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132 members

Francesco_Super's Team TEAM

This group is for players who love playing chess and want to improve their skills :)

We organise tournaments, discuss and analyse games, share our thoughts and much more!

Everyone is welcome to join!
Location: Lichess!!

Forum (265)

  1. NEVER type this on GOOGLE TRANSLATE! Francesco_Super

    Hey guys, new video on my channel! Is Google a member of the Illuminati? Watch the video to find out ;)

  2. How my studies finish #1 on Trending! [VIDEO] raphdel2007

    lol at one moment, u was on my Study Openings :D

  3. NEW VIDEO: how to prevent the FISHING POLE trap! Francesco_Super

    This is how to prevent the Fishing pole trap!! Please like, comment and subscribe!

  4. How my studies finish #1 on Trending! [VIDEO] Francesco_Super

    @FunnyAnimatorJimTV Thank you very much, I hope the video is useful!! :))

  5. How my studies finish #1 on Trending! [VIDEO] FunnyAnimatorJimTV

    @Francesco_Super Awesome! I'll watch the video! :D Your Sicilian Defense study is the 2nd most popular study of all time so I'm sure the video and tips will be very effective! :D

  6. How my studies finish #1 on Trending! [VIDEO] Francesco_Super

    Hey guys! I just published a video giving my tips and advice on how to make a study become popular!! Please take a look and let me know if you found the video useful!

  7. Attention Please! Alihene2

    Everyone on lichess knows that 1st of August is coming up very soon and to celebrate it, I've created an Ultrabullet tournament that is starting on the 1st of August, 18:00. Everyone is welcome to joi

  8. Please like my study! Alihene2

    Here I have a study that I created. The variant is crazyhouse and the starting position is crazy. Please like and if we get 50 likes, I'll follow every single

  9. Cristiano Ronaldo - Welcome to JUVENTUS Luciano_the_best

    haha nice video!

  10. Cristiano Ronaldo - Welcome to JUVENTUS Francesco_Super

    Welcome to Juventus, Cristiano! :P

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