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78 members

Chess Federation TEAM

A cool team !
Pour tous les fans !
Location: World

Forum (27)

  1. Talk about me Quynhmit123


  2. World Cup Lichess Chess3054

    Hi all, I said that, in order to launch the World Cup, I need answers!

  3. Talk about me Chess3054

    But may be too (and many people) I use translation sites, as there is no harm in that!

  4. Talk about me Quynhmit123

    I need Google to translate your speech :D

  5. Talk about me Quynhmit123

    Yeah :)

  6. World Cup Lichess Chess3054

    For the "World Cup" can begin, there must be at least 10 votes, so I count on you to vote!

  7. Talk about me Chess3054

    Do not worry, I too am no English (and probably even more than you!)!

  8. Talk about me Quynhmit123

    Because I very stupid in English :D

  9. Talk about me Chess3054

    Why ignore you?

  10. Talk about me Quynhmit123

    I can't speak English well so I want to you overlook me. Thank you very much!! Quynhmit

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