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122 members

Francesco_Super's Team TEAM

This group is for players who love playing chess and want to improve their skills :)

We organise tournaments, discuss and analyse games, share our thoughts and much more!

Everyone is welcome to join!
Location: Lichess!!

Forum (244)

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo - Welcome to JUVENTUS Luciano_the_best

    haha nice video!

  2. Cristiano Ronaldo - Welcome to JUVENTUS Francesco_Super

    Welcome to Juventus, Cristiano! :P

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo - Welcome to JUVENTUS Francesco_Super

    Cristiano Ronaldo will probably sign for Juventus FC very soon! Check out my video in which I showcase some of Ronaldo's best skills and goals! Let's go, JUVE! :)

  4. Endgames laschet_jain

    Yeah, I couldn't find any video either that's why uploaded one.

  5. Endgames rhudors

    thx !!! :) I thought there was a video on this but couldnt find any !! :)

  6. Endgames laschet_jain

    @rhudors I've devised a solution with the help of stockfish. First three moves are important (I don't have any solid explanation for that, but will share if I find out). Rest can easily be deduced (T

  7. Endgames rhudors

    @Francesco_Super ahahah yes ! it's like all endings : you need to memorize them ! :D Too bad : for a lot of endings, they put a video link but not for this one ! I guess the point is : the blac

  8. Endgames Francesco_Super

    @rhudors I can't find the solution either, it's very complicated :)

  9. Endgames rhudors Can someone check this out and find a solution ? White to win ! I spent countles minutes (!!) and could find the right path to vi

  10. Great chess commentary Francesco_Super

    This video made by IM Andras is very instructive! He analyzed some games of a player and his analysis and comments are very useful! A big thanks to @FunnyAnimatorJimTV for suggesting this! ht

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