Why politics on Lichess?

good to see lichess making a difference by adding a line of code and not allocating a little extra money to donate to "the environment"

I would like to see Greta playing on Lichess!

"I would like to see Greta playing on Lichess!"

Greta: No. Lichess is producing CO2!

Reading this thread I am reminded of that old story, roughly transferred into English.

The seargant speaks to his company: „You want to be intelligent? Telligent are you!“

@Rolfo Not everyone has time to waste shitposting on Lichess forums. As for you and I...

@Tomondo Sorry, my english is not so good. Am i wasting the time of other people with my litlle messages?

People are still buying into the climate change hoax?

oh @MoistChess sadly because of people like you a lot of other people are nmot willing to change... We are loosing the foundation of our existence: Planet Earth... I dont know how old you are, but we will talk in 30 years okay? Then you can apologize!