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GM penguingim1 fan club TEAM

Join if you like him. We will try to make this group have lots of points. But we also need lots of players. Anybody can join. We really want you to! IM penguingim1 is one of the best chess players. That is a fact for the rest of chess history. 🐧🐧🐧🐧
Anybody is allowed but cheaters and trollers and time burners. If you join, I can kick you out of the team if you are bad. I bet that will not happen, but I will if I need to. I am sry
Location: United States

Forum (597)

  1. reminder about the marathon MMichael

    24h hyper tournament! Thanks Fischy for organizing it.

  2. reminder about the marathon IM opperwezen

  3. PRO Chess League AfuroZamurai

    Okay, not that I want to talk too much about other chess sites but as Andrew scored a massive 3.5/4 against some really decent oppositions in round 1 of the PRO Chess League, I can't resist. A draw ag

  4. top 2 best game nikitasa


  5. top 2 best game nikitasa

  6. 10 best profil nikitasa http

  7. marthon 2017 nikitasa

    hey new thema marthon 2017 hey ALL for game ALL

  8. Charlotte GM Norm Tournament MMichael

    @penguingim1 Good luck @NoJoke Thank you for trying

  9. Charlotte GM Norm Tournament NoJoke

    @V1chess I spoke with the owner of the Charlotte Chess Center and the games will NOT be broadcast on unfortunately. (Or anywhere else if I understood correctly) Sorry guys, I

  10. Charlotte GM Norm Tournament JaakkoT

    Go peng!!! :D

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