Lichess coaches

FM JosePadeiro Lichess coach picture

FM José Padeiro

Chess is life!

LocationPorto Portugal
LanguagesPortuguês, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 2216224523602448
Hourly rate20 to 30 euros per hour (depending on the player's strength)
IM HelloItsDmitri Lichess coach picture

IM André Sousa

As a chess coach/player for +8/16 years, I know the struggles one can have to improve. Lets learn together!

LocationPortugal Portugal
LanguagesEnglish (US), Português (BR)
RatingFIDE: 243229062686
Hourly rate35 euro/h
FM Zorbos Lichess coach picture

FM José Santos

Understanding the game is much more important than memorizing openings or theory. That is what I'll teach you

LocationLisboa Portugal
LanguagesPortuguês, Español
RatingFIDE: 2428266925322043
Hourly rate25€ / 40 USD- 1h.
NM Biofritz Lichess coach picture

NM Rui Guimarães

It is better to be lost in the passion than to loose the passion

LocationMatosinhos, Portugal Portugal
LanguagesPortuguês, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 22022139
Hourly rate20/h
CM Ogre-da-Brandoa Lichess coach picture

CM Paulo Fanha

Become an endgame expert and learn how to shock your opponents with carefully tailored opening surprises!

LocationPortugal Portugal
LanguagesPortuguês, English (US)
Hourly rateNegotiable.