Why politics on Lichess?


I think people from that movement would strongly disagree that the message is not about helping the environment.

Close this site, conserve energy that way and stop being a theatrical hypocrite. Making kids skip scool and corrupting their minds won't make the world better.

@Chuck_Fess I don't see why one's first posts should not have wheight?... I mean, that's... just dumb.

Anyway, this is pointless, we are still where the topic started...

what I tried to express:
-there are thousands of people here from dozens of countries with hundreds of ideologies and ideas;
-the community is great because we deal in chess and offtopic stuff is rare;
-if everyone started posting their stuff we would go nuclear

I think we all can agree with this?..
@bunyip ? @Chuck_Fess ?

@triceros Attacking a child based on her looks is having a sense of humour? Ok, you're obviously just a disgusting person. Bye.

I did not say your first posts should not have weight. I’m saying of all the things you could choose to discuss with others, this thing you claim to not want to discuss is the thing you chose to break your silence over. And yet, you claim to not want to talk about it.

If you don’t want to talk about it and instead only want to play chess, then good news! You can stop talking about it and just play chess. Or keep choosing to talk about it if you wish! Just don’t expect other people to take you seriously when you claim not to want to talk about it and instead just play chess.

@Chuck_Fess I understand you to be extremely hypocritical or a troll.
I think sensible people should disregard you just as you disregard everything we try and point out

@ProfDrHack Who in the movement exactly? The people at the bottom of any movement are easily manipulated while the people at the top in this case are extremely dishonest about their motivations.

Plans of banning plastic straws and carbon taxes instead of doing things that would actually be productive like building nuclear power plants. The vast majority of these activists hate nuclear power when if things were as apocalyptic as they claim would be the only viable solution we currently have. It's about control.


Making kids and adults aware of problems might make it better, though. It's all a question of one's point of view.

Lichess actually is not taking an extremist stance here, as some seem to suggest. Extremist behaviour would be, as you wrote, completely shutting down servers.

Yes politics, sience and political science should be kept OFF THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dishonest or not, they'd still all claim that the message is about the environment, wouldn't they? ;)

The "regulate and shame" thing is what YOU claim the movement is about.