable.
  6. So my opponent played this odd… pawner85729 as an amateur I would say his approach is very messy and you have cont…
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  8. Sandbagging Francesco_Super @savagechess2k Nope
  9. Is cheating hysteria damaging … Catastrov I agree with bookoffourmoves.
  10. Is cheating hysteria damaging … CM Sarg0n If people only knew how sophisticated the anti-cheating measures work.…
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  14. Is cheating hysteria damaging … Baysage Computer engines are not "new." That depends on your point of view, I …
  15. Is cheating hysteria damaging … mdinnerspace Bookoffourmoves concludes with: "So I think that the hysteria around c…
  16. Two Knights Defence Imperfect … Jacob531 As a side note, I think that the checkmate qualifies as a "pure" check…
  17. Giuoco Piano 2200 vs 2400 game Klip98 One small thing I have to disagree with - in the giuoco piano, it's no…
  18. So my opponent played this odd… Jacob531 I think lichess called it the G…
  19. Is cheating hysteria damaging … mdinnerspace No doubt the "hysteria" gets blown out of proportion by the uneducated…
  20. You Refuse to Play - You Are b… Lil_Puppet Li'l Puppet's tenet: You refuse to play, you are blocked. If you aren…
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