Lichess coaches

NM SebisSeba Lichess coach picture

NM Sebastian Korman

I am a National Master from Finland. I can help you to understand chess deeper and improve your skills systemically, fast and effectively.

Location Finland
LanguagesEnglish (US), Suomen kieli
RatingFIDE: 2221
Hourly rate25 €
IM HeiLeh Lichess coach picture

IM Heikki Lehtinen

Individually planned chess learning programs for children from a qualified (math) teacher. Possibility to learn math and English together with chess!

LocationMacau Finland
RatingFIDE: 23892462
Hourly rate50USD
FM BillieJoe Lichess coach picture

FM Jari Järvenpää

I help you to build up positional style! That is the most crucial basis of improvement. With 2500 rapid rating I am also a good opponent to play with!

LocationTampere Finland
LanguagesSuomen kieli, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 226521692334256924561940
Hourly rate20 euros per an hour. Also an offer of 50 euros for 3 hours. Please ask lessons, the fee might get up later!
NM Oliver04 Lichess coach picture

NM Oliver Wartiovaara

Play harmonious chess!

LocationHelsinki Finland
LanguagesSuomen kieli, English (US), Svenska, русский язык
RatingFIDE: 226425002501
Hourly rate35€ for 1h 300€ for 10h 1000€ for 40h
IM wannabe2700 Lichess coach picture

IM vilka sipilä

3.Nxf7 best by test

Location Finland
LanguagesSuomen kieli, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 240227322579
Hourly rate15 euros or 25 euros depending if I need to prepare beforehand. Old students can still use the older price.
IM Karttunen Lichess coach picture

IM Mika Karttunen

No compromises! I will teach the style of a winner. Welcome to join the winner’s team! I am also available for training games (with or without analysis).

LocationTampere Finland
LanguagesSuomen kieli
RatingFIDE: 249625012611
Hourly rateIt depends on the chosen coach programme. Send me a message with in details about your goals and purposes, and I will make an offer for you.