Why politics on Lichess?

@laatikko That's a funny example since it actually correlates well. In 1900, disease spread was a ticking timebomb. The flu of 1917 was bad, and with how fast society was clumping together in cities and population was increasing a full-on epidemic on the level of the black plague was imminent.

Now, imagine if scientists had come out stating the problem and then a bunch of politicians and crazy activists called for an end to cities and a large tax on anyone who lived in too compact of an area.

If they had gotten their way in this scenario the market would've been hurt since it wouldn't be allowed to grow naturally, people would have a lower standard of living, and freedoms of where people could live would be limited. All for the breakthrough of vaccines to fix the issue a few decades after. Needless government oversight isn't going to fix this problem faster than free market solutions and technological advancement.

Isn't being gratis, ad-free, open-source and all this "crap" a political stance in a world that only cares about profit?

But that was ok cause you don't like paying for stuff, even though you don't understand what's up with it all, like you apparently don't understand what's up with the climate.

However, I also thought at first it looked suspicious with a clickable thing down there all of a sudden.

Hey @testaccount42, did you have a chance to look at my lengthy reply regarding your concerns about the cheater mark for the OP (#305)?

I would be grateful to hear your thoughts on my interpretation of events and whether this has affected your impression.

As you have spoken at length on the topic, it would be fair to subscribers to this topic to address the matter once more.

I would say to all the haters: if you don't like Greta: Just go to other chess sites!

it really helps if the power that charges my device I am playing lichess on is sourced from renewable energy... i hope the transition is fast enough such that when I am typing this, I am not producing extra greenhouse gases from coal or methane but the wind, solar, gravity, wave, green hydrogen fuel cell, or electricity stored in the battery from thunders from yesterday storm did all the hardwork

this is not political, this is our earth. any engineers to solve this problem ASAP?

It is very very sad that lichess misuses tens of thousands of people by showing political ads now.