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FM Nicholas Van Der Nat

My passion is helping chess players of all levels improve and establish a path to improvement

Location United States
LanguagesEnglish (US)
RatingFIDE: 2362
Hourly rate$60 per hour. Contact for bulk booking discounts. Accepting applications for June
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

I have been coaching for more than 20 years. I am a Fide Master and Fide Trainer.

I have trained players of all levels right up to GM. With players winning national titles and continental championships.

My specific skill set is helping players focus and establishing their thought process, and building a focused plan of improvement. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced player I can help you improve. I will assess your level and be able to build a specific training program around you goals and needs.

Playing experience

I am a Fide Master. I have won open events in the USA, won my national title 3 times and many other open tournaments. My peak uscf rating is 2476 and peak FIDE of 2367.
1st San Diego Open 2013
1st SA Closed 2000
1st SA Closed 2005
1st SA Closed 2009

Teaching experience

My biggest passion is helping players improve and establish a path for improvement, with a structured training program built around the players goals and skill level.
Fide Trainer

Other experiences

I have a background as exercise specialist. I believe that one should try to be a well rounded person with a healthy mind, body and soul. The principals are proper exercise training program is similar to that of a chess training program. A time lines, goals and measurable tests to check progress.

Best skills

I believe in assessing a players skill set and setting up a proper focused training program around the players goals and needs. Its important that the goals of a player are matched to the time available and the needs of the players.

Teaching methodology

I use the Socratic Method of teaching focusing on the player being able to use their skills in a game situation.
The beauty of chess is that all answers are in front of you the key is asking the right questions.

Public studies

AmazingAtlas R & P endgame study

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  1. Rook + rook's pawn - Example 23
  2. Chapter 2 The Knight pawn
  3. Chapter 3 The Bishop pawn
  4. Chapter 4 the Philidor position
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amazingatlas's K and pawn endgame study

25 • FM amazingatlas •
  1. Chapter 1 Converting an extra pawn in a King and pawn ending
  2. Chapter 2 the magic of the 6th rank
  3. Chapter 28
  4. Chapter 3 The problem of the Rook Pawn
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amazingatlas's Sicilian Dragon model games and ideas

6 • FM amazingatlas •
  1. Introduction to the Sicilian Dragon
  2. Sicilian Dragon
  3. Minic, D. - Lee, P.
  4. Koval, D. - Berman, G.
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