Lichess coaches

NM ThalesBond Lichess coach picture

NM Thales Bond Dias Ferreira

Ensino você a se apaixonar pelo xadrez!

LocationLinhares, Espirito Santo Brazil
RatingFIDE: 2085220322812500
Hourly rateR$ 55,00
IM DeepRabbit Lichess coach picture

IM Luís Henrique Coelho

Guaranteed improvement through a personalized training program performed by an extremely dedicated coach!

LocationBrasília-DF Brazil
Languagesespañol, Português
RatingFIDE: 2401265625502570
Hourly rate32 USD, which includes homework material & continuous support in-between lessons
NM Gonzaga22 Lichess coach picture

NM Gabriel Gonzaga Garcia

"Chess is thirty to forty percent psychology. You don't have this when you play a computer. I can't confuse it!" Polgar, Judit

LocationGoias Brazil
LanguagesPortuguês, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 219924742442
Hourly rate$20,00 an hour or $15,00 explained game
CM zorro81 Lichess coach picture

CM Kleber Zimmermann

"A persistência é uma das virtudes dos campeões" - Aulas de xadrez para iniciantes.

LocationChapecó - SC Brazil
RatingFIDE: 20092166
Hourly rateR$ 50,00 a hora - U$ 10 an hour
IM Satsanga Lichess coach picture

IM Christian Toth

Improve your game through chess principles, basic study and self knowledge.

LocationRio de Janeiro Brazil
LanguagesPortuguês, English (US), español
RatingFIDE: 235423072416
Hourly rateIf you are a cool person we make a deal ;-)
CM guillan Lichess coach picture

CM Dalson Holanda

'The greatest art of the chess player is not allowing his opponent to show what he can do' Gary Kasparov

LocationCaruaru -PE Brazil
LanguagesEnglish (US), español, Português
RatingFIDE: 2060202321512273
Hourly rate10 USD per classes (60 - 75 minutes)
GM coachraven Lichess coach picture

GM Raven Sturt

Better Chess comes from Better Thinking

LocationCuritiba Brazil
LanguagesEnglish (US), Português
RatingFIDE: 25012618261925132203
Hourly rate$50 aulas em portugues, $100 an hour for classes in english, training games $80 an hour.
IM Limp2020 Lichess coach picture

IM Eduardo Limp

Aulas práticas de finais

LocationRio de Janeiro Brazil
RatingFIDE: 2366
Hourly rateSetenta e cinco reais por hora/aula.
NM vfsr Lichess coach picture

NM Vitor Firmo de Souza Rocha

“Nobody ever won a chess game by resigning.” – Savielly Tartakower.

LocationNatal/RN Brazil
LanguagesPortuguês, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 2176
Hourly rate$12 USD (US dollar) per hour, 60 R$ (Brazilian real) por hora.
NM kinggizzard Lichess coach picture

NM Daniel Brandão Mariani

Todo mestre foi iniciante um dia | Every master was once a beginner

Location Brazil
LanguagesEnglish (US), Português
RatingFIDE: 19922269222323142107
Hourly rateR$ 70/encontro (1 hora) - $15 per meeting (1 hour)