Why politics on Lichess?

the fact that there is no ad anymore doesn't mean it shouldn't be discussed any more @463

It's a new age religion, and some billionaires are using an autistic girl who should be in school. She's already gonna struggle, and they are making things harder for her. It's really child abuse, child indoctrination. Whether you believe or not in climate change is not even the issue to discuss. But pushing this kind of borderline politics is obviously not popular. I haven't played a game here since, trying out alternatives. I can't endorse any support for this cause, even if it's just adding 1 random player to the website that is now helping a "cause" I classify as child abuse.

@467 Sources please. Else nobody's gonna believe your stupid conspiracy theories.

Jesus is coming back so soon. The signs are here, oh and btw

Climate change is a huge hoax ^^

Why are all arguing about climate change, rather than worrying about environmental protection? If and why it gets warmer you can have ever different views.
However, it is evident in many areas that it is unhealthy or deadly if one-sided life is practiced.
Some have unimaginable wealth, the others do not even have clean water. Some fly several times a year, the others do not even have a pair of shoes. Some order to pull the trigger, others simply die.
We see the same inequality not only between rich and poor or power and powerlessness, but also between humanity and nature.
The average humanity has gone a long way from a natural balance and consumed more than it returns to the environment. In all areas too extreme imbalances are very harmful for both sides. For the weaker side, the damage is immediate, and for the strong side due to the long-term effects only later.
It is proven that burning oil is bad for nature and logical that the occurrence can not be infinite. It has been proven that nuclear energy still can not safely store radioactive waste and will be dangerous for hundreds of thousands of years.
It has been proven that the human being through his excessive consumption changes the world and does not care about the long-term consequences.
It has long been necessary for more and more to remember each other, that we should live much more modest lives.
Thank you Lichess, that you are so much more than other capitalist ignorant chess sites.
That's why I play here and support Lichess with donations!
Change not the climate - but change the system!

Here Pope Francis Raps the 10 new Commandments how to save the climate! ;)

Firstly I agree and appreciate what the mods and this site was doing as it was in good faith, however, acknowledge this, They also used david hogg to present the face of a child to usher in the "gun control" agenda, but it all went south for them when people caught on, turns out hes a reporter and had no involvment. Here's a couple vids that have been getting deleted in attempt to cover it all up.

This is merely another tactic they're trying to pull, except the topic is different, this is nothing new. The people in power and many of these protests are used to cause an outrage from the public to usher in more policies that ultimately restrict more freedoms. Look into "false flag operations" and "psy ops".

I appreciate this website and all those who contribute, but there's a lack of understanding here that the majority of society doesn't see, and that's the fact that "the people in power" organize these things, hence why it's not really a matter of "we need people on the streets so they acknowledge it so we can strive for the push together" all of the power runs all of this.
There will Not be change, other than us all losing more freedoms.

Don't be upset with the owners and mods, as it was done with good intent, the problem really boils down to not everyone is informed on these matters.