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  1. ChessCash Prize Blitz Tournament Series michuk

    I would like to announce that we will begin a blitz tournament series with ChessCash prize money donated by Chess Club Live. First Prize - 6,400 chesscash coins 2nd Prize 3,200 chesscash coins

  2. Please answer this question Hitarth7

    What do I ave to do in this team??? Please tell me. Regards.

  3. Welcome to our Team Shiwen

    Thanks for the welcome!

  4. Chess Club Live Team and now what? Shiwen

    I don't know what the point of this club either...maybe someone could answer?

  5. Please log Shiwen

    what is sahistii chess?

  6. Hello / Tourney invite Shiwen

    oh too bad I didn't have an account, this tournament looked really strong!

  7. Hello / Tourney invite SupernaturalI

    Hello my chess friend! I invited you to play our tourney today. For now, this is the high - rated players list ; IM Andrew Tang 2478 IM Givon Asaf 2470 IM Ufuk Sezen 2400 FM Deniz Özen 235

  8. Global Chess Club Live League nernacs

    Please count me in.

  9. Global Chess Club Live League michuk

    Join us today:)

  10. Global Chess Club Live League michuk

    This is the Chess Club Live country based league. Where chess players from around the world play each other in a perpetual league based on their country of origin or preference.

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