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This is the official team for the Variants World Cup. The Variants World Cup is a large tournament whose purpose is to identify the best chess variants player in the world; while some people may be good at one particular variant, this tournament hopes to identify the best overall chess variants player. There will be individual variants sections, of course, but again, the purpose of this tournament is to declare the overall variants expert of the world.
Location: Messier 31


magnus carlsen арена Team Battle10+0 • Rapid • Rated • 6h5 teams battle
chempions ligue Team Battle2+0 • Three-check • Rated • 3h10 teams battle
Petrosian Team Battle2+0 • Three-check • Rated • 3h10 teams battle
Mika Chess Club Team Battle2+0 • Bullet • Rated • 45m10 teams battle
Fight For Your Right Team Battle3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 3h10 teams battle


Long live King YosephFischyVishy •

Indeed, long live king Yoseph. Thanks for the early post, FVvariants, but the standings had to be done in accord with this thread:

Yoseph Wins the 2nd FVVWC!PepsiNGaming •

Congratulations yoseph 1760 is impressive.

Yoseph Wins the 2nd FVVWC!finlip •

Congratulations to all the winners. Such a shame that I couldn't play any game this year.

Yoseph Wins the 2nd FVVWC!FischyVishy •

Congratulations to yoseph for winning the 2nd FVVWC! He was the only player to score in all variants and, in fact, he's a new player to the variants scene on lichess :)! Also congratulations to toi

No CheatersFischyVishy •

Henceforth, all players who have had a history of cheating, boosting, cheated games, etc., will be banned from the FVVWC as well as any future tournaments organized / sponsored by me. There may be exc

Long live King YosephIM toivok •

Who is third?

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