Why politics on Lichess?

20 years ago this was about saving polar bears. Then everyone realized polar bears are mean animals that are less resourceful than other types of bears because they went too far north and limited their food supply. The message had to change once the truth about polar bears was out in the open.

remember the days when news wasn't about ratings and money? neither do i!

Isn't it everywhere the same - like Kindergarden - it's always the others foult.
But if every single human always say this, who is left to be guilty - "they"?
Isn't it me who decide not giving a "blunder" what happens if I live carless?
There are many false flag and I can't know if he blundered or sac a pawn - but I know that each one just want to win at the end and get as much material as possible - so we destroy each others by trying this because "they" told us to do?
of course everyone has his own interests and as more power as more influence and more damage - but isn't our endless consume the wind to the power-windmills - so should be logic to life modest is for sure better then just ignore the others and take away their space...
I think more we do this because we find every time a blunder-ass excusing that it's not my own responsibility for my own missbehavior.
If we listen to our hart and thoughts enough - we will understand that we should live more modest - no matter what reason or excuses.
And by the way.... Please don't disrespect the link with Rapper Pope Francis on page 47 - I think he got a really good Rap-Flow. ;)
And back to the main-treat: I think Lichess should do what they think is correct to do - also if it's more then just chess - then Lichess belongs to Lichess only!
Peace, Love, Lichess!

I know, I just felt as though this could very quickly turn into a religious matter, and that would have been an undesirable outcome.

Oh my holy Pawn what have I done.
Now a serious video from everyone.
Lichess IM Sorry - I hope you end soon this story.

oh! - that was my poor english not ironic :D
Aaaaah - I never write again here (for the next 5 minutes)