Lichess coaches

GM elshan1985 Lichess coach picture

GM Elshan Moradiabadi

A curious chess coach with a customized method. A great deal of emphasize on middle game and endgame. My expertise is at helping players who are stuck at a certain level

LocationNorth Carolina United States
Languagesفارسی, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 25212825268123562226
Hourly rate110$/hr - two vacancies at this point
GM HomayooonT Lichess coach picture

GM Homayoon Toufighi

Good ideas makes Good moves!

LocationAntalya Turkey
LanguagesEnglish (US), فارسی
RatingFIDE: 24402962264724842508
Hourly rate40$
FM Mar_12_Mar Lichess coach picture

FM Mehrdad Sedaghati

"Hard work may not always result in success, but it will never result in regret."

Location Iran
Languagesفارسی, English (US)
Hourly rate20$ for lessons 15$ for training games
CM MrKooshaJ Lichess coach picture

CM Koosha Jaferian

I can help you to accelerate your progress!

LocationToronto, Ontario Canada
LanguagesEnglish (US), فارسی
RatingFIDE: 224228282664262023382302
Hourly rate$50 USD (65 CAD) for lessons and $40 USD (50 CAD) for training games with analysis
FM A_H_Kashefi Lichess coach picture

FM amirhosein kashefi

Reach the top level of chess with us

Locationtehran Iran
Languagesفارسی, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 230325122354263321502224
Hourly rate1h class 20$ 1h game training 10$
GM lanchester1 Lichess coach picture

GM Asghar Golizadeh

Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step

LocationTabriz Iran
LanguagesEnglish (US), Türkçe, Azərbaycanca, فارسی
Hourly rateContact me for more info
FM Iran_Chess_Trainer Lichess coach picture

FM Mehdi MahdaviRad

Enhancing the quality of your games & increase your rating

LocationTehran Iran
RatingFIDE: 2212
Hourly rate50$ per one hour lesson & analyze or 30$ per one hour play games...(i accept CryptoCurrency like as USDT)
GM Fighterman91 Lichess coach picture

GM pouria Darini

Believing in Yourself is the Secret to Success !

LocationKerman Iran
Languagesفارسی, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 24392846268320892288
GM show-time Lichess coach picture

GM morteza mahjoob zardast

Grandmaster And Fide Seniour Trainer

Locationtehran Iran
LanguagesEnglish (US), فارسی
RatingFIDE: 254625532621
Hourly ratecontact me with to way: or whatsApp Number: 00989355757755
IM darkness_24 Lichess coach picture

IM Arman Hakemi

Chess is for great personalities You have to experience failure thousands of times to taste the joy of becoming a champion

LocationTehran Iran
LanguagesEnglish (US), فارسی
RatingFIDE: 24632816
Hourly rate30$ US per hour,10 hours-250$. payment is via cryptocurrency message me on skype (Arman Hakemi) for details