Why politics on Lichess?

@Annoying_Knight When a cheater thrusts themselves into the limelight by sparking a heated discussion, obviously they're going to get banned.

@Fiddler_On_The_Rook Oh, how dramatic. If the mods were really on a power trip they would have deleted the discussion and silenced all opposition to the displayed link/ad or whatever you want to call it.

Regardless Lichess is an ad-free, open platform and has remained so for all of its existence. A single link promoting change in the world due to a looming existential crisis will not change the philosophies of the entire dev/mod team, nor the philosophies of the website as a whole. Instead be thankful that you can play chess for free and uninterrupted, because without Lichess there very well may have not been such a website. Instead of groaning and griping about a single link you can hit the 'X' on and never see again on a website that has zero ads (a rare thing on the internet nowadays) why not do something productive with your time? At the very least focus on improving your chess game, or take initiative and voice your political concerns where it matters, not on a chess website.

To everyone-

The moderators of Lichess haven't taken a political stance, but a scientific one. Anyone who declines climate change and its impacts on the planet is an enemy to science. Why bother complaining about a link to a social/political movement that brings that issue to light? Even if it's politics, and you believe it should stay separate from chess, all you have to do is hit an X button and all your problems are solved. One promotional link isn't going to be the downfall of this website. Thinking so is an insult to the hard work and virtues of the developers and moderators of this excellent website.

Anyways that's enough ranting. Let's place some chess!

Things are changing, and they do it on different timescales.

Some things are changing fast enough that everyone learns already as a child that they are not constant.

Other things change so slowly, that we can regard them with full right as really constant.

And then there are things that change on such a timescale, that people might think for several generations that they are constants of nature. If one of these things changes, panic arises and many people suddenly agree to renounce on many of their rights. Fundamentalistic pied pipers try to make use of it and start to demand basic changes which can easily lead to a totalitarian society.

I'm disappointed that lichess fall for this trap and are roped into the fundametalists cause.

Long live Greta!! Why are we even listening to cheaters on this thread? Ban cheaters from posting in forums. Thank you lichess.

Whoever believes a kid is invited to the most exclusive gatherings on the planet by the most powerful people just to tell them they are a bunch of criminals 'cause they're "killing the planet" and "stealing our future", should go back to school and start over.

Open your eyes, people...

P.S.: this thread is a clear demonstration that chess has nothing to do with I.Q. ... or, alternatively, that I.Q. might be related to chess skills while being totally unrelated to intellectual prowess.

If thibault says: „Pardon, rien ne va plus.“ lichess will be closed forever within seconds.

So, what‘s all the fuzz all about?

Greta Thunberg is just a poor mentally sick child who unwillingly got pushed into politics.

@Sarg0n The fuzz is about being free or not. I'd rather pay with money than was political engagement. But nothing is really free, isn't it ? Not even lichess it seems, so long at it pop up me with content not related to chess.
The list of "great cause" that need a good advertisment, this list just doesn't end. Violence against Women, research about HIV and cancer, War in Yemen, Global hunger, etc. I'm here to play chess, not relieve my conscience. If there is something to pay, just give me the bill and spare me the lecture.
This ad is a door wide open to anything else, not related to chess. So, I cannot recommend Lichess anymore.