Why politics on Lichess?

"How dare you? You have stolen my dreams in my childhood with your empty words" I thoght lichess is ad free..... how dare you?

I mean sure I don't have any money in lichess, but I think I ought leave... climate change, what a joke haha

Has anyone mentioned "Hitler" yet?
If not, let me be the first!
I invoke Godwin's law (on myself).
This thread is now officially dead.

And everyone who disagrees with me, most definitely must be a Nazi.

imagine leaving a chess site because you don't believe in climate change

just imagine

I think I figured it out. Lichess came up with a top secret plan to cleanse the sight of all the petty whiney hinnies in order to maintain it's integrity, so only the clear minded and independent users would remain thus continuing to be the best chess site there is in the uniweb. Clever. Very clever indeed.

@The_Illumined I'm just hoping they do it again so we can get narrow-minded idiots like you out of here. Farewell and good riddance.

Politics is on lichess because we have something called "freedom of speech." Now, certain overly active senior citizens such as Bernie "Goddamit I feel the Burn now in my chest!!" Sanders might try to replace freedom of speech with Kabbalistic jibberish, but for the rest of us, politics remains something not to be feared but rather to be shared and debated in public "OFF TOPIC" forums. If you can't play chess, then stay off the chess board. If you can't argue politics, then don't complain about others who can!


Overall, I think lichess has done a good job with their cheat policies and I agree with most of what you said. However, I don't see any reason to ever investigate people specifically because of what they posted on the forums, which was admitted in this case. Mods even went as far as saying if the guy had just stayed quiet he probably wouldn't have gotten caught. I don't personally think the site is flat out corrupt, but do want to stress the point that the view of the site being unbiased regarding cheating is everything. If that is compromised then people will leave, and adding politics to an unbiased atmosphere is very dangerous. At the very least here, becuase of how the mods handled this people now know they can cheat and avoid detection.

For me, this climate change stuff is beyond being unsavory, it has potential to compromise the integrity of the chess.