Why politics on Lichess?

This site servers use aprox. 210 kwh a day right (correct me plz) ? Just because thibault wanted us to play chess online he ruïned childrens futures and devastated entire eco systems. ;). Now he wants to make ammends this way?!

This really has nothing to do here. At least not on the starting page as a popup banner.

The posts is fine where its at.

Guess what? No one is forcing anyone to post in this forum so don't complain about the fact that it's here. Overreactions are a given. Some people have to squawk at everything maybe I'm one of them but chill your calm dudes.

Lmao dayum. Weez got a fire all up in here. Keep throwing wood on it.

@bunyip you are one of my favorite characters on lichess I'm just catching up on everything but I have to ask you, in your first post you mentioned something about seeing a sneaky agenda I believe. May I ask what that may be? Please correct me if I'm wrong, I respect differing opinions. I got the impression that you ment some of us were only supporting this as a way of sucking lichess's staff, so to say. And if that's true for some, please know that its not true for all.

I see global warming/climate change via human intervention as fact. And personally I may dedicate my life to this cause.

One example I like to point out: take a look at the earth from the international space station live feed on YouTube as it goes around the planet at night we can see many intercontinental areas with more light, cities, and activitiety than is comprehensible to many in terms of just how much we impact earth and all that energy we can see is just a fraction to the carbon emissions powering all that, and the vehicles we use to maintain all of this.

Listen I know all that sounds rather dreamy okay? My main point is that we humans do have a very real impact on our planet. And we should take responsibility for it.

There is a great song from the 1960's called "It's my party,and I'll cry if i want to"
maybe @ thibault might say "It's my website,and I'll say what I want to"

@Kanaan92,I was saying that there is an easily-spotted agenda being presented to attempt to gag opinions here that do not concur with the beliefs of the person who is advocating censorship here of all opinions that do not align with his opinions.

One of the reason I came back to chess is to escape from ideological discussions and topics. Like Fischer once said, chess is about making the best move in the position, nothing more and nothing less. But today one can't even watch a football match without being exposed to some kind of ideological propaganda. But it looks like it is impossible to escape from this. I see this site (and this topic) is no exception, and this makes me very very sad :(

This is a truly wonderful discussion btw

„Hausrecht“ as we call it Germany.

Love it or leave it.