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FV Variants World Cup TEAM

This is the official team for the Variants World Cup. The Variants World Cup is a large tournament whose purpose is to identify the best chess variants player in the world; while some people may be good at one particular variant, this tournament hopes to identify the best overall chess variants player. There will be individual variants sections, of course, but again, the purpose of this tournament is to declare the overall variants expert of the world.
Location: Messier 31

Forum (70)

  1. Berserking lecw

    If you want a proper WC with better play, keep zerking out. If you want a fun event, let the faster players grab their +30% points. I think luck has more to do with streaks, whereas berserking is

  2. Antichess Standings FischyVishy

    Here are the standings for the antichess portion of the FVVWC:

  3. Atomic Standings FischyVishy

    Here are the standings for the atomic portion of the FVVWC:

  4. Berserking FischyVishy

    So @onubense has raised a very important issue that I have considered before the tournament, but am giving due consideration now: berserking seems to favor the faster, luckier player rather than the b

  5. Atomic Streaming JaakkoT


  6. Atomic Streaming ijh

    I'm glad I could do something besides ask you a million questions about the event. :)

  7. Atomic Streaming FischyVishy

    Thanks to @ijh @ijh-broadcast and @programfox for streaming the atomic portion of the FVVWC! will cover the night events. will cover the aft

  8. FVVWC Overall Standings FischyVishy

    Updated. peng has a narrow lead over Feeg!

  9. Crazyhouse Standings FischyVishy

    Here are the standings for the crazyhouse portion of the FVVWC:

  10. FVVWC Overall Standings DaXon

    ok i seen dreamyDIno before i playd him

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