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Chessercise TEAM

Tournament points: 2,287

Team leader: FactionMaster

Best players

  1. chess-brahs
  2. Oguz-5500
  3. whokilled
  4. Francesco_Super

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sharing puzzle and play together
Location: Malaysia,Shah Alam

Forum (4)

  1. test FactionMaster

    <iframe width="310" scrolling="no" height="341" frameborder="0" src=" gdailytactics.php?mylang=en&mysize=32"></iframe>

  2. Puzzle #2 FactionMaster

  3. Puzzle #1 FactionMaster

  4. Chessercise forum lichess

    Welcome to the Chessercise forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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