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I beat a 2000+ in 0 seconds.0
by gaveshanathmaka
Which is the best horror game ever? For you guys ?2
by TPT2010
Don't Show Up at an Official OTB Rated Event & expect you will have one minute for all the moves0
by NM ThunderClap
I cannot choose a chess opening.19
by DisquisedProdigy
2 out of 3 Players are cheaters !!!39
by deepvalue124
My opponent blocked me24
by Harshin
by glbert
Does the Durasgambit force win?1
by Devil_fish
Why does a monkey have a better chance of beating a stockfish than Magnus Carlsen?24
by Panagrellus
How do I name an opening and have lichess call it that?8
by EmaciatedSpaniard
Closed Account13
by Ifancy_potato
2400 rapid- ️ done3
by DeadlyKillerInstinct
Which Phrase of the game is the most important and Why?41
by RetiredProffesor
Why is it asking me for 2 factor authentication when trying to login with laptop3
by Ifancy_potato
Lenier Dominguez Perez and age5
by NM MrPushwood