Why politics on Lichess?

Only humans are so goddamned arrogant that we think that we as a specie can ruin the planet.We will go extinct long before that happens...not that it even can happen.We are an evolution deadend.Gaia will still be here in 5 billion years...we won't.

@bunyip This is not for sure. If the technologie is good enough, the humanity could go to other planets.

Humans are too damn selfish, that's the root of the problem.

All living things are is only humans gather more than they need to survive.So you're quite right.That is the genetic trait that will see us disappear from here.

And that is the trait that proves we are a backwater of evolution.A specie that must destroy it's survival environment in order to of diminishing returns.

"All living things are selfish.." That is not true. Ants are not selfish.

@bunyip No, it was not a joke. Ants are living and dieing for the survive of the population.