Why politics on Lichess?

Given how many people are triggered by this link that has no tangible impact on them, I’d say it’s a pretty good place for it. They didn’t do it to only reach people who are not in denial.

@bunyip calling out people who don't want the site to even hint political (excuse me, cutting edge science) matters on censorship... What about people who disagree with you on climate or relevance of climate on a CHESS site? Those guys must be wrong and narrow minded, clearly!

@bunyip Im suggesting a chess site should be about chess. Radical I know when people like you feel the need to crusade for something so you get riled up at people like me over nothing. There is an off topic section in the forum if people want to discuss things like this.

@Chuck_Fess so then you'd be OK with Make America Great Again or Trump 2020 banners on the lichess homepage? Would any protests to this decision be "censorship" in your opinion? Would it have a tangible impact on you personally to see those bright red MAGA hats?

@Chuck_Fess can't you understand the difference between attacking climate change as a standpoint and protecting lichess' neutrality? There are thousands of people from all around the globe, from who knows how many culture! The community works because we play a game... and not dwelling on philosophy or science or politics or whatever...

Haha @Thresher_Maw .
Like I want to censor what is said here..does that include censoring people who disagree with my views,or only just those who disagree with yours?

When they support Trump overtly, then I’ll respond to it. I’m not interested in making up things they haven’t argued and then acting as if they are real, though.

This is a conversation about a real link that they really did share.

Are humans solely responsible for this climate change?

Whether the population increases or decreases there will be an impact on the climate of this earth. Life itself affects climate change. Like the great oxidation event that happened on this earth, maybe the best solution will be to find an existing microbe to help remove some of the smog in the air. If the microbe already exists, then we need to find a way to put it into good use until the level of smog in the cities is set at an acceptable level.

This is a solution like using plants to clean the air. It's a patch, that doesn't fix the cause of the problem.

Cutting the 24/7 pollution to 6 days a week instead of 7 days of pollution a week is going to be a better solution for climate change. It will have impacts everywhere, but I believe we can try to adjust our life style accordingly to help the planet's climate balance itself.

Having a world law or a country law stopping other new businesses from working 7 days a week is going to at least help stop the exponential increase in pollution. This would be a first step to cutting the problem down to a fixed size, so that maybe, the planet will find it's climatic balancing point.

Well my morning clock is telling me to go get ready for work. I need the money because I must pay back my loans. Once they are paid, I will be able to retire. Someone else will do my job and I think unfortunately the climate problem will still be there. Like cleaning a house, fix one dirt room per day and the cycle will continue forever.

@Chuck_Fess but you said "Given how many people are triggered by this link that has no tangible impact on them..."

I'm pointing out that climate propaganda has a tangible impact on everyone who sees it for what it is. Just like seeing Trump propaganda would have a tangible impact on people who see it for what it is. There's no difference. Both are ideologies who believe the alternative will result in millions of deaths. (In the Trump case, it's via the evils of socialism; In the climate propaganda case, the evils of global temperature increase will be the cause)

Now do you see more clearly how offensive it is to push an ideology/propaganda when you're just trying to enjoy a nice game of chess?