Lichess coaches

WGM GABS1S Lichess coach picture

WGM Gabriela Antova

Let's learn together!

LocationSt. Louis, MO United States
LanguagesEnglish (US), български език
RatingFIDE: 2302233823992383
Hourly rateDM me
GM Martin_Petrov Lichess coach picture

GM Martin Petrov

Interested in improving? Let's do it together!

Location Bulgaria
LanguagesEnglish (US), български език
Hourly rateMessage me
GM PArnaudov Lichess coach picture

GM Petar Arnaudov

"Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it."

LocationLuxembourg Bulgaria
LanguagesEnglish (US), български език, русский язык, Français
RatingFIDE: 247825092568
Hourly rate1h - 90$, 1.30h - 120$
IM Milchone Lichess coach picture

IM Nikolay Milchev

Never give up !

LocationEngland United Kingdom
LanguagesEnglish (US), български език
RatingFIDE: 24182449
Hourly rate30$
GM GrandmasterThinking Lichess coach picture

GM Davorin Kuljasevic

With dedication and persistence, improvement is inevitable.

LocationPlovdiv Bulgaria
LanguagesEnglish (US), Hrvatski, български език
RatingFIDE: 2539
Hourly rate$120/hr ; Prepaid block discounts are possible
IM SilentAndCalm Lichess coach picture

IM Spas Kozhuharov

Hello I am IM Spas Kozhuharov and I am eager to share my knowledge with anyone who wants to improve his game. Leave me a message here or use

LocationPlovdiv Bulgaria
Languagesбългарски език, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 242225762583
Hourly rateflexible rate. just message me.
IM TigerLilov Lichess coach picture

IM Valeri Lilov

The best personalized chess training

LocationVarna Bulgaria
Languagesбългарски език, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 24382715263821002010
Hourly rate1 hour lesson + FREE personalized training program ($59)
GM SalgadoChess Lichess coach picture

GM Ivan Salgado Lopez

El talento está sobrevalorado. Con trabajo metódico y consistente, se pueden alcanzar grandes metas.

LanguagesEspañol, English (US), български език, Galego
RatingFIDE: 26082792
Hourly rateContactar por privado
GM I_Enchev Lichess coach picture

GM Ivajlo Enchev

I am ready to help everyone who wants to improve his chess skills.

LocationRazgrad Bulgaria
Languagesбългарски език
RatingFIDE: 249325282560
Hourly rate1h=50$, 10h=450$
GM Tilicheev_Viacheslav Lichess coach picture

GM Viacheslav Tilicheev

Looking for students who are willing to professionally improve their chess skills.

LocationPlovdiv Serbia
Languagesбългарски език, русский язык
RatingFIDE: 248728022701
Hourly rate45 €