Why politics on Lichess?

Thankfully you don't decide what lichess gets to support and not support.

Go check out That's international checkers. Do we support them? Yes. Is it an amazing site? Yes. Has lichess supported countless other opensource projects both unrelated and related to chess? Yes. The only reason people are reacting to this is bc they disagree with FFF. Which is fair. You are allowed to disagree with them. But it does make you a hypocrite.

We're very cautious with the way we spend Lichess' money, as it's indeed coming from donations. We wouldn't spend it on trips to a FFF demonstration, for instance.

The banner was free, it was implemented in a few minutes, it doesn't take any more server resources, and the bandwith is free. All it's costing really is time for our moderators to sift through this thread for the various death threats on Thibault's and Greta's person, and they're all volunteers.

Where are donations going to? A quarter of it probably goes to support climate change. Even if it is not direct.

You can't trust anyone unless you have actually seen the proof for yourself.

Just close this thread and let those leave the site who want to.

Makes no difference for those who stay. If anything, there'll be more donations and less aborted games, that's my guess.

If you just get rid of that, this will probably die down and make everyone happy. People are smart enough to search it up themselves if they are interested.

The Lichess costs are public and up-to-date.

People are smart enough to search up this issue themselves. There is no need to put politics on lichess. Maybe lichess can create a group for those who are interested. There is no need to let everyone, including the people who don't support FFF to see.

Less reasonable persons seem to prefer using these 2 seconds to make 2 or 3 forum posts...

Btw, if the time ppl take for a chess move correlates with the time they take for a forum post, I guess we'll have a massive deflation in the rapid & classical ratings soon...