Why politics on Lichess?

@Makropoulos How about you stop following fake news and stick to your own countrys problems.

This marching shit is out of line. & Link doesnt go away, I dont keep browser history.


this is NOT the place for it.

i rather march for the freedom of this website than support that bullshit propaganda

KEEP LICHESS, LICHESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this isnt li-politics chess!

@js86 See, this is why lichess shouldn't pull this crap, it effects more than a lot think. Now no one can tell if this guy was actually banned for using the computer or if it was for his beliefs since it is such a coincidence after 14k games he would be banned today. Should've stayed out of politics because now we have questions on if the site is even impartial about chess.

I am pretty confident I know whether he was banned for cheating or for whining. He was banned for cheating.

Doesn’t really matter though, does it? Now that the site is forever it ruined, Lichess has done him a favor.

It is difficult to deal with these climate activists/idiots because their religion leaves no space for different views and opinions. They are going to invade like zombies in every place (even lichess) to advertise themselves as "nice" people that fight for a good cause. So seems that is lost because site owners seems that share similar ideas.

The person who presumably made the decision to share the link, Thibault, has said nothing about it. He has made no attempt to force people to look at it. He has used his position as founder of a popular web site to share something he thinks is important. This is not something he has done before, to my knowledge, and I doubt it would happen very often again.

Disagree with it if you want, but your insistence on this religious zealotry metaphor says far more about you than it does about the admins of the site.

@Chuck_Fess You don't know though and neither does anyone else. Before today, I had zero reason to think chess would ban people for their beliefs, after today it is not zero anymore. The image of this site has now been objectively hurt regarding how it handles chess because of the climate activism. They are not separate things in a vacuum since now the site has 2 agendas. This was a bad move.

@Chuck_Fess It's always easier to paint everyone with the same brush and just call them zombies than it is to take into account that such movements are a diverse and complex social structure.

ik find it disgusting that @js86, who started this discussion in the most civil manner, should be banned for it. I don't believe this to be coincidence and furthermore it wouldn't have happened without this banner. Even if it helps the climate, it ruïnes the atmosphere on lichess with trolls like Chuck emerging from nowhere.

Fine but the reason that belief is not zero anymore is because of things you are making up in your head and not anything real. Other people can’t be accountable for the voices in your head.

If you think the timing is suspicious, then the most likely explanation is what I said: He predicted earlier in the thread that he would be made into a martyr, and he decided to cheat now to make it come true.

No you’re right, Lichess banning this one person out of all the voices here because of this conversation that they could close down and delete at any time but don’t is definitely more likely.

It’s not the most ridiculous conspiracy theory I’ve seen referenced in this discussion, so I’ll give you that at least.

@Chuck_Fess He played 14k games without ever cheating, then suddenly the same day he opposes them on the climate he gets banned? He either started cheating today to embarass lichess, lichess banned him for his views, or the cheat detection system is a farse based too heavily on how many reports a user gets in a short period of time (which this thread would increase if people reported in bad faith).

I don't know which it is, it could be any of them. The point is that lichess is not coming out looking like a better place to play chess. The reputation of this site on cheating is its identity, if it loses that it fails. By putting up this climate bs they messed with their best quality. This issue was entirely avoidable by staying out of the politics. If this becomes the norm then the site will struggle.