Why politics on Lichess?

Regardless of where one stands on this issue, I see a link has been added to Greta Thunberg's climate change demonstrations on Lichess' homepage.
The reason I and many others come to this site to play chess is to get away from all the daily noise, media, propaganda, etc. I don't think political messages or calls-to action are either relevant or appropriate for a chess platform.

Lol. Greta Thunberg isn't a scientist.

Lol. But the IPCC that she references the reports of is full of scientists.

The hard science of the climate changing due to carbon emissions is science, activism on what to do about it is definitely politics and I'd rather it not leak into one of my favorite outlets for entertainment. Not to mention the science of climate change is also completely irrelevant to chess either way.

There's a good case to be made that school strikes will absolutely change nothing concerning climate change. There's also a good case to be made as to why children shouldn't be used for political goals. Then again, some people believe activism is the way to solve everything. Why not put up anti-war messages - after all, people are dying.

This is a political issue that has no place on this site.

Don't click on it if you are so committed to ignoring what we are doing to the planet, it's not that hard. But your crying about politics is silly, it is arbitrary to call this politics. Lichess' expressed commitment to providing a free, open-sourced chess platform could equally be seen as some sort of anti-capitalist political statement, if you are so inclined. Do you whine about that one?

Be warned, though, that climate change is making the planet uninhabitable for humans whether you choose to click on the link or not.

@Chuck_Fess Chill, man. I'm not at all committed to ignoring climate change, but I'm perfectly entitled to ignore related activism that exacerbates the apocalyptic fearmongering which you so aptly exhibit.

This is not about clicking or not clicking. This is about the integrity of this website we all love and not seeing it soiled by the same madness of crowds which spills over into everything these days.

I don't like the politics of someone complaining about what's posted on a webpage. FSU!

Lichess is a free (really), libre, **no-ads**, open source chess server.

Nice one, Mr. Thibault. Abandoning your values in favour of a hysterical "movement" sponsored by George Soros.