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  1. study and problems systemedelondres

    Hello, I created a small basis of study and problems. I would like you to comment on my creations. you will find them in "systemedelondres study" in "learn" then in "study". thank you in advance

  2. Talk about me Quynhmit123


  3. World Cup Lichess Chess3054

    Hi all, I said that, in order to launch the World Cup, I need answers!

  4. Talk about me Chess3054

    But may be too (and many people) I use translation sites, as there is no harm in that!

  5. Talk about me Quynhmit123

    I need Google to translate your speech :D

  6. Talk about me Quynhmit123

    Yeah :)

  7. World Cup Lichess Chess3054

    For the "World Cup" can begin, there must be at least 10 votes, so I count on you to vote!

  8. Talk about me Chess3054

    Do not worry, I too am no English (and probably even more than you!)!

  9. Talk about me Quynhmit123

    Because I very stupid in English :D

  10. Talk about me Chess3054

    Why ignore you?

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