Why politics on Lichess?

The end is near.

If people leave only because of this special banner - good riddance!

Are people truly saying that the figures and facts Greta talks about are all wrong? I thought she was merely referring to calculations backed up by the clear majority of the scientific community o_O
The message is untrue because one of the messengers is a teenager?

@testaccount42 First, your solution to the threatening epidemy would be crazy. There would be way easier solutions to prevent the epidemy than an end to all cities. Nobody said we must be crazy. Facing the facts is not being crazy, but reasonable. Once you have reasonably faced the facts, you can try to find reasonable solutions, such as eg. cutting down traveling to affected areas and taking care of hygiene.

Second, the hypothesis of free markets as solving everything fails because (a) they exist nowhere, have never existed and will never exist (you have myriads of laws and regulations on what and how to produce and sell - it's illegal to produce crystal meth, sell plutonium to kids, to hire a contract killer, you know, no free market at all, why should the government allow the destruction of environment for the sake of economic freedom?)

and (b) because social or socially created problems tend to need social solutions, i.e. cooperation, and sometimes you need enforcement to get people to cooperate, because you need to create trust between people so all won't turn up free-riders and criminals.

Genuinely can't believe the fuss over this one.

The only people objecting to it are the ones who want to gag anyone who holds a different opinion to them.
To me,that indicates that they know their position is untenable and will not stand up under scrutiny.

@laatikko Cutting down on anything is the definition of crazy. I didn't say absolutely free market, you are being obtuse. Just in general, less regulation is good whenever possible. For example, cutting down on regulations for building nuclear power plants would be a better solution than taxing people and telling them what they can buy. Also, social problems are not the government's responsibility unless the government is the cause of the social problem through bad regulation which is the case most of the time.

@testaccount42 "Cutting down on anything is the definition of crazy"? Obviously you didn't mean this, so what did you mean?

" you are being obtuse"- no, you said "free market" and I showed there's no such thing, hence the usage of the term you're proposing is vague and unclear, and hense to propose it as a solution to a concrete problem is nonsense.

"social problems are not the government's responsibility unless the government is the cause of the social problem through bad regulation" -- and what is the regulation for if not for solving social problems?
What is the government for if not to solve social problems?

Is there a way to remove the ads in lichess? Specifically, if you become a paying member, do the banners go away?

@elrond no there isn't. They advertise on their donations page that the site will not have any ads, ever. There is also a page which shows the differences between those who donate and those who do not. Both say there will be no ads. This simply isn't true. This website is horridly duplicitous.