Why politics on Lichess?

Even if lichess isn't getting paid for it, it is still promoting something. It will only be a small step below ads. And since it isn't an ad, adblockers don't even work on it.

Read #57 on page 6. Very good reasons why lichess shouldn't be doing this B.S.

The person that started this forum got banned for using "computer assistance." Seems pretty suspicious to me. Please don't ban me for saying this lichess because both canadians and americans and pretty much most of the developed countries in the world have freedom of speach.

Power trip? More like js86 started a fire and got caught in the flames.

Lol. #343 making arguments about it NOT being an ad, while whining about all the new "ads" on lichess.

So does the community have *any* say in future advertisements, agendas, or politics? Or, is it solely thibault's choice what to push?

As I said, it is only a little below an ad, because it is still promoting something. This is my point, not saying it is not an ad. Don't try to argue against something if you can't even get the meaning of it right. #348

Honestly I couldn't care less about politics or if the whole world is on fire right now (just an example), if I come to lichess it's to play chess for sure. I'm very displeased with the ad and I hope it never happens again. It's a very striking ad because you have to click the X to get rid of it and the color makes a huge contrast.

Edit: Maybe ad isn't the best word, but point still stands. It's not related to chess in the slightest and it IS politics despite being somewhat related to science. I wouldn't mind if it was just an off-topic link in a blog post or something like that, but this is a bit too much.

This thread is making me realise which side the real special snowflakes are :^)

Honestly whoever owns this site, they can do what they like with it.

If we tax carbon emissions, the price of aluminium ( :^) ) will skyrocket; no wonder these people are pissed ;)