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103 members

Francesco_Super's Team TEAM

This group is for players who love playing chess and want to improve their skills :)

We can all help each other to get better because we are a nice and friendly community!! :)
Location: Lichess!!

Forum (212)

  1. FunnyAnimatorJimTV's great studies Francesco_Super

    Thanks! :) Good luck! I'm sure you will improve even more to become a strong master! :)

  2. FunnyAnimatorJimTV's great studies fjachess

    :) :)

  3. FunnyAnimatorJimTV's great studies FunnyAnimatorJimTV

    Aw, that's very, very thoughtful of you to say, @Francesco_Super! Your studies are really great as well and you were the person who introduced me to them in the first place! :) I'm still an amateur

  4. FunnyAnimatorJimTV's great studies Francesco_Super

    I encourage everyone to take a look at @FunnyAnimatorJimTV studies, they contain very detailed and clear explanations about almost all openings!! If you want to improve your chess, take a look at t

  5. Italy vs Sweden 0-0 Tactics_Master_01

    yeah, what a shame. Buffon didn't deserve to end his international career in this way

  6. Italy vs Sweden 0-0 Luciano_the_best

    What a shame!! Ventura is a disaster! This is all his fault!!

  7. Italy vs Sweden 0-0 Francesco_Super

    Italy will not play the World Cup... because of our unskillful manager who doesn't even know how to coach. Congrats to Sweden for qualifying

  8. Craziest games! Francesco_Super

    @Opabinia2401 Cool! I don't really know how to play antichess, but I believe that in theory that was a drawn position right? :) @FunnyAnimatorJimTV Well played, it was a super attacking game!! :)

  9. Craziest games! FunnyAnimatorJimTV

    Epic game, opposite sides castling- 150 Attack in Pirc Defense- Itried to open up the kingside and black was fighting for counterplay- it was epic! I won on time and had

  10. Craziest games! Opabinia2401

    I Know this is a variant (you didn't say anything about not including variants), but it is my craziest game

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