Lichess coaches

FM elsas Lichess coach picture

FM Sahebali Atanejhad

!Evaluate your position!

LocationAnkara Turkiye
Languagesفارسی, Türkçe, Azərbaycanca
RatingFIDE: 2003228824642356
Hourly rateContact me on whatsapp +905010166079
GM FakeBruceLee Lichess coach picture

GM Zaur Mammadov

I am Grand Master Zaur Mammadov from Azerbaijan. I have been a professional chess coach since 2013.

Location Azerbaijan
Languagesрусский язык, Türkçe, Azərbaycanca, English (US)
Hourly rate40 Euro
FM ABARMOTT Lichess coach picture

FM Niyazi Naghdiyev

Remember who you wanted to be - Be who you want to be!

LocationMoscow Russia
LanguagesEnglish (US), русский язык, Azərbaycanca, Türkçe
RatingFIDE: 230026152552
Hourly rate25$/h, 2500руб/час
GM CEMILGMCHESS Lichess coach picture

GM Cemil Aghamaliyev

No one is ever born a master. Achieving this title takes years of hard work, struggle, happiness and grief! Paul Keres (Grandmaster)

LocationGrandmaster,Fide Senior Trainer,Turkish National Team Coach Turkiye
LanguagesTürkçe, Azərbaycanca, English (US), русский язык
Hourly rateAt least 1 hour
GM EltajSafarli Lichess coach picture

GM Eltaj Safarli

I believe the most important in chess training is to analyze your own games. I can help you to find the weaknesses in your play and eliminate them. Openings A00-E99

LocationBaku Azerbaijan
LanguagesEnglish (US), русский язык, Türkçe, Azərbaycanca
RatingFIDE: 269429672725
Hourly rate1 hour = $70, 10 hours = $600, 40 hours = $2000
WFM chess_is_wonder Lichess coach picture

WFM Nasrin Babayeva

Don't hesitate to work and improve with me!

LocationNakhchivan Azerbaijan
LanguagesTürkçe, English (US), Azərbaycanca
RatingFIDE: 211020012031
Hourly rate20$/Contact me here or email me:
IM RzayevBahruz Lichess coach picture

IM Bahruz Rzayev

Satranç tahtası, insan zihninin spor salonudur. The chessboard is the gymnasium of the human mind.

LocationAntalya Turkiye
LanguagesTürkçe, Azərbaycanca
RatingFIDE: 2333265126482664
Hourly rate40 € / 1.5 hours
GM Abik02 Lichess coach picture

GM Abdulla Gadimbayli

Learn Calculation,Positsional chess and practice

LocationBaku Azerbaijan
LanguagesTürkçe, Azərbaycanca, English (US)
RatingFIDE: 2524306429062593
Hourly rate40$ per hour,Training games 30$
FM eksponat777 Lichess coach picture

FM Kanan Hajiyev

Improve your level without hesitation

Location Azerbaijan
LanguagesEnglish (US), русский язык, Čeština, Azərbaycanca
Hourly rate$25 per hour
GM MahammadMuradli2003 Lichess coach picture

GM Mahammad Muradli

I will try my best to be useful for your improvement!

LocationBaku Azerbaijan
LanguagesEnglish (US), Türkçe, Azərbaycanca
RatingFIDE: 255030622751284723892449
Hourly rateContact me via inbox or email: