Why politics on Lichess?

Anyone who have problem with ads please use ad blocker. using free website full of best features and still complaining about a single so called ad.

From the viewpoint of user, ad is not what you got paid for, but an off-topic and annoying stuff linked from the webpage. It is a shame that lichess has one of those. I only hope that such "outcries" won't happen often in the future.

@bunyip Yeah sure... People draw their conclusion from your behaviour ;)
But I'm not surprised you can't tell adblocker and censorship apart

@ProfDrHack They would claim its about imposing regulations because of the environment. If someone found a solution without the regulation aspect they would not be open to it, their stance on nuclear power being exhibit 1.

@drhack: shutting down servers would actually help ànd create awareness for kids visiting this site. Right now the site is clearly not aiming for awareness but for action of, how hypocritical, others (spec. kids). Make them demonstrate while we on lichess play our energy consuming games online.

Are you actually saying that preventing a point of view that I don't wish to see (blocking certain content)is different to censorship ???

Lichess Mods, how about a compromise: you can post about it in the Off-Topic Discussion subforum.

@testaccount42 Yes! Gen IV nuclear plants are great - unlimited energy, no nuclear waste, no required active fission inhibition systems. Especially the molten salt reactors.

But for some reason, Germany is shutting down all their nuclear plants, and building a new Russian Nord Stream pipeline to convert the country from clean nuclear to dirtier oil-burning electric plants....and enrich Russia in the process! So weird, it's like there's crony capitalism or corruption occurring right in plain sight!

No need to pay carbon taxes, or flog ourselves... just write your politicians and request clean energy!

@ctriplea I second your motion!