Why politics on Lichess?

@KingThisPawn "they" as in those whom operate behind the curtain as to not be caught. "they" as in those in power who are harder to identify. If it wouldn't be "they" then it would be "us", there is us (the people) and "them" (those in power) Do I really need to break down to you the basics on who I was referring to? This is not relevent and provides no contribution to the issue at hand. People get distracted on the minor things and that prevents the bigger picture from being focused on.

As for the "pope" I wasnt referencing the video, I was referencing the current puppet in place.

Good day and much love n peace to you as well.

I know that - you don't have to explain.
I just used it to show how we put our part of responsibility away by telling "They"!
But I also know that most of "us" we always act in smaller areas absolute the same.
It's every single person who has to start to become a better one by him self.
To resist the tempting power - no matter in wich size.
That what I meant by saying that we have excuses.
Not concentrate what they do wrong or mean, more concentrate what we could do better or do less bad.
As an example
-I do not eat other animals because I have the choice - "they" that own the 6 biggest world wide mass animal husbandry tell me the opposite - but I resist because I believe that this is a tiny little bit better and not much effort for me.
- I use the best chess site for free who get's it living just from donations - so I donate - because if everyone just take how much he can get - it wouldn't be able to exist - so I tell others just donate 5 $ and some say that I'm stupid if I do because it's for free - but then others have to pay for them.
Of course I have tonnes of bad things I do and many I really should work on to change.
What I want to say - they influence us hardly - but we make the decision and should talk about the good things we could do and not that we should move on the same ignorant because it's easy to say it's all their foult.
It's ok to think about the big picture but you can't see it all and you can't change it all - you can only change the little things - there where you have the power and that will change a little part for real - also a tiny part of the whole Thing.
So - all over this - most of us still do act too much selfish and ignorant and should life more modest - no matter the weather or whatever they say.

To come back to "why politics on lichess" : it is not important, if Greta is right or not. A chess site who is saying about itself: we are free, whithout advertising can not be the supporter of a campaign. Even if the campaign should be a good campaign. (sorry for my english)

Well @Rolfo, it wasn't advertising since advertising assumes a payment in return for the promotion of a product. So there was no advertisement. She is a pawn, it is very relevant to chess and this is well... a chess website. You can rest easy.

This is not true. Advertising does not need to be paid. I can say to my friends: "Buy Mercedes, it is a good produkt"it is advertising for mercedes. Even if i am not payed. On youtube some people are doing advertising for some pruducts (of course i dont know if the are payes ore not) but it is advertising. @tabarjack

Then you aren't advertising anything. Sharing an opinion is not an advertisement.

@tabarjack It is nonsense that advertising must be paid for to be advertising.

What would you call all the signs that political parties put up during election campaigns?
It is political advertising, nothing else. The parties put them up and they are not paid for. Au contraire, they are paying others to put signs up to advertise their opinions.

BTW, like I've already mentioned in #376, Merriam-Webster, the authority on the english language says:
Advertisement = Public notice, anouncement, communiqué,..