Why politics on Lichess?

The „li“ in lichess stands for posting such really important stuff.

Keep it, even if it halvens the number of players! Good work, Thibault and friends!

PS: just close such threads, I don’t mind.

One link one does not agree with sure is a valid reason to leave this site in favor of or chess24 or whatever, it clearly outweighs all the positive aspects of this site.

... I mean, seriously?

Soooo asking for chess relevant topics and a non political forum a way of censorship now?
Pointless to argue with you of course, you don't even try and fake understanding your opposition's oppinion.

The 11 posts you’ve made on this topic are the only ones you’ve ever made. Why do you keep pretending you don’t want to talk about it? If you’re just here to play chess, then just play chess, right?

@Chuck_Fess Again, you haven't addressed how you would be tangibly affected if you had to look at a bright red MAGA / Keep America Great Again 2020 banner every time you logged on for some R&R at

Are you only OK with the non-chess propaganda if it's something you personally support?

@ProfDrHack I'm not going to leave the site over this because lichess has been great for years, but this is very probable sign of decline. The fact that the mods here think they can impose their world view on others when people just want to play chess shows a disconnect between lichess and the playerbase. What is telling about this climate movement is that the message isn't about helping the environment, its about imposing regulation and shaming people who disagree. If the people in charge of this site agree with that sentiment, I don't see how it ends well since it will leak into other things.

@chalebb yes you’re right, I did not address your irrelevant, made-up scenario and instead am discussing a real scenario that had actually happened. I told you this myself in my post, so I don’t know why you felt it worthwhile to repeat it.

Of course there are things I would object to Lichess supporting, and when they support one of those things I will decide then how to act. In the meantime, it is irrelevant to this discussion.