Why politics on Lichess?

Lichess can do whatever it wants. No need to complain on the best (and free!!!) online chess site.

The sad thing is that even some chess players cant calculate the consequences of climate change and dont see that much has to be changed on our planet = in our lifes.

@testaccount42 "I did mean that cutting down on anything in the name of the climate is crazy."

Ahm, ok... I might say something on the contrary, that it is actally very reasonable to take care of the climate and try to minimize the awaiting enivronmental crisis that can destroy our, and our children's and grandchildren's lives.

"Parts of the market are free in a mixed market system so claiming me saying "free market solutions" means I think there's no regulation is obtuse. The plastic thing is an example of a problem that has to be solved with a free market solution. Regulating plastic usage is obscene and horrible."

So you are saying
1. free market solution doesn't mean "no regulation"
2. plastic thing has to be solved with free market solution
3. plastic usage should not be regulated

How is this not contradictory?

Also, if for you "free markets" is only partially free, then you're using words arbitrarily. Why one kind of economical action should be allowed and others not? Why some restraints are ok and others not? How do justifications for these connect with freedom of the market? Why call it free if it's not even supposed to be completely free but only to a degree and in a sense you want it to be free?

"Make a better material that does the job better if you want to help the environment."

Otherwise, let's get our children and grandchildren killed by environmental crisis? If you're not a chemical engineer that can figure out a better alternative to plastic, then say yes to environmental crisis?

"The only purpose of government should be to prevent the restriction of individual freedoms."

And as you know, "restriction of individual freedoms" is very difficult to define comprehensively. Anything you do can be seen restricting other people's freedoms. I could say that you're restricting other people's freedoms by promoting environmental crisis that will destroy their life, so the government should prevent you somehow.

The government is solving the problems in the sphere of the social. Preventing social problems from becoming actual is solving social problems. Making people to cooperate is solving social problems.

Why politics on Lichess? For the formal expression of opinion and the action in solving a global problem.
As chess players, we need to focus of loyalty and service.

Is Lichess in a form of an oligarch? Do you think oligarchies are controlling this organization?
Are the chess pieces not in a form of monarchy?
If we look back at history, ... chess, politics and the military seem to have done things together.

Nothing is hidden in chess and because of that, we can find the optimal solution to a problem.
Global warming seems to have more hidden factors, and is full of surprises. Image the climate change as the chess variant Bughouse, where you don't know what could happen next. If a chessbot is able to play this type of game, then maybe it can be reprogrammed to solve the climate change problem.

The climate change problem is similar to a chess problem. The quality of our skills will determine the optimal solution.
Can someone reprogram a chess computer to propose an optimal solution for this global problem of climate change?

I don't see how this is a problem at all. Politics? Advertisement? Sure, but ignoring it is perhaps the easiest thing you'll do all day. It literally takes one click and you'll likely never see that banner ever again.

For people who love calling anyone who disagrees with them "triggered SJWS snowflake brain-dead liberals", you guys get offended over shockingly minor things.

@Toscani "Nothing is hidden in chess and because of that, we can find the optimal solution to a problem." In politics everything is hidden.

While arguments about climate change and FFF movement is interesting for me, What I think we really need to make some consensus here is that whether continuing to show the green banner is appropriate or not.

Discussing climate change doesn't answer the question no matter what opinion you have because it's a different problem. Unless thibault put it to make people debate on the subject here to decide the winner, but obviously there will be no winner.

What I want to put emphasis on is that the major risk of severely tearing this great chess community apart. I know this controversial decision is based on some deep thoughts, but still it looks underestimating the possible impact for me.

lichess should be primarily dedicated for chess. You can have any kind of opinions but you should make the best effort to not cause unnecessary conflicts and not expose the community in danger in order to make sure that all people in this site can enjoy and have the best experience here. It may sound exaggerating but actually quite a lot of good relationships and communities have been irreversibly damaged this way.

So, at the end I personally don't recommend doing it again next Friday, but it's all up to you lichess staffs.


Why do you think Lichess can do whatever it wants?

I don't think so. Lichess is running on donated money. Money that is donated to support Lichess' single official purpose, and that is "to promote and encourage the teaching and practice of chess and its variants." And nothing else.

If Lichess' officially stated purpose were "to promote and encourage the teaching and practice of chess and its variants and to promote Greta Thunberg and FFF " things would be different.

But Lichess has collected all its funds for one purpose only:"to promote and encourage the teaching and practice of chess and its variants"

Lichess, in my view, is bound to do what it has stated when it collected all the money from other people. And nothing else.

Lichess must not support checkers, bridge or poker.
Lichess must not support the local soccer league.
Lichess must not support the french car industry or british cheese manufacturers.
Lichess must not support Trump for president, or Clinton or LePen or Sarkozy.
Lichess must not support FFF.


Well, lichess is doing what it wants to do. You decide how to deal with it.

Go ahead, thibault!

Putting gratuitous political messages in a chess website is cringeworthy and patronizing.