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FV Variants World Cup TEAM

This is the official team for the Variants World Cup. The Variants World Cup is a large tournament whose purpose is to identify the best chess variants player in the world; while some people may be good at one particular variant, this tournament hopes to identify the best overall chess variants player. There will be individual variants sections, of course, but again, the purpose of this tournament is to declare the overall variants expert of the world.
Location: Messier 31

Forum (164)

  1. Tiebreak Rules FM toivok

    But Arka is very strong so I am happy with this result but ofc I tried to win

  2. Tiebreak Rules FM toivok

    Yes ofc

  3. Tiebreak Rules FischyVishy

    No, it means that if you were to tie Arka today 5-5, you wouldn't have to play an extra two games since this is a 3-way tiebreak, so you stop and we calculate the top 2 scorers based on their match po

  4. Tiebreak Rules FM toivok

    What does that mean. Does it just mean it starts again the tiebreak

  5. Tiebreak Rules FischyVishy

    Note in case it wasn't clear: If 3 or more players tie, the tiebreak matches won't have any tiebreaks (fixed at 10 games each).

  6. Tiebreak Rules FM toivok

    nice ok

  7. Tiebreak Rules FischyVishy

    @toivok Yes

  8. Tiebreak Rules FM toivok

    So if I win tomorrow I then have match vs yoseph have I understood correctly

  9. Tiebreak Rules GM Arka50

    CURRENT SCORES: Yoseph 5.5-4.5 Arka Yoseph 4.5-5.5 Toivok (3 checks tiebreaks) Arka50-Toivok will be on December 3, 19 GMT

  10. Tiebreak Rules FM toivok

    what if 5-5 draws

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