Lichess coaches

WIM terbecun Lichess coach picture

WIM Julianna Terbe

learn from an olympic player

LocationBUDAPEST Hungary
LanguagesMagyar, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 23152646
Hourly rate30 €
IM Sparklehorse Lichess coach picture

IM William Paschall

Learn chess from a proven professional ! 25 years experience

LocationBudapest Ukraine
LanguagesMagyar, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 2312
Hourly rate50$/hour lessons 25$/hour training games
CM HGabor Lichess coach picture

CM Gabor Horvath

Professional coach offering chess lessons

LocationSzentlőrinc Hungary
LanguagesMagyar, English (US), Deutsch
RatingFIDE: 224523682351
Hourly rate32 EUR
FM vrencianLehel Lichess coach picture

FM Lehel Vrencian

I will guide you on the unique journey that chess has to offer.

LocationBrasov Romania
LanguagesMagyar, Română, Deutsch
RatingFIDE: 22962453
Hourly rateFlexible
FM Kimster98 Lichess coach picture

FM András Dankházi

“Play the opening like a book, the middlegame like a magician, and the endgame like a machine” (Spielmann)

Location Hungary
LanguagesMagyar, English (US), Deutsch
Hourly ratenegotiable
FM marci_chess Lichess coach picture

FM Márton Urhegyi

“Every chess master was once a beginner.” – Irving Chernev, One of my main goals is to show you how amazing and beautiful this game is!

LocationBudapest Hungary
LanguagesMagyar, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 230025782427
Hourly rateNegotiable
CM ebzoli Lichess coach picture

CM Zoltán Béla Éberth

Let chess to be your passion!

LocationMezőkövesd Earth
LanguagesMagyar, English (US), Deutsch
RatingFIDE: 2210213923072046
Hourly rateThe first lesson is a free knowledge level assessment, then I will give you a unique offer for the course up to the next milestone.
GM Davidoparty Lichess coach picture

GM David Berczes

Quality over Quantity!

LocationBudapest Hungary
LanguagesMagyar, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 24522711
Hourly rate$60-75
WGM cukus Lichess coach picture

WGM Petra Papp

Personal training plan.

Locationszeged Hungary
RatingFIDE: 23332391
GM AgileSloth Lichess coach picture

GM Peter Prohaszka

"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it" - Thomas Jefferson

Location Hungary
LanguagesMagyar, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 258127992053