Speed has replaced Quality (here on lichess in particular)

Everything which happens within 1-2s per move or less is severely mouse-skill related. What else?


Nope, I don’t even have a mouse. Any strong player can play quick. And a lot quicker than me thou I have bullet experience. Stronger player can see the position and it’s patterns faster than I can.

You’re basically saying that in order to listen and answer quickly in some foreign language you must be a quick speaker, no, you must know the language. If you don’t know the language as well as your opponent you will not speak or listen as quickly as he does. Whoever speaks that language better will process what he heard and speak back faster. There is no training to be a faster speaker. The better you know the language the faster you can speak.

On a musical instrument generally whoever plays better will be able to play faster. Strong player can play faster than weaker player. Obvious stuff. There is no training, nor any reason for such training, to play faster, only to play better which also means faster if a player wants to play faster.

Well, I can beat GMs at otb Blitz (resp. have done so at official German Blitz championships) but I lose to fast noobs in online Bullet. Not everyone can play faster than a minimum of 1-2s.

There is some threshold between thinking fast and playing on instinct, chunks, pattern recognation. For bullet chess fast thinking would be too slow. Trying to think plus relativly bad mouse skills makes bullet chess impossible.

When playing too much bullet and less slow blitz, rapid or longer, my fast thinking suffers. I'm worse at 5+0 otb.

So for me it would be better to not play bullet or at least to play only a short session each week.

To #109 - a bullet speed win is chess “wisdom”. It just uses different tactics. To deny this is simply illogical. A win is a win.

I myself prefer classical and rapid over blitz and I wont touch bullet. I'm just getting back into chess and I've never played otb but I do try to play good chess. I have noticed that most opponents so far are not using their clock even in longer games. They play 15+10 like it's blitz and 60+10 like it's a 10 min game. I wasn't gonna play much blitz at all but my last 60+10 opponent cheated so I've just been playing blitz and rapid last couple days. I do hope I can start getting some better opponents soon. By better I simply mean people that use their time and actually try.

To play bullet well you have to learn cheap tricks and how to structure your game in order to maximize premoves, sneaky tactics and other shit that does not benefit your chess ability. This is why I always advise noobs to stay away from it. Bullet is not real chess just faster, it revolves arround different goals in its practical application. This is why Boomers like sarg0n have a hard time in Bullet. He would have to forget a lifetime worth of chess wisdom in order to perform like other CMs.

Blitz is the same if no increment. I just got flagged by some clown that premoved almost everything and wasn't even trying to play chess. Then I moved faster next game and blundered like a fool. I'm done with that trash. This ain't chess.

By the way, I would say that my parents belong to the classic „boomer“ generation. :)

Never mind, I am in good mood today, got another peak with Blitz 2322. That’s ok with me, some quality games.