Why politics on Lichess?

@js86 : "...politics..."

Because life is political?

Furthermore I consider that Donald Trump must be impeached as soon as possible.

@Makropoulos Well, since you want him impeached I guess we have to do it. And since you want a bunch of regulations under the pretense of helping the climate I guess we have to do it.. Or everyone could vote to elect politicians and live with the result, but something tells me you wouldn't like that.

Lichess is about chess and open source software for me. Please remove NOW politics masqueraded as science from this site (or remove "science" if you don't agree with the term politics). I have donated a few times in the past to keep this site going but if this issue is not resolved i will stop these donations and search for a different chess site.

So many seems to moan in here like silly naive spoiled little kids about this, its human cause that concern us all human beings if you are one of course ! now you can simply join or ignore it totally up to you none is putting a gun between your eyes to do so! a little pop up banner for a human cause and everyone went crazy sitting in your arrogant stupid bubble on your lazy ass and flexing your keyboard muscles bashing lichess concerns and contribution trying to make the world a better place, " awww im so stressed out about this , i open lichess today and there was a popup banner for a worldwide human cause omg ewwww i didnt believe my eyes i passed away and called my doctor awww im having a high blood pressure now where is my med awww how can lichess do this mewooooo awww "
shut the f*** up and drop your poisoning narcissism , be grateful that there are people out there who actually still care about us , be grateful that lichess trying to raise awareness of the importance of bringing people together. if you dont want to contribute thats fine but dont come in here with your negative perfectionist attitude trying to bring this human act down. that being said, me and all KATG members are honored to support lichess in this matter with everything we have.
lichess is our sweet home and lichess team is our family and family support each others no matter what.

""Kool And The Gang "

@kazamaza Not going to lie, I couldn't read all of that because it was written poorly, but I got your idea and have a question for you. What's your stance on nuclear power?

Of course it has to do with "politics" !

Here in Germany ther will be taxes on CO2 everybody has to pay soon! ( "to safe the clima" ). The politicians can be very happy about Greta here in Germany.

Je viens sur Lichess pour jouer et apprendre les échecs, pas pour recevoir la propagande des mondialistes et leur marionnette Greta
Je trouve très déplacé de voir un site d'échecs encourager les jeunes a sécher les cours le vendredi
Vraiment déçu de LICHESS!!!
La politique sur LICHESS = Aucun don de ma part

So, it has come to pass, and much sooner than anticipated.

It appears I have been BLOCKED from playing on lichess. I can't play games, nor join tournaments anymore. All for raising a legitimate issue civilly, which many users seem to be in complete agreement with. The textbook definition of hysteria and authoritarian rule.

After almost 14,000 games on this once wonderful website, I guess it's time to say goodbye. How quickly it has gone from 'standing up for a cause' to blocking anyone who disagrees. Thanks for those who had my back. I guess somebody had to take a bullet to stand up for this issue.

Be well,

So did you purposely decide to cheat now so you could play the martyr, or have you always been a cheater and it is just a hilarious coincidence that you were caught right now?