Lichess coaches

GM Dr-CRO Lichess coach picture

GM Sasa Martinovic

Chess engines can show you the best moves, but I can teach you how to find such moves by yourself

LocationZadar Croatia
LanguagesEnglish (US), Deutsch, Hrvatski
RatingFIDE: 25652902295524612328
Hourly rate1h=60€; 10h=500€; Training games= 40 €/h; I am also available for group lessons. If you are interested, contact me
GM Ratkovic_Miloje Lichess coach picture

GM Miloje Ratkovic

“Practice even what seems impossible. The left hand is useless at almost everything, for lack of practice. But it guides the reins better than the right. From practice.”​

LocationBelgrade Serbia
LanguagesEnglish (US), Српски језик, Bosanski, Hrvatski
RatingFIDE: 24892861
Hourly rate1 hour= 95 USD, 10 hours= 800 USD
FM mizant83 Lichess coach picture

FM Aleksandar Randjelovic

An excellent choice for beginners! (More then 20 years of teaching experience!)

LocationNis Serbia
LanguagesEnglish (US), Српски језик, Hrvatski, Bosanski
RatingFIDE: 2314
Hourly rate$39
IM Frutek Lichess coach picture

IM Julijan Plenca

Where Queens and Kings are made:

LocationHamburg, Germany Croatia
LanguagesDeutsch, English (US), Hrvatski
RatingFIDE: 245126702587
Hourly ratePreise ohne Mwst. 1h = 45€ 4h=150€ 8h= 280€
GM Davor_Rogic Lichess coach picture

GM Davor Rogic

Coaching on human way and teaching how to play classical chess.

Location Croatia
LanguagesEnglish (US), Hrvatski
RatingFIDE: 241225682461
Hourly rate40€/1 hour; 350€/10 hours Email:
IM buki23 Lichess coach picture

IM Vladimir Bukal

FIDE Trainer since 2007

LocationZagreb Croatia
LanguagesEnglish (US), Italiano, Hrvatski
RatingFIDE: 2356207724021937
Hourly rate30€/1 hour;
FM andro2 Lichess coach picture

FM Andrija Obad

"Chess is a struggle with yourself" (GM Gligoric). Truth! You have to UNDERSTAND! Not just learn the moves. WORK HARD! LEARN! Have FUN while improving. I can help you.

LocationTuzla Bosnia-Herzegovina
LanguagesEnglish (US), Bosanski, Hrvatski, Српски језик
Hourly ratePrices are flexible. Discounts are available for lesson packages. Please feel free to contact me for more information.
GM Sailor1951 Lichess coach picture

GM Ante Saric

I have more then 20 years of coaching experience

LocationSplit Croatia
LanguagesHrvatski, Español
RatingFIDE: 251427662696
Hourly rate45 euros, 40 euros if You take minimum 5 hours 5 hours=200 eur , Training games=35 euros per hour
FM Fleetwood_Mac Lichess coach picture

FM Lovro Čupić

Accepting new students

LocationZagreb Croatia
LanguagesHrvatski, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 22722495256825932009
Hourly rate25€
WIM Ena_Cvitan Lichess coach picture

WIM Ena Cvitan

Let's improve your chess level together :)

LocationRijeka Croatia
LanguagesHrvatski, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 22992426
Hourly rate30e, training games 20e