Why politics on Lichess?

@laatikko: Elvis isn't dead. Everyone knows he's fighting mummies in a nursing home with JFK.

"What is the proof that humans have this superpower to control their own nature that other animals do not? How do we know we are actually self-aware? Maybe our image of ourselves is completely wrong, there is no objective description of humans against which to test it."

@Chuck_Fess , post 522, you discovered that all this noise about science was a joke. From the start, it's a political question ; the rest is full of wind.

Science = knowledge, theory, prevision, problem resolution
Politic = action related, what you have to, or not have to do

It's pure ideology from the very beginning.

I didn't say that climate change wasn't a fact. Climate change is conclusion of the IPCC (, hard to go against it without going against rationnality itself + I had proof of it in my very hands in 2004 (oxygen isotope from a North pole Ice core sample).
But to mix things up in order to avoid the true question, and turn a neutral thing into a political media or tool, that's what I call "Ideology". Not climate change.

Climate change is not man made. For climate change to be man-made backradiation has to be real. Backradiation is impossible in practice. What we should be focusing on is, instead of feeding money to various organizations that talk little and pocket the rest, is funding real solutions for the issues that are forthcoming. We know what the issues will be, there is no reason to face them unprepared. However, as long as the climate alarmists waste that money by piggybacking leftist policies on climate change, it is indeed better to do nothing about it.

Yall people sure seem really mad about this. Good lord, the whining.

@thibault Thank you and the whole team for the hundreds of hours of enjoyment that Lichess has provided to me. Don't let the loud minority get to you.

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