Why politics on Lichess?

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(Man, we really need a sarcastic grin smiley here...)

It “could be any of them” implies they are at least somewhat close to equally likely explanations, but that is clearly not the case. Why don’t you suggest he was banned by a magical fairy from Mars? You can’t prove he wasn’t. “It could be any of them!”

Greta indicates a new lower bar on the predictable decline of sanity among climate alarmists. Climate alarmists are subject to an unavoidable brain drain as smarter people first, then less smart, gradually discover the epic mistake of worry that some science institutions continue to make on the subject.

Lol, this is strange timing. I’m having a huge project on climate change in school and one of in one of my sources, there was an ad for Greta Thunberg. And now there’s an ad for that on lichess too!

This discussion would benefit from not going into the argument whether Greta has a point or not, to the fact that lichess is not the right place for that. There are countless of issues everyday that one could support (ab)using players of lichess. Keep the politics to the douchebags living off our taxes, and lichess for the chess players. There's a forum for everything, but this place here is clearly dedicated to chess.

Seconded. Kindly keep that bullshit as far from chess as possible.

Actually, normally one doesn't hear very much of thibault & team, but that's something which is of utter importance (for him, for us all).

Politics is one thing, surviving the other.

Thanks, thibault. Keep up everything! Feel free, you are the Big Kahoona here in this place.

@TitaniusAnglesmith You and I are not part of the decision to share this link, and whether you consider Lichess "to be the right place for it" is irrelevant to anyone but yourself. You're not in a position to tell the people running the site what they can do, what they want to do, or anything else along those lines. You can only react to the decision they make.

I agree that the Swedish girl is irrelevant to the discussion going on. I don't know why she is suddenly the personification of this decades-long issue that already gets tons of attention. But nevertheless, Thibault and/or whomever else at Lichess decided to do this, as is their prerogative, and the whiners in this thread are acting this way despite it not doing any harm to them. That's what the conversation here is about.

I assume they will have guessed ahead of time that there would be some people who had their fragile sensitivities disrupted, and chose to leave the site. They still went ahead and did it.

@Chuck_Fess I never said I would like to dictate to the owners and operators of lichess what to post on their site. I am all in favor of ownership, and please do whatever "you" want to here. But I am (still) free to utter my opinion about it.

People, like me, are not "whining" but, maybe, see this banner as yet another disturbing indication of indoctrination of our youth (or people of all ages less equipped with their tools of critical thinking). Truth today is, unfortunately, more often determined by who shouts the loudest or repeats their beliefs more often. Yes, politicians will react to that if lots of people march on the streets, some of them motivated by banners like this, but then its just that: a reaction to the mob. Even though that mob may just be the result of propaganda, not the "truth", or any scientific foundation.

"I never said I would like to dictate to the owners and operators of lichess what to post on their site."

Well on one hand there is Thibault, the founder of the site, doing something; on the other, there is you, saying that thing is not the "right" way for the site to be run. You said Lichess was abusing users by sharing this link. You said it "clearly" goes against the spirit of the site. But Thibault disagrees with you. Of the two, whose opinion on the right thing to do is more meaningful?

Yes, you're whining.