Speed has replaced Quality (here on lichess in particular)

Nah, speed Chess is reflective of one's playing skill and there are a lot of quality games to be found in them too. Not all classical games are masterpieces.

As Alexander Grischuk pointedly stated, "The top blitz players are usually the top classical players". :-)

@Moving_Pieces what about ultrabullet, a fairly popular chess timing but where speed has replaced quality. Not all top blitz or classical players are top ultrabullet players.

I read recently that the best e-sports fellows start to "degrade" in their twenties. Reactions, skills...

I think such computergames are comparable to (ultra) bullet.

"capacity to choose optimal pre-moves and hover moves (that work with the widest spread of opponent responses)"

Sounds like "finding/executing mediocre/"universal" moves quickly (in advance)". No, that ain't my way of good chess, it's something different. And I am not alone with my observations which are given in #1.

PS: a main point of my observations; many players transfer this Bullet style to Blitz/Rapid or Classic where they often have to resign having 90% time left. Why?

Speed chess of any sort often seems to reward superficial play in the sense that playing mechanically can be an advantage - the side with the "better" position often needs to think more carefully about how to "use" their edge than the side that can simply react to whatever ideas the stronger side comes up. In this sense creativity can become a liability. However, I think this mostly happens when a player treats rapid chess as a way to quickly practice "OTB" style play. When blitz is treated as its own separate brand of chess, this sort of "injustice" is less appreciable.

In any event, I think it's senseless to blame a player who plays pragmatically under the time constraints given, no matter how cynical it may seem. There are exceptions, however, such as playing to flag in RK vs RK or similar "silly" endgames. It's an unwritten rule among many/most strong players that this is disrespectful and I think that convention comes from a healthy desire among strong players to not overly emphasize mouse/hand speed even in quick games.

yep. After reading this thread it is clear @Sarg0n does not know how to debate. Very serious points have been made. None of which are addressed by @Sarg0n .

(spiritual derriere of passing wind.)

1+0 bullet is like an airport thriller - fun but cheap and trashy. No other place would I respond to 1. Nf3 with 1. ... g5 so to be ready to hit the premove 2. g3 with 2. ... g4.

That said I also play 2+1 bullet which is really much more like fast blitz and does allow for proper games.

@A_0123456 There's a reason why Bullet is not included in professional Chess. It's a joke. Burrower has a point in that there's skill involved there too but the format is just too fast for there to be any meaningful games in it.