Speed has replaced Quality (here on lichess in particular)

Thx, guys! q.e.d.

See #1, observations; you should see and acknowledge them, if u like speed chess or not.

Cold regards.

I have to say, 1 minute games can be very well played. I know I have played excellent 1 minute games with opening theory middle game and endgame, combinations etc.

It is true that to find good chess at good level in lichess the rating is 2350+. At 2700 they are beasts!! and 2800, well if anyone reached it then is a top GM. I am sure.

Some 2700s here in 1 minute games make me look like a total patzer.

A win is a win. Fast chess is fun and should be in the olympics. Long form chess might not work as well.

I think people do it for the fun.
Also some people try to play fast to win at tournaments in here where that type of play is awarded by design. Obviously if you play enough games you will lose a lot of games against berserkers or if you berserk you will win several games against slow players. However, that extra rating and arena awards correlate with being a good player OTB? Not everytime. In the long run slow pace players will learn more. But not everyone here likes to play to improve a lot. Again, some people just want their trophies and the rush of playing fast. The fun I guess. In my case I would really like to improve a lot.