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GM penguingim1 fan club TEAM

Join if you like him. We will try to make this group have lots of points. But we also need lots of players. Anybody can join. We really want you to! IM penguingim1 is one of the best chess players. That is a fact for the rest of chess history. 🐧🐧🐧🐧
Anybody is allowed but cheaters and trollers and time burners. If you join, I can kick you out of the team if you are bad. I bet that will not happen, but I will if I need to. I am sry
Location: United States

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  1. Peng's a boss!!! Mid-Knight

    He will definitely do well in

  2. Argh Almost!!! DefeatChampion88

    I almost defeated FastHandededdie (2400) twice!! He had 00005-6 seconds left!!

  3. Peng's a boss!!! DefeatChampion88

    He is the current #1 for a lot of variants, bullet and ultrabullet . Congrats Peng!

  4. Vakeesh simul discussion Vakeesh

    I have created a simul and I wish you all to participate in my simul.

  5. Asian Games 2018 rfw

    Unfortunately no chess at Asian Games 2018, so let's make our own tourney :)

  6. What is the stangest opening? GuillemBagur

    What is the strangest opening in the world?

  7. Who is the best Lichess player? sp1234

    In ultra, it is penguin

  8. Who is the best Lichess player? Deuce314

    In bullet The best player is carlsen

  9. Who is the best Lichess player? FM Sssamatppap

    Hello! I would like to advertise a new idea about the Lichess, so I'd like to ask you to check this post and write your opinion. You are a great player, so I hope you will like my suggestion. Thank

  10. U. S. Open Chess Championship forward11

    very strong!

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